Social Butterfly

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Mama Kitty

Purred: Sun Oct 16, '05 8:49am PST 
Lately, Mama'Kitty has become VERY social. And we are all proud of her. I've woken up a couple of times, and she was sleeping sitting up, right behind my head! She will get up on my bed, and start purring, wanting lovin'. Shes starting to get a little bit better about the dog. She can sit up on my bed, with Lady at the(King size bed) end of the bed, and she won't pay any attention.

At first, she couldn't stand Lady in the same room, then she would only allow Lady in a corner of a room, then she started to let Lady come in a room as the same as hers as long as she didn't walk near her, then she didn't care if Lady was on the bed, and now she doesn't even care where Lady is, as long as she is only a couple inches away from her and not trying to sniff her or anything.

This is a HUGE change! Were all so proud of her, she use to stay in hiding, but now she sleeps on my DirecTV box all the time.

Not only that, but she loves to PLAY! You better not have anything precious in site when she is in her frisky mode, she'll attack and play with it! She runs around and just loves to play lately!


Head of- household
Purred: Sun Oct 16, '05 9:57am PST 
That's great news! Sounds like she's finally coming out of her shell and claiming some of the love and attention that she rightfully deserves. Keep it up, Mama Kitty! I also like that there are more pictures of you on your page now.


No eye contact- allowed
Purred: Sun Oct 16, '05 10:12am PST 
Yay Mama! I think you and Tatum are in the same boat. Tatum only comes out at dark, but she's getting much better and stays out til there is a little sun.


Stop looking at- me, you're- scaring me
Purred: Sun Oct 16, '05 11:26am PST 
Good for you, Mama Kitty! I wish I could be as brave as you are!

Mama Kitty

Purred: Sun Oct 16, '05 11:51am PST 
Thank you! She is progressing more and more everyday, and we are so happy! Shes become more social than Milo! Although, he never was really social.. Anyhow, she just loves to come out and play lately! The other day, she even jumped up on the table in my office, grabbed a peice of spam off the plate, and ran away with it, lol! Shes a kitten for once, and shes 5 years old!