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Nice Little Tyson Boy

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Tail Of The Mouse

May 14th 2009 7:45 pm
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My daddy kept visiting me at Pet Smart all through April 2009 and finally he just couldn't stand it any longer and he adopted me and took me home May 7, 2009 and I'm now exactly one year old. I have a few sisters and right now, Ginger is on Catster too. Daddy has a friend in Jersey City who sent home toy mice for us kitties so daddy gave me a brown one but I began to chew off the mouse's tail. Daddy took it away and would only let me play with it while he was watching me, until he turned his back, and I ate the tail of the mouse! That was yesterday. Today daddy's been inspecting my litter box carefully. But he shouldn't worry. It was small anyway - the tail of that mouse!


A Nice Little Boy

May 21st 2009 8:05 pm
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My daddy cleans my litter box every day and thinks he saw the tail of my toy mouse I chewed off; but I did not see him investigate it very thoroughly! But he was staring and staring while cleaning the box. With me being a new kitty, he kept me separated from the other kitties of the house for my first 10 days at my new home but I peeked out once in awhile when he'd come in my room and my sister Ginger was always at the door, so interested in meeting me because she is such a sweet little girl. (One day, because the door does not shut all the way, I pulled on the door and Ginger pushed on the door and we opened the door and just then daddy was going upstairs to see me and I was staring at him from the open doorway and he wondered how that door got open! But I went back into the room like a good little boy, as I was startled having never seen someone walk up any stairs before!). He let me out to meet all the other kitties on Monday, May 18 and Ginger and I sat watching each other, then immediately she used my new cat scratcher which I usually only lie down on! But SHE knows how to use it - for scratching. I have joined in nicely with the other kitties at home and even went nose to nose with little kisses with Serena and Elsa. My daddy wants to make Catster pages for all the kitties soon. Then, our other kitty Tabatha, who is a good and nice lady kitty, is always growly but she simply accepts me! Because I'm a nice little boy as my daddy says.


The Washer and Dryer

November 2nd 2009 3:08 pm
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I like to get into Daddy's dryer right when he throws in the clothes straight from the washer! He takes pictures of me hanging out in there (hanging out of the door as I gaze at my sister Elsa staring at what I'm doing - we hope to put her on Catster soon). Then the best part is lying on the bed made up with the fresh laundry and I'm stretched out as long as a white limousine!


Grateful on Easter Sunday, a Year Later

April 4th 2010 12:20 pm
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I am so grateful on Easter Sunday today, April 4. A little over a year ago on April 1, 2009 my Daddy saw me for the first time at Pet Smart. It was getting close to Easter, which was April 12, 2009 (and many new lives begin on Easter Sunday!). He thought this cute little kitty will be adopted soon; you don't often see a kitty with a white body that leads to a totally orange tail! So he visited me at Pet Smart all throughout April and wondered why no one adopted me, for a whole month. Then he remembered that brother Felix, who died March 2, 2009, might have something to do with this. Daddy had read that a former kitty will lead you to your new kitty. He believed this cute kitty was not being adopted because he (me) was meant for my Daddy to adopt, and Felix was making sure that only Daddy would be the one to adopt me! So my Dad adopted me, and on May 7, 2009 he took me home with him, to meet my NEW family Serena, Tabatha, Elsa and Ginger! I was no longer alone in a cage at Pet Smart; no more. And I have my favorite yellow fuzzy ball I keep near me, I play with Elsa and Ginger, (we run through the house with lightning speed and get very mischievous!), I keep my eye on Serena and watch out for her, and I nudge up to Tabatha once in awhile! Other times, I sit and study things very calmly, I get in the dryer, I nibble on plants when I'm not supposed to, I sit in the window and look outside, I have a much larger home than the Pet Smart cage used to be, I cat nap on the bed like all cats are meant to do, I like to observe shadows that move and I sleep with my Dad! I am loved and I am happy, and so is he!

I pray that all kitties be as lucky as I was around the Easter season (and always)!!

Love, Tyson x o


Helping My Dad & A Lost Kitty

April 5th 2010 6:18 pm
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Us guys have to stick together; I'm the only boy kitty in the family now, since my Dad adopted me last May - so I'm helping my Dad by writing to Catster. We had read about a kitty on Catster and now can't remember which kitty it was but we remember the details because they were so moving. Does anyone know who this is (when we find out we wanna ask to be friends): This kitty escaped and the sad part is the Mom couldn't find him - then she had to move from California to MN (we think it's MN). How sad and unfortunate to be forced to leave the kitty behind and to hope it had found a home somewhere. It touched our hearts so much. We think, but not sure, the picture of the kitty was that he was holding a toy in his mouth. Does anyone know this kitty's life story and its name on Catster? My whole family would love to extend friendship.

