Help!! Our Mom just brought home a kitten!

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Mommy went and got a kitten. I don't get it. Weren't me and BK enough?

Anyway we keep hissing and growling at him and each other!! We usually get along and mommy is upset that maybe she made a bad decision bringing the kitten home.

Anycat have suggestions about helping us get used to our new addition.

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Andre, first off, I feel your pain in this trying time! Is your mom keeping the kitten in a seperate room? You & your brother shouldn't be seeing the kitten yet. You 2 are probably going after each other because your stressed.

When my mom & dad brought home 2 new kittens, they were put in a bedroom w/ food, beds, toys & a litter box. We would put our noses up to the door. After a couple of days, mom put the toys the kittens had been playing with out where we could smell them. After 3 days, they put the kittens in a carrier & let us smell them through the carrier. We didn't get to sniff them face to face for about a week.

Your mom should really keep the kitten segragated for right now. It's best for the kitten & you 2 as well!

Hope this helps!

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Mom used this site when Zory arrived.
Not that it helped, I still wish Zory would go away.

Good luck

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Meowp. It is indeed best to seperate the newcomer from the the oldsters and allow them to sniff each other through the door, but, this doesn't always happen.....when daddy moved in here, he brought his four cats with him. I decided that I would not be cooped up in in one room in my own house, so I escaped and introduced myself. Mommy and daddy, seeing blood was not being shed, allowed us to work things out ourselves...and so far so good. Nina and I still hiss at each other, and stalk each other, but now it is done mostly in fun.

When Jasmine came to live with us mommyand daddy again tried the seperate the new kitty routine.

Jasmine would not cooperate.

She was a little kitten with a big attitude. She went up to the big cats and hissed mighty hisses at each to tell them she was not taking any guff from any cat. She might be young, but she is mighty.

They studied her as if she were an interesting bug, and then all the cats adopted her.....including meeee. I was laying on my bed growling at her, and she hopped up and rubbed her kitten nose against mine....I think she thought I was her cat mother and she still does because she is my shadow.

Soo...if blood is not being shed, and just a lot of hissing is going on, at this point it might be best to allow your kitties to work it out amongst thenselves.

Sorry I cannot be much more help.
Katy Jane.


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Andre, I just got a new cousin!

I was the same way with him when he first came. Now we're best friends and Mom is actually starting to see a lot of the old me (Instead of Mama'Kitty) in me now.

I made a thread about it and maybe the information there will help you smile I'm not saying that the information posted here isn't good, because it's great! But you might find posts there useful, too.