American or Domestic?

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How can I tell if my cats are American shorthair or domestic short hair? I understand that there is a difference between the breeds. I suspect I have the domestic type - they are from the same litter - mothered by a female [inside]cat my neighbor had who escaped to the outdoors for a brief (but brief enough) period. I love my boys and I don't care what the breed is... but I'm just curious.

I'm new to the forum - I expect this topic has already been handled - a long time ago, most likely. I'm not sure of how to search and find previous answers, however.

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You most likely have a domestic shorthair. These are not a breed but just what happens when people let their cats roam un-neutered. American shorthair is a registered breed with CFA and TICA (cat registries for purebred animals) They are bred to a specific breed standard and generally shown to exhibit those qualities the breed is most famous for.Go to CFA website and search for American Shorthair and you will find there the breed standard we breed for.