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Litterbox Lit.

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Litterbox Lit ...Explained

August 4th 2010 6:40 am
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Having lived in a library, I am very curious about books. I like to watch people read, to snuggle next to someone who is reading, and once in a while actually be read to. I thought I might try a diary and write about whatever books I find in that one room upstairs where the humans have their litterbox! Recently I have seen the book "The Burning Wire" by Jeffrey Deaver. I peeked through it while no one was looks good. Someone is using the electrical grid in NYC to commit murder. I haven't figured out who it is yet, maybe terrorists or an unhappy employee or a cat set on world domination. Lincoln Rhyme and his usual cast of characters are in this and Lincoln has a health issue. I think Mom will finish this one soon, she seems to really be enjoying it.


Cookbook or TV Guide?

August 16th 2010 5:49 am
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I found a new book yesterday, but I am not sure what it is. I found it in the kitchen near the window. It might be a cookbook, since it is in the kitchen and it has a lot of pictures of the recipes in it. Or it might be a tv guide book because it is near the window and those pictures are of things we can see out that window. The title of the book Mom is reading is "North American Birdfeeder Guide". It has pictures of all kinds of birds and and plants. It has a section of bird profiles that gives their stats but also talks about their nests and what to provide in the backyard to attract them. Looks like a very interesting book. Still not sure, but I'm leaning towards a tv guide.


What is Your Dominant Element?

August 24th 2010 6:47 am
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I found a new book to review. This one is called "Head to Tail Wellness: Western Veterinary Medicine Meets Eastern Wisdom". The book is a really cool combination of elements of eastern principles like chi, sha, and even feng shui working together with traditional medicine and veterinary care. There was a cool quiz which tells you your dominant element (Mine is metal!) There is a basic recipe for making a whole foods meal. Then you can adapt the protein source in the recipe based on which of the five elements you are cooking for. Mom cooked it for Ivan and Percy's birthday. We all thought it was quite delicious. This was a great book that shows that integrated Eastern and Western medicine can truly work well together to give our furry friends the best quality of life. Thanks Mom!


Epic Sadness

August 30th 2010 6:01 pm
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Mom had recently finished reading a new book and it ties in to some very sad news we learned yesterday. It is with a heavy heart that we write today's diary entry. Mom had just completed "Homer's Odyssey" by Gwen Cooper. I know it was featured some time ago on Catster, but Mom just got to read it. Homer is a cat who is blind, but who I think sees more of the world than we sometimes do. I think it's because he doesn't let the obstacles of life stand in his way. No height is too high, nothing is hopeless. You can find true love; you can conquer fear and so much more if you don't let the worry slow you down. Believe in yourself and faith. This is a wonderful book in so many ways: a classic cat story, an epic journey filled with humor and scary times yet and most of all great love. Homer, you are truly inspiring! In case you had not heard; Homer's sister Vashti went to the Bridge on Sunday. Gwen, Laurence, Homer and Scarlett, We are truly saddened for your loss. Please find comfort in the many happy memories you share and the true love that abounds in your home. Our purrs are with you,
Mrs. Murphy


Using Your Nose

September 15th 2010 6:49 am
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I found a new book to review. I think I found it by scent. See, my Mommy had this book to the beach and I think I can smell the ocean. Anyways, the book is called "Scent of the Missing" by Susannah Charleson. The subtitle is "Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog". I, Mrs. Murphy, am not particularly fond of woofies, but I have a new found respect and admiration for them> Mom would love to have a dog, but instead she has all of us, and I think she is quite pleased! Anyways, the book talks about the training of a search and rescue dog and the many ways they are utilized. But it wasn't just that, there was more. It was the story of Susannah and her puppy Puzzle as they bond and learn from each other and undergo the necessary training to do SAR. Even though I am a cat, and we all know that we have this supreme intelligence, good looks and grace; I have to admit these woofies and their humans are pretty amazing. Wow, the things that they can do! My deepest purrs of gratitude to all involved in Search and Rescue, for all they do! Thank You!


Mine, All Mine!

