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Mama Kitty

Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 4:03pm PST 
As my mother and I were driving home from McDonald's the other day, we were a street away from our house and my mother saw something on the side of the road. I wasn't really paying attention, but I saw something laying there, too.

She quickly went around it and then her face got a disgusted look on. It had been a cat that had been ran over, a black cat. She said it was ran over badly, too. (And I remember seeing red)

Then we got in to a discussion about cats being outside. I told her that I wouldn't trust Mama'Kitty being an outside cat where we live, but I'm ok her being an outside cat at my grandparent's house. There, she has more room to run around and won't have such an urge to explore. (My grandparent's live on an acre)

I also told her how whenever we went over there last time Mama'Kitty lived there, she would follow me outside of the property. But she would NOT step a foot on to the road.

For all those with an outside cat -- do they know how to stay on your property? Or do they explore beyond it?

Kitty Kitty

I like to catch- moles
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 5:28pm PST 
Well I too live on an acre + 6 more, but the main part of the yard is 1 acre. We're surrounded by wooded area so we feel comfortable in the area we have. The road is about 700ft from the house...so we never really venture down there unless mommy is checking the mail and in that case she still manages to "scat cat" us back up some steps.

I think if the area is big enough then there shouldn't be too much wandering...especially when fixed, however you never know. Occasionally we'll go in the brush area in between our house and the neighbors but we never go past that point. We know to stay close to home because mommy always calls for us to come and be petted and fed.


Definate- tortie-tude
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 8:08pm PST 
Cats unfortunately do explore and although they know where they live - any yard is considered their domain. So if you live any where near a road I wouldnt advise letting MK out.

Mama Kitty

Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 8:17pm PST 
Mama'Kitty lives at my grandparents (She moved back a few weeks ago... her page contains a link to a thread about it). They have a fenced in property (Only two sides open for them to get in and out) but Mama'Kitty never leaves the property. They don't live on a busy road, and the town they live in is small (so small that the yellow pages & white book are combined, and it's still a small book! It's also more of a town for old people to retire to). Their street is a mile or so long and they're the last house on the street.

Mama's lived there before, so she knows the "ropes". She was also a wild cat before.