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Hallie's New Life

In the beginning...

August 5th 2009 7:04 am
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Hallie was adopted on 5-20-09 after being dumped on 5 12 09 at Humane society, 11 years old, stated reason was simply that her owner didn't want her anymore.

I had gone to the Humane Society to look at another cat I'd heard about and I was walking around their cattery just to see all the cats that were there, when I first noticed Hallie in the back of her cage trying to hide under her bed.
I have always paid particular attention to the older cats in shelters because they have so much more difficulty getting adopted than kittens and young cats have. To me, its a vicious tragedy when someone dumps an old cat they have had for many years, in a shelter. Thus it was that Hallie caught my eye.
Instantly I had a very strong intuitive feeling that I needed to adopt Hallie and get her out of the shelter. I felt so strongly that if I didn't take her, Hallie would never get adopted. She was nasty, growling and hissing and striking out with her (declawed) front paws at anyone who got too close to her. She also spontaneously urinated whenever someone tried to touch her.
Having bred and showed a variety of breeds of cats in the past, having shown HHP, having been a cat show judge & 4-H judge, having managed catteries for breeders when they were at shows or on vacations, I wasn't intimidated by Hallie's show of fear aggression.

When I filled out the form to adopt Hallie, one of the shelter workers "helpfully" informed me that Hallie "submissive wet like a dog does" with fear when you touched her. Since cats do not submissive urinate as dogs do, I disregarded the comment. I assumed the wetting was due to extreme fear.

Upon arriving home, I put Hallie into a large cage that was mostly darkened by a blanket covering the top and sides. I've found through experience that giving a scared cat a cge where they can hide and feel safe and watch the world through the open front of the cage, is the best way to calm & start socializing a scared or feral cat.

However, it quickly became apparent that much more was wrong with Hallie than fear. She could not stand up or walk. Thus, I moved Hallie to the bathroom, set up a thick towel on the floor for her to lay on, and gave her a very low-sided litterpan so she could easily crawl into it.

It also became very obvious that most of Hallie's aggressive behavior was PAIN & fear induced. I found out Hallie enjoyed having her head and ears scratched but was terrified of having her body touched. Between Hallie's inability to walk, her spontaneous urination when she became fearful that her body might be touched, and her overall fear-aggressive behavior, I suspected that she had a broken pelvis and had been dumped because of the injury.


Return to Mobility

October 11th 2009 2:42 am
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When I locate which drive and which computer the files for Hallie's diary updates are on, I will edit this with more specific dates.

June 19 2009

At about 9 pm tonight, June 19 2009 Hallie WALKED for the first time, taking a few steps. I had been petting her, then stopped petting her and went a few feet from her and she got up and walked over to get petted again.

Before that, Hallie would get around with a movement I can best describe as a crawl.


As soon as Hallie became able to jump again, she immediately assumed ownership of the bathroom throne! One day when it was necessary for me to dethrone Hallie, I brought a grooming rake with me. Hallie needed to have dead undercoat groomed out. To my surprise, Hallie LOVED being groomed. She started rubbing the sides of her head against the rake teeth, scratching the areas she wanted scratched. I was surprised that this cat who obviously has suffered a lot of abuse, loves to be groomed.

Hallie still reacts in fear to certain things. As is typical of cats and many other animals when scared, she will growl and hiss and display aggressive behavior in an attempt to mask her fear. The sight of a broom or a vacuum cleaner will make her show fear-aggression. She is afraid of water. If even a few drops hit her, she shows fear-aggression. Changing the trashbag in the bathroom wastebasket scares her. Any movement that's made too fast when walking or standing up from sitting, will scare her. What happened to Hallie to cause these fear reactions, I can only guess at.

So far, Hallie is also still scared of the other cats. I sometimes stand and hold the bathroom door open a moment so she can see the other cats (somebody usually is in the hallway outside the door). She will act curious and then hiss and retreat at which point I shut the door. I don't want to push her. Pushing a cat will achieve nothing except resistance and deeper fear. Time and patience are two of the biggest necessities in working with a fearful cat.


Hallies Lucky 13th

May 15th 2011 11:30 am
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Today for Hallie, thirteen is definitely her lucky number as she celebrates her 13th birthday today. The old lady is indisputably the ruler over the rest of the feline family in the house, although sometimes it takes a few sound cuffs on the head for her to convince a couple of the brattier youngsters that they absolutely never under any circumstances, dare to attempt to steal any of the food out of Hallie's dish while she is eating.