October 16th 2010 6:39 pm
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Okay its not a book review. But I have news and I have to tell you. I GOT MY OWN ROOM! Percy had been teasing me for about two weeks. He never hurt me, but I'm kinda a sissy and he would scare me. So I wouldn't always pee wher I was supposed to even though there are boxes all through the house. It just seemed he was always right there when I needed to go. So Mommy made up the middle room upstairs just for me. It has my favorite bed and blanket. I have my own food, water bowl and litterbox. I do get plenty of company. Skylar, Ivan and Skittles come in to visit with me during the day. Mommy stops in alot because she thinks I might be lonely. But actually I am enjoying the peace and quiet. I certainly don't miss Percy! I know he didn't mean any harm. He doesn't growl or hiss at me...he is just playful, but I am too refined (Mommy says old) for those kind of antics. We'll see what happens... maybe Percy and I can start over someday and maybe get along better. But for now I GOT MY OWN ROOM and I love it!


Nip Party!

October 29th 2010 7:21 am
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Mommy still feels a little guilty that I stay in the bedroom all by myself; although I really am loving the peace and quiet. So last night she brought the nip party to my room. Ivan, Skittles and Skylar were invited to attend. It wasn't the fresh catnip like we had in the summer, but it was wonderful all the same. Skylar had a little mousie that had been marinating in the jar of nip. He was rolling on the floor with it in his mouth and when he was done chewing it was soaking wet from his slobber. Mom thought it felt really gross but she was laughing. Skittles had the grey puffy and was rubbing her face all over it and Ivan and I were eating the nip pellets. There's nothing like a nip party to brighten the evening.


Twelve by Twelve or My Sleepover

January 8th 2011 12:35 pm
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I haven't had a chance to do a book review lately; I am sorry if I left you hanging on the edges of your litterboxes waiting. LOL!
Anyway, my latest find is a book called "Twelve by Twelve" and it is about living in a 12x12 cabin in rural North Carolina without running water and electricity. It is also about reducing our carbon footprint (I have tiny feet), race relations, finding peace within ourselves, materialism and more.
I can relate to the 12x12 concept, because I live in a room about that size (with occasional supervised outings too). I do require water and I do use electricity (Mom leaves a nightlight on for me). I am not materialistic. I love organic things .... especailly organic catnip! I have found peace. I love my room!
On a related note, Mom let me have a sleepover the other night. Skittles came to visit me and didn't want to leave. So she stayed all night! We stayed up late, talking lots of girl talk. We had a midnight snack. We talked beauty tips and I did Skittles hair. We fell asleep around 4AM and pretty soon it was time to get up for breakfast. I was kinda tired the next day; but it was worth it! Thanks Skittles, I felt like a young kitty again!
Purrs, Mrs. Murphy


New Tag Game...What Does Your Human Say to You Most Often?

February 2nd 2011 6:39 pm
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Well, unlike my brother Skylar; I tend not to get yelled at for anything. Mom says I'm too old to get in trouble!
The thing that Mom most often says to me is " Hi Sweetheart, do you want some treats?" I love cat treats! I am the best cat treat moocher in the house. All I have to do is head nudge Mom and purr and she is reaching for the bag. She even taught me tricks so that I at least earn my treats. I can sit, beg, take nice-nice and give left paw and right paw. Yes, I know my left from my right. Pretty cool, huh?
So how about you...what does your human say to you most often? Purrs, Murphy


Today is my birthday!

February 5th 2011 6:22 am
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Today is my 14th birthday and I am very excited! Birthdays in our house are usually pretty fun.
Birthdays mean... extra treats (and I love treats!),
extra attention, hugs, pets, and kisses (I like that too),
a birthday dinner (I have requested chicken, one of my favorites), a catnip party (oooh nip!),
presents (I'm not into toys, maybe more treats?)
the birthday song (I could take it or leave it),
and the traditional ear tug (oh no! 14 + 1 to grow on!) {Mom's note: it is very gentle touch, more of a pet than a pull}
It's nice having such a big furry family, it seems we are having parties almost every other month. So for now, I think I will rest up, catch a cat nap, and be ready to party tonight!
Purrs, Mrs. Murphy

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