Not liking my doggie friend.

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When my mom brought me home 3 years ago, I was in a house with some other people and a puppy. I got used to the dog after awhile because we grew up together. Last month, Mom moved from the house and took me along. It was just me and her so I was getting all the attention I want. But now she went off and got a dog! Every time the dog comes near me, I hiss and puff up my tail and swipe my claws at whoever is closest. I also stay up all night crying because the dog is in my mom's bed. Mom is getting sick of sleepless nights and having to keep us seperated. She says the dog is nice, but I can't trust her just yet. She wants to know if someone has any suggestions on how to make me and that dog get along, or even how to keep me quiet at night. Maybe I'm just a little jealous, but how can you blame me?!

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Poor dear. I wouldn't like it either, the dog on mom's bed at night. You should have seniority. You've been with your mom longer. Can't the dog be crated or put in a different room at night? You say the dog can't be trusted yet. Is it a big dog? If it is I wouldn't leave it and you loose together. You're crying all night is your way of showing your insecurity about this new member of your family and not being able to be on the bed and close to your person.
Purrs and hugs to you, Chloe. Your needs should come first!

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I feel for you! I had to move away from my mommy for a whole month and live with my grandma and FOUR dogs! I found some things helped me.

As was said crates are wonderful things, and being left alone with the dog isn't a good thing until everyone is sure how you two will get along.

Squirt bottles can be useful for if a squabble does break out.

When I'm adjusting and unsure, I find it very helpful when my mom carves out time in which she spends just with me. Petting, cuddling and playing. Perhaps in a room the dog can not get to.

If you don't have a spot or two the dog can't get to yet, maybe something should be set up. At my Grandma's house her kitchen counters and window above the sink were my haven. She put a blanket up there, my food and a few toys. That way I had MY own dogless spot.

Remember... It just takes time to adjust to a dog, and for a dog to adjust to a cat. You speak such different languages, you don't even play the same way!


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Aww, it is tough. It took me a while to get used to my new sister...
I suggest being kept in seperate rooms for a while to let things calm down, and then gradually being brought back together? Make sure both pets get the same fuss and attention though! Good luck. I'm sure things will be back to normal for you eventually.


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I came home to a bigger cat and a dog as well and I love my big brother Marty but I'm still unsure about the dog. She's nice, I guess, but she still comes on a little too strong for me so I like to hiss at her sometimes, that makes her turn and run away hehehe... Mom keeps saying that she won't hurt me, just wants to play, so sometimes I let her come close en0ugh to smell me and then I leave.


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well, my dog is, er, ok, i guess. but muti makes sure he knows that I am most important. she feeds me first. i'm allowed on the bed, he isn't. i sit in the comfy chair, he can't. dogs are good groomers. i like that. but don't the dog sniff your rear. that's just grosse, and oh so uncouthe. but he's learning


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my mum just brought home a puppy. the puppy likes to sniff me and if i run she chases me. i dont like it at all. my mum wants me to get used to it. at least the dog is outside most of the time. i hope your days get better..