An outdoor cat using a litterbox

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Hello, this is Mugsy's mom. Is it hard to train an outdoor cat to come in and use the litterbox? We have one that is sick but getting better, after a trip to the vet. I'd just rather have her inside for a while until she gets better. I've showed her the litterbox, but she likes to use the carpet. How can I train her?


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Since cats like to scratch to cover their "business" I guess you can just keep putting him in the litter box until he gets the idea. The best person to ask would be your vet.


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When I came home for the first time I didn't know how to use the litter box either. Mom had to shut me in the bathroom with nothing to go to the bathroom on but the litterbox for a day or two. After that she placed my litter box in the general area I liked to mess on on the carpet. That seemed to work and after a week or two she moved the litter box to a better location and I used it there. Hope that helps!

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Dobie's got the right idea. For a few days, shut your cat in a small room or even a large dog crate, with nothing but the litterbox and her food and water dishes. (Keep the food and water as far from the litterbox as you can.) If she has no where else to go, she'll figure out what the litterbox is for. Then you can start to enlarge her territory slowly.

Also, you may want to treat the spot(s) on the carpet where she went with an enzymatic cleaner. If the carpet smells like cat urine to her, she will think it's okay to continue to go there. I don't know what cleaners are good. Maybe someone else can make a specific recommendation, if you are interested in that.


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Thankyou for your responses. I have put her in a small room, and it seems to be working. I moved her to a larger room and so far so good. I have also used a cleaner on the carpet so she won't be tempted to go on that spot again. She is recovering from what they call Herpes Infection (a cold virus). She had it pretty bad, but she's slowly getting better.