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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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Hi! I'm Here

April 8th 2009 5:54 pm
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Oh my goodness! Mommy had to help me make this diary all of my own because I saw my sister Kitty had one so I had to make sure I did too. Mommy just gave us dinner, but I don't really like the wet stuff so much, so just munched a little on my dry food. Maybe if I can convince her, she will give me a treat-the more treats the better! I am so excited because I love to play on the puter, but Mommy usually doesn't let me on the keyboard since I like to lay on it. mmm...well. yah. I have to go play with my sister now-she looks bored and I am planning a sneak attack!!!


Treats puleeese

April 9th 2009 12:48 pm
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What a day so far. I was hoping that Mom would give me some treats before she went to work today, but I only got to have some of my vitamin gook. I like it though, but I like treats better. Tonight I know I'm gonna get some. I like it when she hides them around our house before she goes to work because, and I think she is catching on, I find them all before she leaves so she puts out more! My sister though doesn't like it so much because I eat so fast that by the time I'm done, I try to steal hers. Hey, I'm just a growing boy is all!

Some of whiskers broke again last night. I don't really know why they keep doing that, but I guess because I like to run and play so much, they just break. Mom asked the doctor but she said it would get better as a grow. Still keeps happening tho.

Tonight is the last night we have with Mommy for a few days cuz she is gonna see her daddy, so I get to stay at my Uncle Ben's house. I am totally gonna make Mom give me lots of treats and cuddles and belly rubs for sure before. I like belly rubs soooo much! So much, that before Mom even comes into the house, I roll on my back so my belly is right there for her to touch. My sister Kitty just looks at me like I'm bein silly, but that's just cuz she wishes she got to the door first to get her head scratched.

Oh! Mom got us a water fountain for our water. I still like to jump and play in the sink, but this one is pretty neat too. Which reminds me that I am waaay thirsty!!! BYE!



April 15th 2009 12:12 pm
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WoW! Uncle Ben is letting me outside with him! I know Mom won't be mad cuz she trusts him. She takes me out sometimes, but I like to run and explore and so she doesn't do it too much in case I get lost. I run kinda fast. Things are ok at Uncle's for now. Mom comes home soon. I felt a little sad for my sister Kitty because she kept going to Uncle Ben's door meowin for Mom, but she stopped and now we are cuddling a lot. I heard my grandpa got me a really cool toy! I can't wait. That's all I guess for now. I got a lot of playin to do!


A heap load of trouble!

April 25th 2009 9:15 am
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Uh oh! I was misbehavin' yesterday! I just really wanted to play so I kept chasin my sister, but she kept runnin away. I thought she was playin wif me so I kept chasin her! Mom started to chase me! See, sumtimes I wanna play with Kitty, but she made dis hissing noise at me, but I guess I dind't notice it, but then oh my gosh, she growled! I think she did that when Mom first brought me home, but I guess I got her pretty mad cuz then she pawed me in the face! Mom came and got me though, but I knew I was in trouble when she put me in the other room and closed the door for like forever! I guess it was time out.

Well, Mom finally got me, and I guess I knew that meant my sister didn't want to play, so I just sat wif her and it was cool.

Mom got me this cool toy when she went away! Akshually, she said Grandpa got it-it's a ball but de cool part is it's got an animal already on it fur me to chase! Mom took a video, but see, when Kitty and I were playin tag I knocked the phone down wif the video in it, so now it's broked. I hope Mom fixes it so I can put it on my diary!

I made new fuuurends too! Danks guys!


More uh-ohs

April 30th 2009 3:39 pm
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SO, I needed a turn on the 'puter. Mommy said the other day she's mad at Uncle Ben. I like him a whole lot, but she said he let me do too much stuff I'm not supposed to do, like go outside, even tho he was sitting wif me when I did. I just like to smell the smells and have an adventure. There's another kitty too who lives right by me cuz Mommy has seen him in the window and I can smell him. I think it's a him? I would like a friend. I have my sister but I think she gets mad sometimes when I wanna play.

So Back to Uncle Ben tho-well, he let me go outside and Mom says I am an indoor cat. But when she comes home I see her in the window and run to the door to wait for her. My sis Kitty does too, but she doesn't jump on Mom right away. That's all I'm doin, but the other day, I thought it was funny, Mom was coming in and had a big box, so she blocked the door where I usually jump out, so I jumped so high to try to get past her! She caught me but I almost got out too! She said "no no no!" but I just want to see. I'm not goin anywheres, but trufly, I wasn't so interested in outside before I stayed at Uncle's and that's why Mom is not happy. She says that there's animals that are dangerous for me to play wif. I'm gonna try to stay in, but I hope if she sits wif me, that I am allowed to see outside more.



