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Being hissed at...

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I am Mario the- Explorer!
Purred: Wed Oct 5, '05 5:06pm PST 
My brother and I just don't seem to understand what no means.

So one night mom hissed at us while we were trying to steal her mac and cheese. After freezing for a second we scampered off!

We might not understand no, but we understand hissing! She tried a variety of hissing noises, but the only one that really worked was a hissing "S", as in ssssssssnake. She also found it really requires eye contact, and closeness to work.

Does anyone elses mom or dad do this to them? I sure haven't tried to take her food again...



Truman\'s Girl
Purred: Fri Oct 7, '05 7:50am PST 
Mommy doesn't have to do it with Velvet. She's the "good girl" but she's done it to me. I just look at her like she's crazy. Most of the time I continue what I'm doing but once in a while I'll stop. I'm dumb enough to fall for that. She needs to stick with the water bottle. I don't like to be wet.

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Purred: Fri Oct 7, '05 11:08am PST 
Mommy did that to me once just for fun. I wasn't being bad. I stared at her for the longest time and my eyes got real big. What the heck....????