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Coopurr 360

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Hiya, Everycat!

October 3rd 2009 9:19 am
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Well, this is my first entry. And let me first explain the title of my diary. It's COOPURR 360. Since I'm named After Anderson Cooper...and his show is called AC 360...mew can do the math, my fur-buds.

It's shaping up to be an exciting month in my little life. My very furst birfday is coming up this week. Mewommy doesn't think that I know what she got me...but I can sniff through closet doors. It's giong to be a pawsome day!

Had a little bit of trauma, though. Meowmmy's very big on Halloween. And she'd love to take pictures of me in a Halloween costume.

Meowm just doesn't seem to understand one tiny detail: I DON'T LIKE CLOTHES.

I'm not outright opposed to clothes. They're fine for people and most people should actually keep them on. However, a kitten's a kitten. And clothes do not make the cat, mew know?

I had a terrorizing moment last night when she tried to put that Halloween collar on me. Jingle bells are meant for toys -- not for the cat's neck. And I don't care if it looked cute and glowed in the dark.

It was the worst twenty seconds of my entire furst year. Next to going to the eye doctor, that is.

Today, she tried to arrange the Halloween decorations around me and take pictures. Why she loves to capture me in my most unflattering moments, I just don't understand.

I also heard her saying something about trying the costume on after my nap. Talk to the tail because the ears ain't listenin'!

Well, I'm overdue for a snooze, so I'm going to sign off for now.

This is Coopurr with 360. We look at all the angles of my furry little life.
Ciao-Meow for now,


Coop Sez/Meowmmy Sez: Halloween Costumes

October 4th 2009 9:01 am
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Welcome to the furst edition of "Coop Sez/Meowmmy Sez." We're going to try to make this a regular feature on the diary. This week, we'll address the Halloween Photo Shoot.

Coop Sez: That Meowther of mine is nuts. I love her -- really I do. But this Halloween thing has gone from the sublime to the rediculous!

Meowm Sez: Halloween is a big holiday in our house, and since Coop was invited to enter a Halloween contest in one of his groups, it's only appropriate that he dresses accordingly.

Coop Sez: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Coop sez...Coop sez...Coop SEZ that no respectable kitty should be tortured by being forced to wear CLOTHES. You wanna play dress up, get a goggie. No...wait...don't do that. I don't like goggies.

Meowm Sez: But you look like such a cutie-wootie-bootie-patootie in your little collars. And no, don't worry -- we're not getting a dog.

Coop Sez: Why don't you just humiliate me fur-ther and dress me as a goggie next time?

Meowm Sez: Because you won't sit still long enough for me to put a full costume on you.

Coop Sez: Do you see kitties running around the jungles of the world wearing cute collars and bells and witch hats? Once and FUR ALL, Meowther...a cat is meant to be NEKKID. Nekkid, I tell you. And if you post any of those mortifying pictures of me on Catster...I'll go suck my thumb ALONE in the corner tonight!

Stay tuned for another episode of "Coop Sez/Meowmmy Sez."


My Furst Hairball...just in time for my Furst Birfday

October 6th 2009 7:44 am
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Hello, furry readers!

So I've reached another milestone. Today, just two days before my very furst birfday, I barfed up my first hairball.

Now, let's not confuse this with the time I barfed-barfed a couple of weeks ago. This was -- according to Meowmmy -- a legitimate hairball.

After close examination, she said to me, "Coopie, you had your first hairball!" I wasn't sure if it was a good thing...a bad thing...or just a cat thing.

But I do know that it was kinda-sorta gross.

Meowm was pretty excited, though, I think. I was wondering if she planned to save it and put it in my scrapbook or something. Hey, she's kinda weird. You never know!

All I have to say it my birfday yet?

Ciao-Meow for Now,


Furst Birfday Madness

October 8th 2009 6:51 am
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So today's my very furst birfday. Am I supposed to feel different? I seem to be the same old cat to me.

Meowm starting making a big deal of it last night. She let me open my turbo track. She said something about me being on overload with too many toys to open today.

Guess what? She sat on the floor for a half hour spinning the ball along the track while I played first) in the box it came in and second) with the roll of toilet paper I confiscated from the bathroom.

I pretty much TP'd the dining room floor! MOL!

Back to I supposed to be more mature now? Does this mean I have to stop sucking my thumb? Does this mean that I can no longer pull the "cute" act out when I do sometihng I shouldn't do? Does this mean I can't sleep with Meowmmy any more?

Right now, I've just finished up my breakfast. Meowmmy said that I could have "McDonald's" today since it's my birfday. That's what she calls kitty junk food.

I think I'll just take an extra long nap...meeeeyowwwsah! Now that's the way to spend a birfday!

Ciao-meow for now!


Halloween Tag!

October 8th 2009 8:07 am
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Hi, Everyfur!

My pal Tasha tagged me. Please list a few of your favorite things about Halloween. (And everyfur knows this is Meowmmy's favorite holiday!) Please send a pawmail or rosette to the friends you tag.

We love:
Halloween Decorations...the scent of pumpkin pies baking in the oven...the crisp breeze...autumn sunsets...and our BIRTHDAYS!