May 1st 2009 6:23 pm
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I just felt my first earthquake. Oh my goodness! Meowmie just got home and was giving me and Kitty some dinner and then everyfing just started to shake a little. Meowmie called me and Kitty over and went into a doorway, and I ran really low down to the floor and went to her. Kitty kinda looked around and started to come too, but then all of it stopped. Kitty felt one before too in July Meowmie says. Then, like nothin, Kitty went back to eating! I don't feel like eating so much right now. I just wanna lie in my window. Meowmie just gave me some headbonks like Kitty gives her and rubbed my bellie, so I feel a little better, but that was scary. I know Meomie says I'm a crazy little man sometimes, but tonight I'm gonna just cuddle wif Kitty if she lets me.


Cuddles n stuff

May 7th 2009 3:19 pm
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So, Mom let me have a turn on the puter. It's been a long week. I am happy it's going to be the weekend. Mommy promised to play all day wif me and my sister and has been home every night cept Tuesday because she's got the snifflies. I sneezed too the other day, but it was right when I was wakin up, so I think it was a sleep sneeze.

So I saw Kitty's diary and she's right. I didn't do nuffin! Mom was wondering how come we started to not play as much and thought I might be pickin on Kitty too much, and I do know that I am a little ruff, but last night I didn't do anything! I peeked up on the window sill Kitty was sittin on and she hissed at me! Mom got a little mad cuz I hadn't even touched Kitty this time. Girls! They are so weird sometimes.

I slept wif Mom last night for a lot of the night, but this week I have kind of been sleepin all over. It's cause she keeps wakin up and coughin and that makes me wake up, so I wanted to sleep in more quiet. Hopefully tonight will be good again.

Oooh! Mom got me this really neat toy! It's like a mouse and has giggly arms and legs, but it bounces when she holds it for me. The last couple times I played wif it, I just took the whole thing and ran-I don't care if there's a string on it. I like that it's my toy! Kitty just wants to watch me play wif it, but when Mom showed it to her, she went to get her feather toy.

Well, that's all for now! Mom's comin home soon so I'm gonna wait in the window to see her! Oh! And I wanna say meows to all the new friends I have! I even got a kite and didn't know how to see it before, but finally figured out how to see my bunny I got from Easter!!! thank you so much and Kitty says thank you too! We feel lucky to have some furrriends


Taking care of Mom

May 8th 2009 8:38 am
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Last night felt like it went on forever. Mom is sick. Last night she got home and I was so happy to see her, but she couldn't play wif me or Kitty, so Kitty and I just lay with her on the couch and she went to sleep after she gave us dinner (I ate some of Kitty's chicken and some of my fish! I guess I like the chicken after all!) Anyway, even when Mom got up to go get something or to go to her bafroom, I went wif her to make sure she was ok and I put my paw on her face to let her know I was there for her when we were lying down. I think it helped her feel a little better.
So when Mom finally went to the bed, me and Kitty decided we would take turns wif her and when I wasn't sleeping wif her, Kitty was. I know she promised to play wif us a lot last night, but I didn't mind so much because I know when I had the sickness in my eyes and a tummy ache, she stayed wif me and carried me like her little baby all over the place.
She is gonna stay wif us today again and me and Kitty have been so good and not chasing each other at all because it gets loud sometimes. I hope she feel better soon so that way I can maybe go sit outside wif her like I did at Uncle Ben's, even tho she said no way little man!
I think it's my turn to sit wif her again. I feel so grown up helping Mom like this!


She kicked me out!!!

May 19th 2009 11:25 am
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Well, out of the bedroom. I can't believe Mom did that! This morning I brought my ball on the bed to play wif her because, well, I wanted to play and then Kitty came and watched me while she sat on top of the hideyhole thing-Mom brings them both in the room every night now so we can both sit on them and last night she attached them to make the tunnel!

Well, back to how she kicked me out! I thought her leg was the ball and I went for it and she said ouch, but found my ball and gave it to me. Then!!! I accidentally scratched her finger and it got cut but it moved and I thought it was the ball again too! Well, Mom still let me stay cause she loves me anywayand she knows she needs to cut my Claws! But then instead of the ball I wanted to play with Kitty, who moved to the window instead and when I jumped to see her, she jumped down onto Mom, then I did too and Mom doesn't mind so much, but I think she got mad that time and she brought us into the other room AND when I saw the hideyholes coming after us I knew it was trouble. AND THEN SHE CLOSED THE DOOR ON ME! I cannot believe it. I scratched and scratched but she didn't get me. We just had so much fun playing last night that I wanted to play before she left us all day and since Kitty will only play for like, a minute, I had to get my time in.

Harumph! Well, tonight I will get some playtime for sure, I'm gonna make it happen =)


More Shaking!!!! MEOORW!

May 19th 2009 4:21 pm
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Ack!!! We had another one of those earth shaking things!!! It was big too! Mom said it was 4.1 which is big she thinks. There was another one last night and then another one on Sunday night!!! This is soooo scary!

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