You see, Hallie gets a premium food for older cats while the youngsters have to eat Whiskas. Now there's nothing wrong with Whiskas, in fact out of all the regular cat foods I've tried, Whiskas does the best job of maintaining cats of all ages in good condition with good palatability and less stool volume in the litter pans than all the other regular foods I've ever tried. But cats are much like children in the respect that if somebody is being fed something different than the others got, the others immediately have to go try to get a share of the something different just to see if that something different is really better than what they have or not.

As Hallie sits eating her food, the younger cats hover around her sort of like a group of vultures, waiting for the moment Hallie might pause eating long enough for one of them to steal a bite of her food. As Hallie eats she mutters growly kitty threats at the youngsters, warning them that if they know what's good for them they will keep a respectful distance from her food & not even think of trying to steal any of it. After Hallie finishes eating, this time the youngsters are out of luck. I see she's done eating & pick up the disk with the remaining uneaten food in it, cover it & put it away beyond the reach of the youngsters.

Hallie walks through the living room to the kitchen to get a drink, any other cat who happens to be in her way had better step aside or else with a swat & her typical Siamese loud mouth, she will make it clear to them that the rules of the house are indisputably that when Hallie is coming through, all other cats should move out of her way and let her pass by. After all, it's not wise to mess with Hallie the grouch.

Hallie could not look any LESS Siamese but her temperament & her vocal abilities unmistakably scream....or howl....or yell....or with other unearthly sounds unique to Siamese cats & Siamese mixes. make it clear that the looks are practically the only Siamese trait Hallie doesn't have.

As for Hallie being a grouch, well the old lady's clearly been through hells before I got her, & who know how many other hells she went through other than those I'm aware of. She's got a right to be a grouch. Besides its funny when I sing "Hallie the grouch" in tune to the old Addams Family song and when I snap my fingers, Hallie responds right on cue with her loud Siamese mrroowwww!


Hallie's Passing: Like Everything Else She Did It Her Own- Way

January 27th 2013 7:19 am
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Hallie has passed & like everything else in her time with me, she did it her own way.

Hallie was the undisputed ruler of my cat family. The other cats would get out of her way when she came through. When she wanted a certain spot such as the cat bed by the windowsill, any other cat who was there would vacate it without question. When she came through a hallway, if other cats were in her path they got out of her way. I've never before seen this kind of phenomenon before where all the cats in the house would peacefully and unprotestingly yield to one cat.

Hallie got in the habit of always sleeping on my bed right beside me. Then came the morning when I woke up & reached my hand out to pet Hallie as I usually did & Hallie's spot on the bed was empty.

It was so totally unusual & out of character for Hallie to not be on the bed beside me that I immediately got up & went frantically running around the house looking for Hallie. I looked under beds, behind the couch, in my laundry baskets, all the places the cats love to go. No Hallie.

Finally I came into the kitchen and there were four cats sitting still in front of the kitchen cabinets under the sink. I reached out & opened the cabinet...& there I found Hallie laying in a pile of soft towels I keep in a box under the sink. She was lying quite peacefully on her side. Obviously her spirit had freed itself and left the physical body behind her.

Hallie now rests in the catnip garden, where her spirit can join & play with the spirits of other previously departed members of my feline family.

Like everything else in Hallie's life with me, she was the queen of the house & the master of her own destiny in death as well as in life. She showed no warning signs at all that she was close to passing, no changes in her eating/drinking/bowel/bladder habits etc, nothing at all to indicate she was getting ready to pass.

Hallie obviously knew or else she chose when her time had come. Why she chose to go open the kitchen cabinets and select the spot in the towels under the sink for her passing, only she knows the answer to that.

Why four of the other cats sat lined up in a row in front of that cabinet & stayed there almost unmoving until I came forward to open the cabinet, I don't know the answer to that one either.

Hallie's passing affected all the other cats. They were sort of lost without Hallie's dominant regal queenly presence.

The question remained...who would take Hallie's place as the Queen of my feline family?

The answer came from a most unexpected place...


Thanks to all for your appreciation of Hallie and her diary

January 30th 2013 11:35 am
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Today, I couldn't believe it when I found out that Hallie's diary was honored by being selected as a diary of the day pick for today, especially since Uno's diary was diary of the day yesterday.

I'm sure Hallie is delighted with the honor of getting to be in the center of Catster attention today.