I'm tagging:
Rocky Ann
Playful The Empurress



Birfday Hangover

October 9th 2009 8:13 am
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So it's the day after my birfday. It was a very long night...

When Meowm got home, she gave me a can of Sheba, but I didn't like it. I'm a very particular eater. So I didn't eat it. I mean...the birfday boy can do whatever he wants, right?

She also told me that one of her best friends did something very special for my special day -- she made a donation in my name to the shelter where Meowm adopted me from. Meowm cried a little. She said she was very touched.

After the Sheba fiasco, though, Meowm pulled out the good stuffs. She got me a TON of new toys. I got a feather ball, new squishy jingle balls, looney loops...and...the...greatest...rattle...mouse...ever.

I mostly hid under the couch last night during the feativities. I'm actually rather shy around people I don't know so well. But Meowm dragged me out to open my presents. More toys and more Sheba that I won't eat. I just don't like it.

I did eventually emerge from my hiding spot after the hoomans went away. And I kinda drove Meowm crazy all night, batting around my new rattle mouse. But you know what? I caught her smiling as she told me to settle down.

I'm just glad it's Friday. Gives me time to recoup over the weekend. Birfdays are OK. But I'm kinda glad they're not every day.

Have a pawesome weekened, everyfur!

Ciao-Meow for Now,



October 12th 2009 8:41 am
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WOW...I was diary pick yesterday...and Meowm and I weren't even on the computer to see it! *Sucks his thumb anxiously*

But I want to thank the members of the Academy...and all my bestest catster buds...and the entire Vanderbilt family for giving me such a fantastic namesake. (Aside: Take THAT, Anderson Cooper! You might have Emmy Awards, but were you ever chosen as a Catster Diary Pick???)

And...oh, yeah...thanks to my Meowm for her typing and spell check skills.

I think we'll just have to have a celebration today. *HINT! HINT*

Yeah...I think it would be totally appropriate for me to just dig into the rest of my birfday treats and have extra time with all of my feather toys. (Meowmmy puts them high on the shelf because she said I'd destroy them all in a week if she gave me free access to them.)

Thank you again, Catster Peeps. You like REALLY LIKE ME.

Ciao-Meow for Now,


A Libran Festival

October 14th 2009 7:16 am
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Meowello, my fine furry friends! Meowm is home for five whole days to celebrate her birfday! (We're both only children -- birfdays are a big deal in our house!) Hopefully, that means I'll get extra time playing with all of my new birfday toys!

Meowm's birfday is tomorrow. She had a really good laugh the first night she met me in the shelter when they told her that my birfday was a week before hers. She said, "Great -- we're both Libras. Neither one of us will be able to make a decision!"

And that is true. Sometimes, I just don't know what toy I want to play with furst. So I'll take TWO toys and put one in each paw. Meowm says I'm "double-pawing" them.

Speaking of playing, I think I'd like to do some. I think it's time to pull my typist off this computer and get out my birdie-fish! (One of my aunties got it for my birfday -- it's a fishie with feathers, and I so love it!)

Ciao-Meow for now,


I'm a Shy Boy...

October 16th 2009 8:28 am
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Hey, Catster Fur-riends!

So last night was Meowm's birfday. And my Auntie Joyce came over to spend some time with Meowmmy because it was storming and Meowm didn't feel like going out.

And while I'm pretty chatty here on the boards, I'm actually quite shy when it comes to the human species.

My Aunt Joyce is one of meowm's oldest friends, and she lives right upstairs. But every time she comes over, I'm afraid. I hide under the couch. And I just stay there.

Well, last night, Meowm said, "It's my birthday -- please spend some time with me?" So she plunked me in her lap and made me sit there while she and Auntie Joyce yapped their human-jaws.

Like I said, I was scared. And Meowm and Aunt Joyce thought it was so cute the way I turned my head away and buried my head in Meowm's leg.

Meowm kept saying I was just like a shy little kid! Ummmm...MEOWELLO, MEOWMMY. I AM a shy little kid!

But since Meowm's trying to break me of this shyness, I just sat in her lap, and Auntie Joyce petted me. And then...I got one of the bestest chin rubs EVER! Made me start to wonder why I hide from Auntie Joyce all the time!

Meowm said she was very proud of me, though, for sticking it out. She even told me again this morning what a good boy I was!

So maybe I won't be so shy anymore...maybe...

Ciao-Meow for now,


Turbo Track: Take Ten

October 20th 2009 9:09 am
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Meowello everyfur!

So the Meowmmy's back at it with that Turbo Track. She's been trying to get me to play with it for almost two weeks now. And I want nothing of it.

This time, she thought she'd bait me by putting some fresh nip all along the track.

Ha-ha on YOU, Meowmmy! I ignored it, only to lick away all of the nip while you were at work!

Mice. I love my mice. I love to lick them and bite them and rip their fur out of them. And I like to play ball, catching them mid-air. Anything with feathers -- it's mine! And even though there's really no reward in it, the laser light amuses me.

But I just don't like that Turbo Track.

Ciao-Meow for Now,
Big Purrs,

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