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Spare a purr?

January 10th 2013 12:43 am
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So you guys know how there's a stray kitty around here who mom has been feeding? Well, she was wondering if you could spare a purr for her. See, we're supposed to get a giant snowstorm tonight and the temperatures are supposed to plummet to below zero. Mom's tried to get closer to her, but she just runs away. :(

Mom's very worried about what will happen during the storm. She keeps hoping the kitty does have a home. The kitty comes and visits the same time every night looking for food. She doesn't look too skinny, so maybe she just lives outside sometimes ... We hope so.

Speaking of the stray kitty, guess what I did? I chased that stray kitty all through the parking lot. Oh, mom was so mad at me. I squeezed out the door and took off! I knew that cat was out there! Mom thought she had lost me. But luckily the cat must of hid under a parked car, and I stood halfway under it, so mom was able to grab me. She was not pleased at all. I told her I was just protecting my territory.



January 18th 2013 11:35 pm
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Hi friends!

My new friends in the Brusselball group are having a Whatever Party all weekend!

I just joined this group a few weeks ago, and they are pawsome! You all should come join in the fun - the party lasts all weekend, so just come and go as you please. I stopped by for a minute tonight, and there was a ton of food and toys!

You aren't going to want to miss it!



February 1st 2013 10:51 pm
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Hi guys! Just checking in to see how everyone is doing!

How is your winter going? I haven't been doing too much, just stalking that stray cat that hangs around and trying to stay warm.

Hope everyone is well!


Coolest toy EVER!

March 4th 2013 11:13 pm
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Oh my cats guys!

I have the coolest new toy ever!! Mom used the zoom groom on me (yay! I love the zoom groom!) and then rolled my fur into a disk. Then she tossed it in the air, and the games were on!

I grabbed that ball and ran to the bedroom with it, so mom tossed it again, and I chased it, lowered my ears and POUNCED on it! Then I ran and took it to my water dish.

Mom kept tossing it and I kept leaping and chasing until I couldn't move any more. Whew! Mom says I have never played with any toy like I did tonight. She's hoping I'll keep it up, so I can lose some of these winter pounds. :)

Hope everyone is well!


Thank you friends, and bad, bad mom!

April 1st 2013 9:49 pm
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Thank you all so much for celebrating my gotcha day with me! I'm so glad to have you all, as my mom completely forgot about the day! Can you believe it?!?! When she woke to see all the rosies, she couldn't figure out what was going on. Humph. So thank you everyone!!

And thanks to everyone who sent Easter eggs! I hope you all had a nice holiday. Sorry we haven't been around too much, mom has just been so busy. But we try to stop by at least once a day and check in with our friends.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring!


My mom is lame

June 1st 2013 11:05 pm
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Hi friends!

I'm sorry I haven't been around, and I just wanted to stop by and say hi. My mom's been really sick for the past few weeks, and she hasn't had the energy to do anything for a while. :(

I know I've missed a bunch of special days, and I'm really sorry. Hopefully mom will start to feel better soon and I can spend more time here. Till then, everyone take care!


Meeting the neighbors

July 14th 2013 10:24 pm
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Today when my mom came home, I ran outside like I always do. One of our new neighbors was outside and she called to me and petted me, so therefore I assumed it would be OK if I walked right into her apartment and check things out.

So I did. I walked in and started sniffing around. Mom was so embarrassed by me. Eventually the lady picked me up and handed me back to mom. *sigh* I never get to do what I want to do. I was just being neighborly. Moms.


It's my birthday!!

October 7th 2013 9:57 am
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Holy cats! It's my birthday today! Thanks to everyone who sent me gifties! You guys are pawsome!

I started celebrating early by waking mom up at about 5:30. Mom, mom, mom, it's my birthday! Whooo! She wouldn't get out of bed though. :(

Can you believe I'm five? Mom says she can't. Time flies!

Sorry we haven't been around too much. Mom's been crazy busy, and it just doesn't look like it's going to calm down anytime soon. But we do stop in whenever we can. And please send purrs to all our friends who aren't feeling well.

Take care my friends, and I'll try to be back soon!


Stupid catputer!

October 16th 2013 10:53 pm
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Mom's catputer died, and she just got it back today. We're sad, since so many friends are coming back to have fun. We'll hopefully be back too!


A no good horrible terrible day

January 16th 2014 10:54 pm
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Monida's mom here. I've been holding back the tears ever since I learned about Catster's decision this morning. But I can't anymore. I just don't understand. I'm distraught. We've made sooo many friends here. And I know I don't come around as much as I should, but I still want to be able to connect with my friends.

What will happen to those who don't have facebook? Or our yearly football contest at Tigger's Arcade? Or all the memories and notes and ... and ... *sobs*

I had wanted to write a funny diary about how we moved and Monida's takeover of our new house. How she instantly remembered how to open the cupboards and hide in them. Post some new pictures ... and now.

Right now I'm in the denial stage of grief. I'm choosing to believe this won't happen. But just in case, I am on facebook, and I'd be happy if you friended me or sent me your email so we can keep in touch.

I love you all.

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