Although Hallie is now in spirit form, free of her old worn out battered broken earthly body, she is also still here with us. This is why I tend to refer to her as now being in spirit instead of saying she is no longer here. To me, it's so logical for our former earthly human and animal loved ones to coexist with us in spirit form. We all know that when a living being passes, there is a struggle as the spirit fights to free itself of the burden of an earthly body that can no longer support it. This struggle of the spirit to free itself makes it very clear that the spirit is a separate entity, not part of the physical body itself. The moment that the spirit energy is freed and departs, leaving the cold dead shell of its former earthly body behind, is usually very obvious. That spirit energy entity goes somewhere.

Although most animals are considered to be able to see spirits, sense emotions, sense the near future, as well as several other psychic abilities, cats are widely considered to have a heightened awareness of psychic/spirit energy compared to most other species.

I firmly believe cats can see spirits. This makes logical sense when you think of the fact that everything we see and hear is on different frequencies of vibration and that cats can hear sounds, smell scents, see things, feel vibrations, etc that are far beyond the limited range of humans' five senses. A cat's sense of smell is better than a dogs. Dogs can hear only 1/3 as well as cats can. Cats are extremely sensitive to vibrations. Cats can actually sense earthquakes even before scientists' instruments do. It is thought this may be due to a cat's ability to hear noises inside the earth. Cats also have an uncanny ability to find their way home called “psi-traveling.” Cats alone of all species have a unique ability to store electric charge in their coats. If you rub a cat in the dark you can see the sparks fly from his coat. This ability made cats one of the most valuable research tools of early electric-physicists. “If only amber could be charged, the effect could be discussed as a curious property of amber alone,” Prof. Blanpied wrote. “But many other substances exhibit an analogous behavior. Rubber, for instance, also becomes charged if rubbed with cat fur.” The story about cats predicting storms when they wash their ears has elements of truth to it. Before a storm there is a buildup of electrical charges in the air. Cats are thought to be attempting to push away the sounds of the charges. It's also equally likely that this buildup of electrical charges in the air affects the cat through its coat and just as a cat regularly licks its coat frequently to release static electricity buildup, it washes to release the static electricity buildup caused by the approaching storm.

I believe that spirits of departed humans and animals are able to slow their vibrational frequency down enough to come within the edge of the human visual range for short periods of time. We all know there are individual variations within the range of human sensory abilities. I also believe that when humans see ghosts of other humans and animals who have passed, it's because those humans have more visual sensitivity for seeing things closer to the high frequency limit of the human visual range than other humans have. I also believe that people probably see spirit beings much more often than they realize, because when someone sees a spirit it usually is only a brief glimpse and the most common human reaction is to be unsure and discount and dismiss the sighting as having been shadows, imagination, etc.

I often catch fleeting glimpses of little ghosts of former members of my cat family. Probably I see more ghosts of former feline family members than I'm aware of because if the ghostly cat looks like any of my current living feline family members, I tend to automatically assume that what I saw was just one of my living cats.

Once when I had a friend visiting, she remarked she didn't know I had a dilute calico cat again. I replied that I hadn't had a dilute calico cat in years. She replied she had just seen a little dilute calico cross the hallway and described what the cat looked like. I answered, "Oh, that's Patsy, Pastel Rainbow was her name. I used to see her occasionally at the old house. I'm glad to know she's here. She was the sweetest little cat."

I haven't had a dilute calico cat in many years...and now I better watch what I say. (Fate if you hear me, please wait awhile before you think of sending anymore cats across my path. Right now I sort of have my hands full.) Up until Lefty and Righty came, I'd only ever had two white cats in my entire life. It had been many years since I'd had the second white cat when a friend remarked to me, " It's been ages since you had had a white cat, don't you like white cats?" I replied, "I like white cats, I like all colors of cats. I just simply haven't had any white cats need me." Lefty and Righty came shortly after that, and Gabriel and Noon, two longhaired white cats, came this summer.

My favorite photo of Hallie is the one where she's on the toilet "throne". This photo, especially the expression in her eyes, neatly sums up her personality, the undisputed Queen on her throne commanding respect from all. I miss her.

Just as with other members of my cat family who have passed, occasionally Hallie will allow me to catch a glimpse of her ghost and let me know she's not really gone, she's just here in spirit instead of physical form which gives me a little bit of comfort. Sometimes, the cats in a hallway will suddenly move aside to make room for an unseen (by me) presence to go through. They've never done that for any other cat except Hallie.


