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Anyone taught a cat to miauw please?

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Purred: Wed Oct 5, '05 4:17am PST 
I am a super 3 year old but I don't miauw at all. I probably could miauw, as I have been known to hiss at my half-sister. Any suggestions as to how my manservant could persuade me to be at all vocal in the normal feline way please? Thank you!


Purred: Wed Oct 5, '05 11:21am PST 
We see that you were a rescue. Any information on where you came from or how you wound up being rescued? That might have something to do with it.


Purred: Fri Oct 7, '05 1:14pm PST 
The rescue place did not give my manservant any details of previous place we lived. But he thinks we (that is, my half sister Sabrina and I) were well looked after... this area has a high elderly population and he thinks my previous owner had to give us up when she went into a nursing home. Sabrina is very vocal, perhaps she gabbles enough for both of us and so I don't bother??? Sabrina is also a lot bigger than I am and can be bossy.


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Purred: Fri Oct 7, '05 4:25pm PST 
Hmmmm. You hiss. Do you make any other sounds like "eep" or "meep?" Vijay and I are Siamese and are supposed to be very vocal but when we were little we just said "ick" or "aak." Since you're three...I don't know. By then, we were screaming.

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Purred: Fri Oct 7, '05 6:46pm PST 
Ick or aak ???? That is funny, Selket! Hehe
I hardly ever made a noise until a few yrs ago when I had my teeth cleaned and pulled. Now I can be fairly vocal. Gysmo is pretty silent, too. Mylo drives us all nuts with his meowing. hehe
Has your manservant tried meowing at you, Tiffany?


Purred: Tue Oct 25, '05 2:38pm PST 
Manservant regularly miauws at me, but I don't respond - maybe I don't understand his accent? He said he was able to build up quite a dialog with previous cats Leo and Bobby, and so isn't giving up we me yet. It could be that I don't need to miauw, as I get given everything I need without needing to miauw.....

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Purred: Tue Oct 25, '05 11:51pm PST 
By nature, I am a pretty quiet cat. My brother, on the other hand, was very vocal. When I was a kitten and young cat, I didn't even really purr much. My humans said I had an asthmatic weeze for a purr. Now, my purr is the loudest thing about me and it can be heard from across the room. Over the years, I have started talking more, but I mostly twitter and chirp at my human when I want pets or if she's staying up way past our bedtime and I am tired of waiting.

I will low growl at the ladies of the household if they are getting to rambunctious for my tastes. And thats about it. Every once in a while, I will let out a real miaow, but it's pretty rare. My human's never worried that I don't miaow, because I'm pretty expressive with out it.

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Purred: Sat Oct 29, '05 11:23am PST 
Meows, not all cats are vocal. I myself am a very quiet cat. I only meow when I want to be fed or to complain when my Human picks me up when I don't want to be picked up. Sometimes I meow when I want my Human's attention. I hiss and growl, too, but those are reserved for one of my healing persons (aka vet). There is nothing wrong about not being vocal at all. Cats have their own unique personalities.