Help -- He's out of control!!

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Purred: Tue Mar 28, '06 9:19pm PST 
Yes, he has plenty of toys. For example, he has one of those rings with a ball in it along with an orange monkey. He also has a soft/cushioned cat-house. (We're on the hunt for a new cat-house. We use to have a huge one but we had to get rid of it during one of our previous moves) I also play with him for almost an hour. (he's not my cat, though. He's my brother's, so he has to play with him more) We'll play with his monkey, in the bathroom sink and I'll even play ball with him with the blue-ring.

Next time he gets up there, I'll try that. I find myself doing that a lot when he gets up in the kitchen sink. The reason him getting in the kitchen sink worries me so much is because just the other day, he almost fell on a knife in there.

I'm actually not sure how my door got open. I always close it when I leave my room, which is always a habit I've had.

I'll also try to encourage the good.. once I get some new cat treats. LOL!

Thank you for sharing what your Mommy did when you were bad. The crate thing sounds like a good idea. He has one right now that he use to sleep in during night-time -- because he kept destroying the house at night -- but that stopped and he began sleeping in my brother's room. I'll have to look around to see if I can find a bigger crate.

We wouldn't take Buddy back to the shelter unless he was to do something that showed aggression. We all love Buddy.. he's a love-bug.... when he wants to be smile


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Im so glad that we have all been able to give some advice and I do hope that its all helpful.

I want to tell you that even though I am now over 3 years of age I still get some moments when I want to be a kitten, just like human adults who dont want to grow up. I like to have a mad dash through the house but I do settle quicker now days than when I was a maniac kitten.

Also beware that Buddy may bite in play but you have to determine what sort of bite it is, I sometimes bite and can bite hard but I dont mean t as I just get carried away. IF I do this I get told off in a very loud voice and mum wont speak to me or give me attention for half hour.

Can you select a room in the house thats a buddy room, a room his allowed to go to and do his own thing, this includes messing up some things? Put an old box in there for him to play with, even a sheet covering a box so he can play hides (just as a 3 year old child would) smile

I have to agree that getting into the sink is something my mum hates, she has a rule to keep all toilet seats down too.
Does Buddy have a place of water that his allowed to go, could he sit in the bathtub? if he likes water could he have a tiny bit of water put in the bathtub for him to play in?

Even though Buddy must be driving you up the wall at times these are the moments you will treasure later on.

Please keep us updated on his naughty moments as well as his learning moments.

Yeah Buddy, we think your so cool


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Purred: Tue Mar 28, '06 9:49pm PST 
*waves to Buddy*


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Yeah, there are times when he bites out of play. (There's also the fact that he may be teething) However, there are the times when he bites when he gets mad. My mother and I were joking earlier on how just yesterday he was following me around, and then today he's biting me.

We don't really have any extra rooms, but he does usually play most of the time in my mother's room and in the living room. (The kitchen, too)

Not really but, they have an automatic water dispenser that we have to change every two days because he LOVES to play in it. I also bring him in the bathroom and let him play in the sink occasionally.

This is Buddy --
I think I'm pretty cool, too! ** Grins and waves back at Twinkie ** Hey!

Back to his aunt --
Oh, I remember someone mentioned early locking him out of the kitchen.. I can't do that. There are no doors, and those darn gates are over a hundred dollars, and we don't have that kind of money.


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Hi Buddy!

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble adjusting to the new expectations they put on grown-up kitties!

I have always been a bit of a biter (no pun intended! ha!). When I first came to stay with my foster family, I liked to bite a lot. Sometimes it was being too playful, but a lot of times they were more like "love bites" that I would give when I wanted or was getting attention. My foster mommy thought maybe I was weaned too young or something, and had an oral fixation. Sometimes, I bit pretty hard!

Mommy would usually yell, "OOOWWW!!!" when I bit her. That startled me. Then she'd follow it with "Don't bite!" or "Be nice!!" Then she wouldn't pet me any more until she could do it without me opening my mouth toward her. After a while, I'd open my mouth to give her a nip and she'd just say "Be nice!" or "Don't bite!" and I'd stop. I'm almost one now and I've gotten a lot better at controlling my urge to bite her. I still do sometimes, but not as often and not as hard.

Lately, she tells me "Be nice!" when I'm trying to wrestle with my foster siblings. I'm still trying to figure out how that same phrase applies there. Humans have such weird languages!

The foster mom keeps the toilet lids closed all the time, so that's not an issue here. She does use the squirt gun on me sometimes, but I don't care that much unless the water gets me in the face.

I used to try to get on the counters when she was cooking, too! She'd usually just push me off so I'd go plop onto the floor and follow it with a "Stay down!!" Then if I did stay down, or better yet didn't jump up in the first place, she'd make sure to scratch me behind the ears, tell me I was "good" (whatever that means!) and give me a treat or even a tiny taste of what she was making. I did learn after a while that I was more likely to get treats if I was on the floor and that I sure as heck wasn't getting any if I was on the counter!

It does take time for little kitties to learn. I'm sure your humans won't send you to Death Row for being a rambunctious little dude. I know you can do it, Buddy! I'm purring for you!!!

Your friend,
Ben (there, done that)


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Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 3:26pm PST 
Buddy and Buddy's aunt-
You're getting a lot of great ideas here!
I would certainly keep the toilet lid down. This is a habit our family got into when Mom's kids were little. She didn't want them playing in the toilet! Yuk!
When we do something we're not supposed to, Mom takes us away and firmly says NO. We have all learned to stop what we're doing when we hear that word, even Danny and he's only been with us for a month or so. Sometimes Mom claps her hands when she says it, too. Yelling doesn't seem to help and forget spraying us with water. We don't care about that at all.
We also don't have a lot of places we're not allowed to go. We're often on the furniture and living room tables. So it's not like we have to remember a lot of "off limits" places. Just the basics like the dining room table etc. Mom says "Keep it simple".
Buddy really is just a baby still, exploring his world. Be patient but firm (not angry).
Good luck! He's a sweet little guy!
PS- we like his video! We have one of those ball-in-a-rings too, but bigger. We sometimes all play with it together, smacking the ball back and forth. It's a great toy!


Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 7:13pm PST 

Mama'Kitty use to give "love bites" so we're all use to those.

Yeah, we now keep the toilet lids down, too. Although, the two men of the house (My father & brother) don't do it. So my mother and I are always getting mad at them.. they don't have to sit on the toilet and get their butt all wet!

They don't really have much off-limit places. Just the coffee-table, dining room table and the counters. I usually keep my door closed, so I don't have to worry if they get in here and destroy something. (Which, them not being allowed in my room started after my birthday. My mother got me my first vase of flowers -- my first as a birthday gift -- and Milo destroyed them when I was gone over the weekend at my grandparent's house. I wasn't the one that opened my door, my father left it open)

Wuh-oh! My brother was holding Buddy just earlier and Lady came up behind Buddy. Buddy freaked out, turned around, and bit my brother! Now he has a scratch that goes from his fore-head down to his nose! It bled, too.


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Purred: Thu Mar 30, '06 6:54am PST 
Hi there
As has been mentioned, I think being patient is the most important thing. He doesn't mean to be 'nasty' - if he seems that way he's just reacting the only way he knows how to against something he was scared by or just doesn't like!
Although all cats are different in personality most will go through a kitten stage until they're at about a year old or so.
Also this article is a pretty good summary of the types of reasons behind more aggressive behaviour - maybe see if any of the scenarios mentioned sound like what's going on:
http://www.hsus.org/pets/pet_care/our_pets_for_life_program/cat _behavior_tip_sheets/aggression_towards_people.html

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