Again I humbly thank all for your appreciation of Hallie and- her diary

February 1st 2013 7:18 am
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I humbly thank everyone again for your appreciation of Hallie and her diary. I can hardly believe Hallie's diary and Uno's diary both made Diary of the Day a second time. Hallie however, being just as much a Queen in spirit as she was in earthly life, probably thinks we humans are merely paying her homage that a cat deserves to get from their human servants.

Does anybody know how hard it is to type when you have a cat perched on your chest, paws wrapped around your neck, hugging you tightly with her head resting on your chin so you have to move your head to the side to see the screen past the feline barrier in front of your face?

While I'm typing this acknowledgement and thanks to all for giving Hallie (and Uno) the honor of diary of the day again, Splat Cat decided it's time to give me one of her long bear hugs! And when I move my head to try to see past Splats, she tightens her hug!


The Best of Both Worlds on Both Sides of The Rainbow Bridge!

February 15th 2013 4:13 pm
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For all of you who don't know me, my name is Hallie and I want to thank all of you my feline friends, for all my virtual Catster treats, stars, rosettes, and my Valentines. It makes me so happy that you show me you know that even though I've crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I'm not gone at ALL.

I want to tell you more about crossing the Rainbow Bridge and living in a new spirit body so that those of you who grieve for feline family members who cross the bridge, won't be quite so sad or heartbroken. You see my physical body was a vehicle to serve me in my earthly life and it served me well for many years. When my earthly body became a broken down worn out wreck unable to sustain me any longer, it had turned into the very worst kind of prison you can possibly imagine. My earthly body tried hard to keep me imprisoned in it's miserable shell but like all others who came before me and all those who come after me, I too was forced to struggle and fight my way free of the prison of my earthly body and cross the rainbow bridge. It felt so GOOD when I finally managed to break free of the chains of my earthly body and cross the bridge! As I started my journey across the rainbow bridge, I also started getting used to being in my new spirit body. Crossing the rainbow bridge only means that now I have a new spirit body that is vasty superior in every way to the earthly body that I left behind.

The earthly world is so small and limited compared to the vastness of the spirit world I now live in. The spirit world is so vast and great and limitless! Like all others who live here in the spirit world, I also am able to still be with those of you in the earthly world. Although it's difficult for most of you still in earthly bodies to see those of us who are now in spirit form, we do make our presence known to you in other more subtle ways.

A fleeting glimpse of a kitty that you know is not one of your earthly kitties, the sound of a meow that you didn't come from any of your earthly kitties, the sound of little kitty paws running around the house when you look up and see your earthly kitties are asleep, times when you see your earthly kitties staring intently at or interacting with something you can't see, all these and more are signs that we are still with you and that crossing the Rainbow Bridge doesn't mean we are gone. It only means we now have the best of both worlds, the earthly world and our new superior limitless spirit world! And when your earthly body turns into a prison and you make the journey across the Rainbow Bridge to join us here, we will be right here to welcome you home and celebrate your homecoming!



March 9th 2013 10:16 pm
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Hello & Meow to all you humans & kitties. This is Hallie the Spirit Kitty speaking from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

After my passing, my friend here on this spirit side of the Bridge,
♥Buddy♥ My Angel

said that when I was ready, let him know & he'd arrange for me to get my angel wings.

Recently I finally decided it was time for me to accept reality & embrace the fact that although I'm merely in the earthly world in spirit form now-not gone & although I personally feel I now have the very best of both worlds, it's nevertheless an inescapable fact that all of us here on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, myself included, are seen as being gone in a way by everyone who is still in the earthly world.

So I wrote to ♥Buddy♥ & let him know I was ready to officially receive my Angel Wings. Buddy said he had a friend who would make me the most beautiful wonderful pair of wings & I said go ahead & thanked him.

Shortly after that I received a message from my longtime friend
Calvin - Knead On

that Calvin & his family had made me new Angel Wings & my wings were ready for me. What's funny is that Calvin has been a friend of us for quite awhile & I didn't even know Calvin could make angel wings. It made my wings even NICER that my wings are made by a friend of our kitty family.

I was excited & nervous when I first looked at my Angel Wings. It's kinda hard to let go of thinking of myself as still alive, which I like to do sometimes.
Putting on my Angel Wings also means that for the first time, I'm openly facing & embracing the fact that I'm now on the other side of the Bridge, part of the world of spirit & showing the whole earthly world that I'm now an Angel.

