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Aloha from Maui

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September 10th 2010 12:24 pm
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Mom and Dad decided that the holiday weekend would be a good time to take time off from work and spend it working around the house. They took three work days off and now they are at the end of their 10 days with us. Just a couple more and they will have to go back to work.

It has been really fun having Mom and Dad home for so long. They have spent a lot of time playing with us and they have been busy around the house. Mom stained our Litter Robot cabinet which is now in place and looks pretty good. Mom and Dad also fixed the walls and door frame that my dog brothers chewed on when they first arrived and they cleaned up the back yard where my dog brothers play when they go outside. My brother Jaeger likes to dig holes so Mom and Dad filled them in so he can start over. MOL We sure are going to miss them when they go back to work!!! :(

Gotta run. Wishing all my furiends a great weekend!

Loving Purrs,


My Vet Visit

May 21st 2011 6:35 pm
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I went to my new vet yesterday for my annual check-up and a rabies shot. I also had to have my ears washed out and I got medicine because I have bacteria and yeast in my ears. Mom has been trying to get rid of this for a while but the old vet never cleaned my ears out like this and the meds she gave us didn't work.

Well, I really like my new vet. I let her clean my ears and put the medicine in them. They already feel so much better. I even let Mom put meds in this morning after a little bit of a fight. MOL Can't let her think that this is acceptable.

I have to go for now, but check out my sister Mimu's Diary for exciting family news.

Loving Purrs,


Jolly Roger Flags

September 25th 2011 6:23 pm
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I would like to say a big "Thank You" to all of our friends that stopped by to leave Jolly Roger Flags on my brothers, sisters, and my pages.

We are sorry we didn't get a chance to send any back. Mom had an appointment after work that day and was really tired when she finally made it home. She did not realize until it was too late that the rosie was only available for Meow Like a Pirate Day. We have already told Mom to mark her calendar for next year as she is going to be busy on that day if those flags appear again. **giggles** We hope you all had a great Meow Like a Pirate Day!!!

We have all been staying busy around here helping Mom with her new Pet Basket company. She has created many new baskets and added them to her website. If you would like to check them out visit us at: and while you are there check out her Monthly Giveaway page to enter for your chance to win a basket of your very own.

Got to go for now. Mom says she has to go walk my doggie brothers.

Loving Purrs,


Meowday Thank Yous

January 30th 2012 8:52 pm
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Just wanted to thank all of my furiends for helping me to celebrate my third meowday. I have had a wonderful day hanging out with my sisters and brothers. Mom and Dad got me some neat catnip mouses and new balls and I even let Dad pet me tonight.

Thanks Furiends!

Loving Purrs,


What's Behind Door Number One?

December 15th 2012 6:31 pm
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This is the question I asked when the guest bedroom door got closed a little over a week ago. Mom explained that we have another new brother and this guy is really small. Mom says he is 3 months old and only weighs 2.6 lbs. so we must introduce him to the family slowly so nobody gangs up on him.

His name is Makana. This is Hawaiian for wind. Mom says he moves as fast as a little tornado so his name fits. Mom and Dad were watching the news one night and saw him. He had been held at the local shelter for two months as evidence in a hoarding and animal abuse case. Mom and Dad went to the shelter the next day and a few days later something is behind door number one. We all know what that means here. The only question was whether my new sibling was a sister or a brother.

I got to meet him for a few minutes one night before Mom left to go on vacation. That little guy hissed at me. I know one thing for sure, when that door opens again, I'm gonna teach my new little brother some manners.

From what I have seen so far, he's really kinda cute. Check out his page if you get a chance and make a new friend.

Mele Kalikimaka my furiends!!!

Loving Purrs,


DDP Celebration Thank Yous

December 22nd 2012 7:53 pm
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I want to thank all of my friends for the wonderful comments, rosies, and paw mails I received helping me to celebrate my DDP honor on Tuesday. Mom was traveling all day that day to get back home from Maine where she went to visit family. She didn't get home until almost midnight.

I was so happy to see her! We slept most of the day on Wednesday since mom was so tired from traveling. It was kind of fun to sleep in with mom since I hadn't seen her for 11 days.

We are finally almost back to normal around here, except for that new little brother of mine that mom is working on introducing to us. I really don't want to have anything to do with him but I guess eventually I will have to except the fact that he is going to live here.

Mokka and Milo seem to be okay with Makana being around but the rest of us are doing a lot of hissing so he knows were his place is going to be in this family. Our doggie brothers, Kaiser and Jaeger, have to be on a leash when he is out since they are just too excited when he is around. Makana hisses at them and his tail gets all big so mom and dad are taking it slow. Makana is meeting us one-on-one in his room and then he comes out to explore of about 10 minutes at a time.

Gotta run as mom is going to help Makana write his first diary entry. Before I leave, I want to wish all of my friends a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Loving Purrs,


OMC! I'm Diary Of The Day!

December 24th 2012 9:27 pm
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Aloha My Friends,

OMC! I'm Diary of the Day. Mom was so surprised when she looked at her phone this morning and saw all the notifications about my receiving comments and rosies.

Thank you friends for helping me to celebrate with all your comments, paw mails, rosies, and the beautiful pics you made for me. This is what makes this honor so special, being able to celebrate with dear friends.

Mele Kalikimaka to all of you and to your families. Wishing you a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends.

Loving Purrs,



January 30th 2015 8:23 pm
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Mahalo to my dear furiends that helped me to celebrate my 6th Birthday! Mom and Dad were both home today so I got lots of extra lovings.

There were no sun puddles to lay in today as it was a rainy day here in Las Vegas. So I spent most of my day napping in warm cuddly places like Mom and Dad's bed.

I did spend a little time playing with my little brothers. Love to chase them around. MOL

Must go and get a little lap time in now.

Loving Purrs & Aloha,

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