Kitties fighting, any idea?

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Help!!! This is kiwi's mom (kiwi won't admit shes a bad girl).
About 3 months ago, kiwi got a new friend, kira. they stayed separated and were introduced slowly. Kiwi doesn't like kira much but they were learning to avoid each other. Now kiwi is upset again and she has scratched poor kira on the nose twice! short of having kiwi declawed as a last resort (i really don't want to!), i don't know what to do!
anyone know how to help them get along a little better so little kira doesn't get any more boo boos?
my cat-kids and i would thank you.


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Just a thought - but you may need to seperate them and "reintroduce" them again. Slowly.

Have you also tried to squirt Kiwi with a water gun when he displays unwanted behaviour?


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Thanks, I am considering reintroducing them, but instead doing it the opposite way so Kiwi doesn't think that she won the battle.
Kiwi doesn't like the water gun, she will run away from it before she is even squirted. But she still doesn't seem to be learning the lesson that hurting Kira is a bad idea.


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Do not use the water gun..it will make things worse..i read it before that if u need to introduce new cats, you need to lock the new cat with all his stuff like food, litter box inside a room.

there is a book called 'Is your cat crazy' by animal behaviorist, John wright. It is a very good book..mummy copy part of the tips introduced by the author in herblog, u can view it..there is a part on how to introduce cats to one another, it should be useful..

here my mummy bloglink:

http://jenniferyq.blogspot.com/2005/10/is-your-cat-craz y-john-wright-chapter.html

there are 11 chapter in the book, mummy made entries for every chapters..i do not think you can view every chapters without any links.

if you need so, just tell mummy, she be glad to help if help is useful..


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thank you sweetie. when Kira came to the house, they were seperated for a while and introduced slowly. Kiras food and box are still in a seperate room, its her safe place. I read a book called Cat vs. Cat, and it had some ideas about how to help them get along, but thank your mommy for that link, i will read it.


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Hi Kiwi's mom!
We have quite a bit of experience with fighting kitties in our house (3 boys) but luckily we're mostly all noise and not too many bad scratches!
A couple of things would be interesting to know - does Kiwi normally start the fights when you are around, or do you find the injuries on Kira when you get home?
Also, can you think of anything particular that changed around the time Kiwi relapsed into being aggressive toward Kira? Did Kira maybe start to try and expand her 'territory' a bit further into some area Kiwi considered hers?
I remember reading some good articles online on this sort of thing, I'll try and chase up where I read it!
Good luck, and hang in there!


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Kira has gotten scratched twice. Once while i wasn't home, and more recently while i was just in the next room. I heard some commotion, Kira came to me with a fresh scratch, almost as if to tell me "Hey mom, look what Kiwi did!". I cleaned it up and gave her hugs, I feel terrible that she is getting hurt because she is a very well behaved sweet cat. It seems random. Luckily it is the mostly just noise and chasing between them too. I will have to observe them to see what starts these little spats and try some different ideas to intervene. Thanks for your help, I appreciate the insight.

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Fighting can be part of the "getting to know you" process for cats. It's usually a good idea to let them settle it themselves.

It's probably a good idea to keep their claws trimmed, though, so that they don't inflict a lot of serious damage.