What do you think of toilet training for cat?

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I was surfing on the internet this morning when I discover this website : www.citikitty.com
I had heard about it a few weeks ago but I was not really convinced ...
I someone has already try this and would like to share the experience with me, I would be really happy to learn about cat toilet training !!!
Thank you for your answers

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I ordered this last week and started using it this past Monday. So far, so good. I have seven cats so I wasn't expecting immediate success, but I have only had three accidents so far, and two of them were immediately next to the toilet.

I started out training them with a roasting pan in the toilet, and I was very excitied to see the Citi Kitty because of the rings that you punch out! Have you tried any other methods of toilet training?

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I know my mom would love me to be toilet trained. I don't potty in the house any way, I go outside instead. I think it would be cool for me to be trained. How do you do it?????

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I saw a show about teaching cats to use the toilet, it sounded like a lot of work.
It went something like this: (do each step for 2 days -2 weeks)
1. Put litter next to toilet
2. Raise litter to toilet height
3. Put litter on toilet lid
4. Use a pan of litter in the toilet
5. Cat should use toilet like a human


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Yes, it's a very long process. But think about never having to scoop again, or buy litter for that matter! I, for one, have to sweep the floor at least once (if not more) times a day because seven cats can be quite messy!

So far so good with all of my cats. This weekend I will be removing one of the holes in the Citi Kitty toilet thingy, so it will be the first time ever that some of their waste actually falls into the toilet. I will keep you posted!!

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Good luck with toilet training! My papa won't let my mama toilet train me. He thinks it would be weird to share a toilet with me! Can you believe that? Sheesh! As if it isn't gross for me to walk around in my dirty litter!