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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but...

My Grammy and Mommy are going to break through the wall to make our apartment bigger, which is great, because I'll have 5 new windows to look out of, and lots more space to run around in. But Mommy is concerned about what to do durring the construction.

I don't like strangers, and I spook easily. Mommy is thinking about shutting me up in the bathroom, as that is the only room that will be unaffected by the construction.

She is planning on putting my bed and window shelf and food and water in there. My sand box is already in there. But she is concerned that I may have to be shut up for several days in a row. I also don't like being shut up in a room. The only closed door I like is the front door!

Does anyone have any advice to give me or my Mommy? Construction is supposed to start in 2-3 weeks. Thanks, kitties!


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Well I'm certainly no expert, but this is what I would do-
During construction hours, I'd probably stay in the bathroom. Inconvenient, messy and boring, but also safe! I'd have toys available and rotate them day by day so there's something different each day. Mom would also stop by to visit often and speak gently through the door whenever she walks by. I guess at night when the work is done for the day you can come out.
Mom would also make sure no strangers ever opened the door. Frightened kitties often run for it. You may end up running outside. After all, a stranger won't be so careful about you.

Let us know how it goes!

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That sounds good, Sophie. I'm no expert either -- I hate construction workers! If it were me, I'd also like to have a little tent, or a box, or a couple of blankets -- something that I could curl up and hide in (bury myself in) if the noise got scary. Do you do that? And I'd want a big KEEP OUT sign on the door.


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Natasha, you might also want to ask your mom to put a radio on in the bathroom. That may help cover up some of the construction noise. And if she could also make sure she leaves an unwashed t-shirt or something with her scent on it, so you feel a little more comfortable.


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sorry - double post!

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