Dominant behaviour?

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Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 5:40pm PST 
Hi Everyone, I usually have all the answers for my furry feline friends but this time I cant answer my own problems so I am asking your advice.

As you would imagine I am mums little angel!
I am a very lovable kinda cat who smooches and so on and yes I am also naughty at times too.

My feline mate who lives with me "Zap" went and got his ear removed at Christmas and of course when he came home I didnt like his smell as he had been at the vets, I hissed and carried on for a while but we got through it, no big deal.
But (not sure if this is related to my current naughty problem)

Now days when Zap is called inside for dinner I race out to wait for mum to get our dinner too and I usually turn around and swipe him and hiss at him, I pull the most evil faces and for that split moment I cant stand him!

Mum can only come up with the ideas that, I have only now started to show a stronger dominant behaviour OR I still dont love Zap as much since his ear surgery OR I am food dominant OR I dont like Zap around MY mum.

Any ideas and suggestions.

Mums yelled at me, picked me up and told me I am naughty... I just run and scratch my post to show off when she does this.

Now she tries to feed me in a different room first and then get Zaps dinner a few minutes later.

I was not this naughty before when I was younger (yet I have always been a bit of a smart **s) Im now 3.5yrs and I think I am the boss.

Thanks furry friends

☆Zoril- la☆

When in- Doubt...PURR!
Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 8:29pm PST 
I can't really help you, but did want to say that the same thing is going on at our house. Mom says I'm a bully, cute, but a bully. My big sister, Lucy, doesn't like me at all.


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Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 9:18pm PST 
Hi Jordan! Is this feeding time the only time you act out? If so maybe it would help to put you in another room with the door shut while your friend gets fed. I bet you won't like that too much and maybe learn that the behavior is naughty.

I am a bit of a bully myself. My sister LuLu is 9 years older than me but even before I arrived she was very submissive with her other sister. Since I am a big boy, I came in and started to through my weight around. We get along for the most part but if she is trying to get attention from mom I tend to pounce and clobber her. We are starting to learn how to play together so I think our behavior towards the housemates can change all the time.

Good luck my friend!

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Fri Apr 7, '06 5:51am PST 
Jordan, it may relate to his ear surgery, cats are very sensetive to other cats being ill, they know when another cat is not well and will try to chase it away....also when he comes in, he is bringing in the outside smells, you may have been near other cats and he smells the strange cat or human... it scares him, tell mom when he comes in to wipe him with a smell you like then set him down. also she may want to have the vet check him and make sure the bad disease has not returned somewhere else in him.. try to be nice Bluie


Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Fri Apr 7, '06 6:27pm PST 
Thanks everyone, All good advice and of course mum read this and will try a few more things.

Yes I think my naughty problem is either related to being food dominant or mum dominant or I have still not got over Zaps ear loss.
They say us cats react to the odd smell of our feline friends and this can cause stress but strangly enough I was fine with Zap sometime and as soon as I look right at his ear or smell it I give him a big Hiss.
Thank goodness Zaps pretty cool with my bad behaviour, I think he knows Im boss but mum tells me that SHE is boss.

I will update all in a while on my progress but until then I hope you can all wish me well.
Thanks again to you all

Chloe (2002 - 2007)

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Purred: Mon Apr 10, '06 8:24pm PST 
*blushes* I do something of the same thing at dinner time.


Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Tue Apr 11, '06 3:04am PST 
Hi Chloe, your my kinda girl I think. I cant seem to stop my naughty ways as much as I try.

Quasar -- In Loving- Memory

Purred: Tue Apr 11, '06 7:19am PST 
Jordan -

i was the same way, especially after Nexus' surgery. Mom thinks this is very normal for cats and they are just trying to assert that since one is weak, that YOU are OBVIUOISLY now top cat. Nexus and I eventually sorted it out and sometimes I'd let him eat with me. Mom just dealt with this by having 3 seperate bowls of food, spaced pretty far apart, but in the same room. I would eat, then Nexus, then Nova. Dinner was definitely when you could see the cat heirarchy displayed. We all got food though and got through it with no one hurt, which is ultimately the important part.


Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Sat May 6, '06 6:40pm PST 
Hi everyone, I just wanted to update you on my terrible dominant behaviour that I target towards my feline mate Zap.

Mum had been pulling her hair out with ideas of what to do next as nothing seemed to work. She decided to go back to the old fashioned spray bottle trick BUT mum wasnt able to find a standard spray bottle (great) instead she found one of them big pump up spray bottles, you know the ones that you pump up to get the pressure in them and then you squirt them with a constant flow of water.
Oh god its the worst thing that has happened to me.

I was good boy last night and the night before with Zap, I didnt hiss at him or swipe him. Im worried I will get drenches with that stupid squirty bottle.

Mum seems to think its doing the trick, she hopes so anyway.

Thanks everyone


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Purred: Sat May 6, '06 7:05pm PST 
I try to steal food from my foster sister and brother. I don't hiss but I will shove them out of the way and take what I want. Sometimes when we get treats or catnip I will wrestle Arthur for it.

When we get special food, like wet food, which we only get a few times a week, mommy feeds them in the kitchen and me in the bedroom. She also gives me dry kitten food in the bedroom, while the other two's senior formula dry is available in the kitchen all the time for grazing.

Mommy tells me all the time, "You can fight with them as much as you want, but you will never be the dominant animal in the house. That's because I am the dominant animal, and you'll never beat me!" hehe

Anyway--has you mommy tried anything like Feliway? It might help you relax if Zap is still making you nervous.

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