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Playing with poo?

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Purred: Sat Mar 11, '06 6:28pm PST 
Rolling on the floor laughing!! Thats gross! I like to play in the box but mostly cause I like to dig but never fish anything out!!!


King of the- pride
Purred: Wed Mar 22, '06 7:37am PST 
Hi Squeakers
I'll have to get Meet the Fockers out on DVD, I haven't seen it! Yeah my mum wishes I would do my business in the toilet first, but I just flush it.....
When it first happened it was in the middle of the night so you can imagine how that surprised them!
heh hee keep the humans on their toes I say!


From Now On,- You'll Do as I- Say
Purred: Wed Mar 22, '06 11:41am PST 
I'd recommend against the slef-cleaning litterboxes, especially if you live in a multi-cat house (the larger amounts of dirty litter can't always be pushed by the weak cleaning arm, and you end up with clogged and icky litter that you *still* have to change by hand)

Here's what finally worked for Mommy - she cleared out the cabinet under the bathroom sink and put my litter box in there, off to one side. Then she took the further door off the hinges and sawed a "catway" opening - she covered it with fabric on the inside of the door. When she put the door back on, it had a tiny "litter room" in the bathroom cabinet! I *had* to walk on the litter mat in order to get to my catflap and out of my room, and the majority of my tracking has stopped. Plus, the litterbox is hidden from guests now, and there is less odor. And cleaning is a breeze, because Mommy just opens the cabinet door when she needs to get the box - a trick I haven't learned yet smile

Good luck!


Curious George - tte
Purred: Wed Mar 22, '06 3:57pm PST 
Oh! That is one of my favorite games! (besides eat the tp and papertowels). My mom hasn't caught me in the act yet though. My older sister Raven tries to cover up the poop when I leave it out. But she's too much of a lady and she's really disgusted with it too. Is this something I might grow out of? How sad (but exciting for Mom).

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