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my hubby and I adopted our kitty when shw was about 1 yr. They told us shehad been abused and abanded. Sometimes when I think she is being loveable she will attack and bite me. Other times she will bite at my feet when going through a door. Why does she do that?


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It sounds to me like she's just being a cat. I do that to my mom all the time- pretend to be sweet and loving, and then turn and want to play. Oh, and the foot thing, I love doing that. Sometimes, I hide under the bed and when she goes to straighten the covers, or on her way to the bathroom, I attack her. She always jumps, but I think it's hilarious.

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I was abused in my first home, and I used to attack my forever family, too. Sometimes they would do things that would remind me of my old family and I would bite them. (I don't mean that they abused me. It was just random stuff, like saying the word "bad" in my presence or lifting things over their heads.) Also, I didn't like people touching my back, so I had to bite them whenever they did that.

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*giggles* I love to attack feet!
I don't do it too much anymore, cuz I'm growing up (I just turned three!), and then, sometimes, I hide behind a chair, and when Mommy walks by, I freak her out and jump out and attack her legs!

It's fun being a cat!

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Aww you poor thing frown
It will be very hard to get over being abused. You have that paranoid survival instinct in you. Just remember, your new owners love you and would never hurt you.

I love personally LOVE attacking feet. I'll hide behind things, and when she least expects it, I will suddenly jump up and play-wrestle with my human's legs. Her shock has me laughing my head off. Muahaha


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when my human lived with her parents, she had a cat she adopted from the vets (it was abandoned) and he did the same thing. You'd pet him, and he'd be all sweet and nice then BAM bite your arm and go into rabbit wrestling mode. Eventually as they learn to trust you the attacks should be fewer and fewer, or at least less severe! After nine years, he learned to trust.
But he also remembers that her brother used to be mean to him, and he makes sure either to stay away or try to make him trip down the stairs (got him twice! that bast'd had it coming!)

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If you look at some of the other pages in this forum, you will find some very helpful threads about this particular problem. You might find some of them useful.

One in particular was called "Biting", I however cannot remember what the other threads about this problem were called.

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She wants to be loving but since you are not as abusive as her other family shes taking advantage of it and revenging on you its as if shes saying to herself oops quit loving you gotta bite her or him

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Hey there! It's Kali!

I wouldn't worry at all! I rub all over mom and dad and purr like there is not tomorrow, and then turn around and BITE HARD! And then I still purr and rub! Either they are love bites or I just like the taste of human skin...haven't figured it out yet... *wink*

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It is actually an act of affection, but if you try to move away fast they will think you are prey and attack and maybe hurt you. So always tell them firmly no, let go.... then if they do not just assist them slowly,. I does it sometimes when If i have been alone alone a while, I am an only cat and gets lonely and donot want mommy to leave.. try and discourage her or him and teach them anew way to get your attention with a toy...Bluie