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Tis Good to Be a Princess

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The tummy speaks

November 4th 2010 10:37 am
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First off, I wish to thank everyone for their get better wishes & gifts. It really meant alot to poor Mom who basically freaked out when I started to throw up some blood. We are not really sure what caused it, the vet is concerned that it might be the start of IBD because I lost about a pound since June, but that could also be because of Smitty being a piggie. I am so picky, and I did not eat anything bad I shouldn't. The only thing possible is that in Mom's quest to find us better wet food, there was one kind that I actually ate some of, and it was the day before this started. Maybe that was it. So Mom is watching carefully how much I eat, not trying any new wet food right now, and is weighing me in a week. I got some shots at the vet & had an appetite stimulant. Boy I was ready to eat the walls I was so hungry! So now Smitty is sharing his "cold". Tigger is getting it, and maybe I won't because I don't really play with him, and I DEFINITELY do not wash his face like Tigger does. But Mom is trying to handle things over the phone with the vet if possible, since my visit was not a cheap one, and Smitty was just there 2 weeks before for his stomach. But I thank everyone again for their concern! We will just keep on rolling, a day at a time!


what's a girl to do?

December 15th 2010 12:30 pm
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Mom is worried about me again, I seem to have lost weight again. MOm used the regular scale, but she thinks it is over a pound & a half. We are not sure if it is that Smithwick is inhaling everything or what. She gave me a 1/4 tab appetite stimulant yesterday, and found a secret spot for my food bowl that they boys cannot get to. She will keep it full for me. I don't really fight for my food either, the boys can pretty much take it away from me (pretty funny for a girl who had big food aggression as a kitten huh?) I ate some wet food, which I really haven't been interested in. I am always quiet, but Mom doesn;t really see any behavior changes. We are going to try 1/8 tab every other day. The 1/4 almost seemed to make me crazy to eat, and Mom does not want me to gorge & get sick either. If I don't seem to put any weight on within a few days it is back to the vet I guess. SHe feels bad, because with all things being hectic around here tryong to move Nana, that she feels like she was not paying enough attention. And Smithwick looks a little chubby, although he is a stocky kitten - so no more kittne eating as much as he wants - time for a reality check!



February 9th 2011 2:04 pm
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Thanks to those that have been concerned about me not feeling so great. My weight keeps seesawing back & forth. Mom has been weighing me almost daily. I can lose & gain a pound back & forth in a day. She steps on the scale, then steps back on with me. It is a digital scale, so it is fairly accurate. She found a good spot for my dry food, and she keeps the bowl pretty full. I am the only one that can get to it, so I can eat in peace, and since it is in her room, she can hear how many times I am crunching during the night. I will eat only about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of wet food, and not every night. My favorite is the Proplan ocean fish. Mom has tried so many others that are better for me, but I do the paw shake and won't eat it, so she figures some is better than none. We will be hitting the forums to see for ideas on how to put some weight on, cause she thinks I am still a little too thin. I will be due for my semi-annula vet check in May, so she is trying to wait until then cause Tigger will have his expensive ultrasound this month. Aside from that I have been playing alot more the past few days, so Mom is thinking that I just have a really touch tummy. Nana lives here now, and she talks to me all the time, and tells me how pretty I am. I did let her pet me a few times, but my heart just belongs to The Dad & Mom. I even left my litte stuffed fish toy on Mom's side of the bed yesterday! Feels so great to be back!


the ever moving food dish

February 25th 2011 2:51 pm
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Thank you to everyone for your good wishes. Mom had to move my food bowl AGAIN. The hoover Smithwick found it, and managed to jump up on the smaller dresser where it was. So now Mom moved to her dresser which is pretty tall. I can still daintily pop up there and eat in peace & quiet. Smitty can only get up there if he gets on the bed, then attempts the leap. There are just no more places to put it that I can get to. Tigger really doesn't mess with my bowl. Once in a while he jumps up & takes 1 bite, but that's ok. I have even been eating more wet food. Mom thinks it is because I have my own space. Some days I eat like a pony and others I barely eat enough to sniff, but my weight has been holding steady. At least till the scale went out. Mom keeps forgetting to get a new battery, since she gave Nana the spare one for her sugar checking machine. I don't get any of the low calorie food that the boys eat - I just get my yummy Blue Buffalo. She has not had to give me any more appetite stimulants, just a quarter pepcid a few times. So all is good, and I have been playing alot more too. I stole Da Bird from the boys, and dragged it down the stairs hahaha. And I tore a feather out of it too! Who says girls can't play rough!



