Digging to China in the litterbox

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Purred: Mon Feb 6, '06 10:46am PST 
This is more of a curiousity for me than a problem:
My little 'bro Paddy likes to dig to China in the litterbox. I don't really mind this, but I'd just like to know if anyone knows why he does this? When I use the box, I walk in, do my biz, and then bury and exit the box, but Paddy thinks he's doing construction.
Does anyone know why (Mom has tried putting both less litter in the box, and at other times more, to see if there's a difference in "litter amount preference", but no.)


The Bacon Queen
Purred: Mon Feb 6, '06 2:43pm PST 
I do that, too. I'm a very excitable, curious kitty. Mommy thinks I just like to use up some of my extra energy digging in the litter box. I'm also a clean freak. I want that poop covered up good and deep!


Total sweetheart
Purred: Mon Feb 6, '06 4:17pm PST 

We both try for China too! And then we try to cover it up even AFTER we're out of the box too! scratch, scratch, scratch!

Mom used to use the litterbox liners way before I came around, but Kenya tore them to smithereens, so she doesn't do that anymore!


Major General of- the Smushy faces
Purred: Mon Feb 6, '06 5:58pm PST 
Like Daisy, I like to dig a big hole so I can cover my buisness up throughly. My parents always know when it's me in the litter box because I spend what seems like forever, digging and scratching around. It'd seem that digging to China for me, is a cleanliness thing.

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

Bucket of Fuzz

Purred: Mon Feb 6, '06 7:02pm PST 
Sometimes when the box hasn't been cleaned yet today, I do my business and then scoop the litter on top of it. But then I sniff the hole where I just moved the litter from and find another poo that had already been buried but is now uncovered! So then I move more litter on top of that poo and then I find the first one isn't covered anymore! So I move more litter and then I think I'm done but then I find another poo (or maybe it was #2??) and I have to cover THAT one, too! It's so confusing...what was I doing again??

And then when the box is clean, I can't figure out where the other poos went! I have to dig around and look for them, so they don't take me by surprise. I want to make sure they're all covered!

It's tough work being a cat!


Diva- Extraordanaire!
Purred: Mon Feb 6, '06 9:22pm PST 
hehehehehe Arthur! That's exactly it, I think!


I'm worth it.
Purred: Tue Feb 7, '06 7:10am PST 
I love to dig in the litterbox, too! Frankly I don't think the boxes available are big enough to accomodate our ample bottoms.


I'm just here to- be adored!
Purred: Tue Feb 7, '06 10:29am PST 
HAHAHA That is too funny!

Yes, I also dig my way to China... come back with a little
chinamen hat and dig my way back home again!

Sometimes I dig so much that I end up digging it up - uncovering

I think it's just our way of letting everyone know that we have
OCD [Obsessive-compulsive disorder ] MOL MOL MOL!!!!!!

One time they were at my boy's sister's house and her cat was upstairs using the litter box and they thought he was going to dig his way through the ceiling he was digging so aggressively. hehe


Purred: Tue Feb 7, '06 10:45am PST 
I do this too! Except, I love to do it in a clean box and do it even when I haven't just used it! My brother and I have a covered box with a door and sometimes I dig so vigorously that I kick my back feet against the box wall and cause all kind of commotion. Consider yourself lucky, though, becuase now I just like to play in the box and prefer to do my business right outside of it. It's driving my mom crazy!

Salem Keegen

Purred: Wed Feb 8, '06 4:33pm PST 
I do this and it DRIVES mom crazy cause we live in a small apartment right now so she heards me scratch scratch scratching ALL night long it drives her nuts to the point she wants to kick the litter box she wishes she knew why I did this

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