Thank Mew Very Much,
Love - Tyson
along with Ginger, Elsa, Serena, Tabatha & Felix "Honey Angel"


Helping to Find the Lost Kitty

April 6th 2010 12:25 am
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My goodness, I found after searching awhile, that the kitty I referred to in my last diary entry is one of my Furrends named Chandon! And her sister is beautiful Angel Eve!! That explains how I found Chandon's story: by reading about Eve's family. I'm embarassed that I could not remember where Chandon's story was. Both little girls have very moving life stories and we are hoping for success regarding dear sweet Eve's tragedy. Chandon is Catster 769815 and Eve is Catster 1086369 (she was Diary Pick of the Day a couple days ago - I must send her a little rosette!). She's a girl too and I might blush when I send it, but I just love Eve; I think everyone does.

Love, Tyson. xo


If You See Lost & Missing Oreo in Connecticut

April 8th 2010 10:48 pm
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Dear Catster Friends in CT: If you see OREO, a pretty black and white kitty who is lost in CT, please contact her Mom; Oreo is Catster #175963. Oreo was Diary Pick of the day on April 8, 2010 and has been missing a week before then! Thanks dear friends in CT.

Love you!
Tyson x o



April 13th 2010 10:58 am
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Good news! Oreo (Catster #175963) came home! She was missing since April 2/10 - she was gone 11 days! This shows when kitties get lost outside, how scared they become and so dis-oriented that they're not even sure if they are in their own back yard or not. Her mom had come home to find the window screen pushed out of the window and Oreo was gone. The loss her Mom must have felt not knowing where her kitty was...this will make us all double-check our screens! Oreo's diary shows many ways her Mom spent time day by day, in trying to find Oreo - such as leaving food in a trap, and so on...Her Mom wrote in the diary today, "I went outside to check on the trap and SHE was inside of it, crying to me, so vocal. She knew me the minute she saw me. She was skinny of course, and full of ticks...I'll have to get her to the vet, she looks good and went right to the food and water. She looks so tired and all my other animals were apprehensive when she came in the house, but SHE'S HOME!" We say: Congratulations to Oreo's MOM!
If any kitty would like to, go and Welcome her Home and show her what our Catster Family is!

Love to ALL who are Safe at Home,
and those we hope are (we're SURE they are) on the way HOME!
Tyson x o


My Birthday Today - 2 Years Old!

May 7th 2010 5:40 pm
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I guess it is my birthday today, at least according to the Humane Society. They listed my birthdate as May 7, 2008. My dad adopted me May 7, 2009. Now does the Humane Society just guess at our birthdates I wonder? Those two dates are just too coincidental. Or was I truly born on May 7 - I was a returned adoption before my dad got me (that means a family adopted me from the Humane Society, they got allergies, then they returned me to the Humane Society) so maybe really on the records at the Humane Society I actually was born May 7, 2008! Oh well, today is May 7, 2010 and for my Birthday, my dad typed up my Arrival story for my Catster page just in time to celebrate! Maybe he got me some nifty new toys. But I don't want to give up my favorite fuzzy yellow toy! Besides, I like free toys the best. Like a small crumpled up old piece of paper. That really gets my attention! I chase those around all the time. They are nice and noisy, and small and I can swat them, and they hide on me, and I try to pull them back out. What some might consider garbage, others like me consider them treasures!

from the Birthday Boy,
x o


Birthday Cleaning and Thank-Mews!

May 15th 2010 12:40 pm
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We have been cleaning up the party favors since my birthday and I want to greatly thank my friends:

Pumpkin and Skippy - for their wishes in my diary!
The Family of Missy and Pumpkin - for my blue cupcake!
Nogie - for the party hat!
Sparky - for the lemon drink!
The Family of Adam Dylan, Eve Layla, Puddin Keket, Puff Amenti and more! - For the Shrimp!
The Family of Riley and Skippy - for the kite!

You lovely kitties have all touched my heart; thanks for your gifts and thoughts in celebrating my birthday!


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