March 18th 2011 2:36 pm
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Why do we have to lose our friends? It makes us so sad - especially to see other people hurt. It is so sad to think of all the loss in Japan, and we feel so helpless. I wish we could help Hazel's Mommy not hurt so much, but alas, that is not a possibility. We were in the crochet group together, and I aspired to have nice blankies like the ones Hazel tested. Mom says I have been eating well - even sneaking some of the boy's food too! My weight has finally been holding steady, so she feels at this point it is ok to wait for me to see the vet until my check up in May. Tigger goes for his test, and I hope it is ok - he used to pick on me, but now he kinda keeps Smitty from picking on me - so he is cool. I even let him nap in my basket. Here's to an uneventful, and quiet weekend!


eventful week

April 17th 2011 10:58 am
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This past week has had way too much excitement for me. First our Nana fell 2 times, and now my brother Tigger has a UTI. He has to take medicine for it, but I think he is doing ok. We all worry about him, cause he has a heart problem, so Mom gets extra overprotective of him. I played kitty fishing with The Dad yesterday. He tied an old furry mousie to a small fishing pole line, and was casting it down the hall. It moved reaaaal slow, and I POUNCED! yep I was a bit unladylike too, but it was such fun! The weather is cold & gloomy too. But hopefully the sun will coma back out so I can sit in my sunspots. Thank you for everyone that has sent thought to my brother Tigger. We appreciate it. purrs
Miss Maizy Cat


the quiet one

May 11th 2011 8:29 pm
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Well, I have not written in a bit, because Mom has had her paws er hands full with Tigger. We miss him so much, and we are kinda ticked, cause she called the vet this evening at 530 to check on him, and they said someone would call back, well no one did, and when we called back, they were closed already. GRROWLLL!!! We have found a cat only vet, so Mom thinks that she will take Smitty for his 1 year check up there, and see how they are. THen to top things off, when our Nana fell a few weeks ago, her leg was still hurting, so mom took her to the dr - turns out she had broken her foot! So she is in a walking boot, and it is hard for her cause she has a cane and has a hard time to walk anyways. Boy we were really hoping that 2011 would be a better year.....mrow pfft! Mom updated the boys pictures, but she willwait til tomorrow for mine, as it is nite nite time. purring for my brother Tig...


a new revelation

May 18th 2011 1:23 pm
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Wow I actually kinda like wet food! I now eat almost 1 1/2 oz for breakfast, and the same for dinner. I am still getting a kibble lunch - Merrick BG chicken. But that is pretty darn good for a girl that would only eat about 1/2 tsp of wet at night in total for the day! The funny thing is that the past few days, I have been especially sproingy & even more playful. The Dad even said that maybe it is from eating more wet food. So it can happen, even with a more reluctant girl. I may not get all the way over completely to wet, but Mom says that if it is 3/4 wet that is pretty whiskering good! We are hoping that the weather will cooperate so that the plastic can be removed from the screened porch. Mom had a few of Nana's odds & ends stored out there, so she did not want them to get wet, and it has been rather chilly after our heatwave, but I love to sit out there & watch the outside from the safe side of the screen! Tigger seems to be doing much better. Mom says he needs to eat more, and I know he wants some when I get my lunch. Mom has to close the door while I eat so he is not as tempted. I have also been borrowing Smitty's cardboard scratcher. I love it. You must sit on it & then scratch cause it will slide. Mom only got a cheapie one in case it didn't go over well with us, but we all use it. Poor Tigger has not figured out that he must sit upon it, and he slides all over with it. So I overheard The Dad tell Mom this morning that they must purchase a larger one for us! Meowska!! SO for now I shall go & take my beauty nap, and hope at the next post things will bring even better news. and well, now I just knocked Mom's coffee cup off the desk, and it broke & spilt coffee all over the place - and it just HAD to be one of Nana's cups eek - so my assistant must clean it up as I supervise. purrs, the princess


my BirdDay girl

June 1st 2011 2:05 pm
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I am letting Mom write this entry for me:

My precious little girl. I cannot believe that it has been 6 years already! It feels like yesterday when you arrived here. So tiny & frightened. You couldn't even see yet. I watched you take your first little steps, watched you run. Helped you learn that the food would never be taken away. I still have the tiny fuzzy ball that you could barely fit in your mouth to play with. It had been so very many years since I had a kitty, and you sure put your little paws onto my heart. Sometimes I wonder how you got where you were found. Did your momma drop you? Did some varmint try & take you? All I know is that I am so grateful that the young man who found you brought you in, so that I could be your Mom. We have been through alot together my girl, and you definitely made a certain non-cat person into a cat person (The Dad) and you managed to twist him round your paw & bend him to your every wish.... Happy BIrdDay my little princess Maizy Cat.
Love your mom

ps Tigger & Smithwick wish a happy birdday to you too. Except Smitty asks please if you could not hiss at him quite so much.


thank you!

June 2nd 2011 2:30 pm
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thank you ever so much for all the BirdDay wishes & gifts! We stopped in kinda late at Gumps party, but had some catnip ice cream. I got my favorite fish canned food. Mom says I really should not eat that one all the time, but I love it so much. I even got a tiny bite (sssh don't tell) of pound cake & licked a bit of the white icing. It was really only a teeny bit. I even snuggled by Mom all night too. I had a great day!

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