My new Angel Wings opened before me. They were a beautiful shade of white, dazzling & yet at the same time, beautifully soft & sweet. All of a sudden, my new wings cleansed me of my fears & I reached out....

As I embraced my new Angel Wings, a new happiness & sense of comfort greater than any I've ever known in my earthly life or in my world on this side of the Rainbow Bridge came over me.

The instant I put on my wonderful beautiful magnificent Angel Wings, I knew I'll happily wear them always. Eternal thanks to Buddy & to Calvin for arranging, making, & giving me my Angel Wings. May I always prove myself eternally worthy of my Angel Wings!

PURRS & love to all,



May 18th 2013 2:34 am
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To everyone who remembered me on my birthday even though I've crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I give all of you a big kitty angel THANK YOU! My spirit kitty eyes saw all the lovely roses, tulips, hearts, the bluebird, the birthday cake from Crystal, and the special gifts on my profile. Mom saw them too and was touched by everyone who remembered me, she said it was one of the brightest spots in the past few days. (The past few days were rough for our human Mom but things are getting better for her now.)

Although as we all know, us cats are wiser than humans, I still wish to share with everyone a few bits of wisdom my human mom shared with us when I was still on Earth.

When I was still an earthly kitty I remember my human Mom saying,
"Everytime we remember kitties who have crossed the bridge on their birthdays, it reminds us humans to give our living kitties the three things they need most from humans: patience, appreciation and understanding. It also reminds us humans that too many kitties lose their lives because of human failure to give them patience, appreciation, and understanding. Every time we remember a kitty on their rainbow bridge day it reminds us of all the kitties we have known who have crossed the bridge, and how privileged we were to have known those kitties! It reminds us of the kitties who need us humans to allow them to know what it's like to live in a good forever home, even if (like me, Hallie) that time in a good forever home turns out to be brief."

While I wish I could have gone to my good forever home earlier so I'd have had more good time on Earth before I crossed the Bridge, at least I had the privilege of knowing for a short time what it was like to be in a good loving forever home, where there was always enough to eat & drink, where touch meant comfort instead of pain, where there was genuine real love & caring,

So let me say to you humans, take the opportunity to give a needy kitty a good forever home, adopt an old cat from a shelter & give him or her the wonderful gift of at least a short time living knowing he or she is at last truly cared for and loved, trap and neuter that neighborhood feral, then continue feeding him or her under your porch/in your barn/etc and he/she will be healthier, happier, and not be contributing to the overpopulation problem. Let a kitty experience the greatest earthly life gift of having a good forever home while that kitty is still alive to experience it.

And to all you kitties who have already crossed the rainbow bridge & become angels/spirit kitties or who are getting ready to cross the rainbow bridge & become a spirit kitty too, remember to always comfort your humans with your spirit presence on your birthday, your gotcha day, your rainbow bridge day & any other days special to you & your families. Hearing your ghostly meow, catching a glimpse of you running across a hallway, feeling your gentle thud on the bed all will touch your humans hearts and let them know you are still with them. Your earthly kitty friends & family members also will benefit from your spirit presence even more because they can SEE you. I know I enjoy reminding my kitty family that even as a spirit kitty, when I appear and walk down a hallway, everyone who knows me had better step aside & give me the respect I deserve.

& BTW where can my other angel family members get wings? I think they look kinda naked without their angel wings & Mom tends to be shy about asking anybody about it so I'll just do it for her. After all, I'm a spirit kitty so she can't stop me now....


Thank you from the Bridge

November 7th 2013 10:33 pm
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Thank you from Angel Hallie at the Bridge, for remembering me on this first anniversary of my Rainbow Bridge Day and for your rosettes, stars, pawmails, etc. Now I'll let Mom speak.

Although Carina has a temperament (and voice!) very similar to Hallie, there will only ever be one and only one Hallie. She was a unique personality and although others like Carina may be similar, nobody can ever replace Hallie in my heart. Even now sometimes the cats will suddenly stand aside in the hallway as if giving room for an unseen spirit kitty to pass through, the same way they used to stand aside and let Hallie pass through when Hallie was still in earthly life. Occasionally I'll hear Hallie's distinctive meow. I'll glance up, Carina who has a similar voice, will be nearby me fast asleep. I believe it's Hallie reaching between our worlds to tell me she's doing fine as an Angel kitty at the Bridge.

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