Does Feliway help you?

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Ho Ho

Purred: Thu Mar 9, '06 2:50pm PST 
am the pariah kitty in my cat family and I am the target of two other cat's agression. They may be jealous of each other and trying to get attention from our parents. They love us all but are worried about me because I am starting to over groom certain places, even to the point of losing fur and making little sores. My mom got a Feliway diffuser to see if it would help everyone mellow out. It's a synthetic cat facial hormone that is supposed to make cats feel calmer and more secure. Mom hasn't heard any strong negatives about it's usefulness, but she has heard some positives about using it. The pet store told her they sell lots of it and never have returns, so maybe it works!


Purred: Thu Mar 9, '06 8:19pm PST 
Sorry to say it did not help us.

However we have read here on catster that alot of cats find it very useful and has worked great.

Guess it just depends on the cat.


Diva- Extraordanaire!
Purred: Fri Mar 10, '06 12:08pm PST 
It didn't work for us, but we were told later that it needs to be used in a smaller room. If there's too much room, it's not strong enough.

Personally, I wouldn't spend the money on it again. I didn't bother trying to return it because I used it for the full month to see if there was any improvement and I didn't think they'd probably take a return on an empty product. Maybe that's why they don't get returns?

I have heard of other people who have loved the product... we don't though.

~Simone and Kenya's mom

Shashi- (Indian for- Moon)

Purred: Sat Mar 11, '06 6:43pm PST 
You could try that or if your mom is willing to buy a flower remedy that might help, it definatley wont hurt. Check out some of the books for natural heALTH AND HEALING FOR CATS and they explain these remdies. Good luck and hang in there.
We had a similar problem here then mom got Loki and now we are all friends especially after we got on an all raw diet she says all of our catinalities changed for the better! Less aggression! Good luck and purrs