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Tinker Bell

I love ME!
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 5:38pm PST 
So...when I was a kitten I did this a lot...turning to the side, fluffing out my tail and spiking my back hairs...but I'm almost 2yrs old and I still do it.

Even though I'm old in cat years, am I still a kitten at heart? The fun thing about this pose is daddy and I will play tag...he'll chase me around the house and when he stops, I'll chase him. They also do this silly thing with their hand....they call it THE CLAW!! It gets me riled up and ready to fight. I do bite hard sometimes, but I feel like it's ok. Mommy sometimes gets upset and mad at me, but I'm just doing it in fun. I thought she'd realize by now that if I didn't wanna play, I would get up and walk off...but instead I play.


Dr. Morris- Excalibur- Jonathan

Fast & Furry
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 6:02pm PST 
I'm 2yrs old also,me and my brother still play like kittens.
I also like to rear and bite him.
I think you're just having fun.

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Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 8:09pm PST 
Good times. Good times.


Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 8:24pm PST 
Hi Tinker Bell,

I have a mad hour race around the house almost every night and I am now 3.5 yrs of age.

I just love to fluff up, not that you can tell as there isnt much hair on me to fluff (mum tells me its a waste of time trying) I also like to hide in my bed and swipe at my mum as she walks past too, I must admite that she does encourage it.

People laugh loudly and sometimes act silly with one another, this is just our way or laughing loudly and acting silly.

Me, I never gunna grow up!!!