i dont know how to wip emy paws

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Tini (Martini)

I'm a squeaker
Purred: Mon Feb 13, '06 4:59pm PST 
whenever i come out of my litter box i hop right over the mat thats in front. Mommy gets mad cause i get litter everywhere! (i personally think its funny) Mommy has tried all kinds of mats, different textures and sizes. She wants to know if any other kitties have any advice to keep the litter in the box and not on the floor


Make way for- me!
Purred: Mon Feb 13, '06 5:39pm PST 
Mom put the trash can in front of the mat so when I get out of the litterbox, I HAVE to step on the mat! It's not always easy to stump her.

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Mon Feb 13, '06 7:33pm PST 
Boy, that's a toughy. Mommy put a big fluffy rug under my box, that goes past my box. She has a sign outside her front door that says "Wipe Your Paws" with a kitty holding it. But I don't wipe MY paws! Most of the litter just goes on the rug anyway. If Mommy gets a little lax on the vacuuming ("Ahhhh! The Growl Monster!!!") it does seem like we're walking on the beach. It's kinda nice, though, until you think it's your dirty litter. Euuuwww!

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Tue Feb 14, '06 9:08am PST 
Meows, I don't use the litter mat in front of my litter box either. I wipe my paws on the bathroom rug next to my litter box, mol. Perhaps your Human can place a big soft rug under your litter box so you can wipe your feet on that and catch litter?


like a tornado- made of paws and- teeth
Purred: Tue Mar 14, '06 8:16pm PST 
my mama got this plastic tray with a removable grate over it at petco. at first i hated it and would jump out of the box and completely over it, and make even more of a mess than usual. but i've gotten lazy about all of that and just step right onto it now. the litter falls into the tray so mom can just dump the tray, and the grate scrapes the gunk off my paws too smile


Danny Boy
Purred: Wed Mar 15, '06 4:42am PST 
What about those new kinds of litter boxes that have the hole on the top, so you have to jump in and out?

Nexus -- In Loving- Memory

If I had it my- way we'd nap- here 24/7
Purred: Wed Mar 15, '06 6:53am PST 
My mom gave up. I sometimes refuse to even use the box when the mat is there. The vaccum is fine for my mom. Better litter on the carpet than other stuff.

Sweetie- (1996-2008)

An angel in- disguise
Purred: Wed Mar 15, '06 11:18am PST 
We have found that no matter how big the rug, how fluffy it is, even if you crack the door to the room that the litter box is in so we have to walk on the rug - *sigh* - There is always litter tracked out of the room!

Best bet - keep a broom or small portable vaccuum handy. ;-)

☆Zoril- la☆

When in- Doubt...PURR!
Purred: Wed Mar 22, '06 10:01am PST 
Ugh, we're having this problem. Not only do I jump over the mat, but I have long fur between my toes and the litter stays there and gets tracked all over the house. Mom keeps a handbroom right next to the box, and a vacuum right outside the bathroom door.
I think will give that grate thing a try, thanks for the suggestion.