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Just another Day

April 8th 2009 3:10 pm
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So, Mommy is at work right now, so I thought I would take a break from sittin in my window sill and start my new diary!My little brofur Indy is taking a nap too on his favorite blankie-Mommy got it fur Christmas and it's Indy's favorite. Sometimes I like to cuddle on it too, but my little brofur loves it so I let him have it.

Mommy left some music on for us today when she went to work, and I loves it when she does that! I 'specially loves it when she sings to me and changes all the words to fit me. Indy doesn't like it as much yet because he's to interested in playing, but Mommy has been doing it fur me since she got me fresh off the streets.

See, my kitty mommy had me and my brofur and sisters but left us on the doorstep for a really nice lady one morning. At least that's what my Mommy says. Mommy didn't even think about having me as a baby at all till her friend asked if she wanted a kitty because her friend had taken some in. Well, she met my brofur first and thought she might take him, and even picked a name out (shredder! meowzer! what was she thinking!) but he already liked Mommy's friend and my other sister and he didn't want to go anywhere. Plus, Mommy was still scared to have a kitty baby because she never had one before, but when her friend brought me home too and gave me a bath (I had those pesky fleas!) well, I curled right on Mommy's lap, wet and everything and fell asleep. That's when Mommy knew she had to take me home. She even let me climb all the way up to her face all wet too, even though her dress got soaked (and I'z not so cute when I'm all wet!)

Oh man, Indy wants to play on the puter, so I guess I'll go back to my window sill. He' so silly!



April 9th 2009 10:29 am
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Wow, I am so happy that I have some new friendz here already since I am so new! Thanks guys!

Yesterday Mommy came home and fed me some really yummy dinner and my brofur didn't eat all of his, so I tasted some of that too.
And this morning I made Mommy so happy! I like to sleep wif her of course and now my brofur sleeps with us too and that's cool, but then sometimes I just sleep by Mom's footsies cause then I can stretch out all the way cause it get's a little crowded, but last night I cuddled with Mommy almost all night and that's what she said made her happiest! Most nights I wake her up cause I like to lay on her chest and put my face next to hers, and she doesn't mind the kisses I give her either, but she is a light sleeper. Who wouldn't want to wake up to Kitty Kisses is what I say!!!!

I love my brofur, but sometimes I miss having Mom all to myself cause it really was just me and her in the beginning. I remember that day I first came home cause at the place I stayed at for a couple days before, my own really kitty brofur and sister (well mostly my brofur, that one Mommy almost named Shredder) wouldn't even let me share their dinner. I think it's cause I was outside a few days longer than they were. Anyways, so when I got to Mommy's I couldn't believe this place was all mines! And I walked to each room and nodded my head. Mommy thought that was really funny! Then she gave me food and I had the whole entire ting all to myself and I ate so much!

It was really cool =) And plus, Mommy used to take me everywhere with her, so I made friends with all sortsa people. My best kitty friend is actually MyKat, that's what I call her, but her real name is Ethel. She is my Mom's teacher's kitty. Mommy has class once a week, so used to take me with her so I wouldn't be home alone too much and MyKat gave me kisses right away! I even had a goggie friend too named King! He was nice, but at first he was more scared of me than I was of him. I guess that's cause my life started on the streets and that goggie was always spoiled.

I think I'm gonna make Mommy take me to MyKat's house soon. Indiana never met her yet, so I think I can introduce them. If I like her so much he has to too!

Oh, and Mommy reminded me yesterday and dis morning that me and my brofur are going to visit my Uncle Ben's house for a few days starting tomorrow. He's cool, but Mommy's gonna be away and I'm gonna miss her! I know she can't take me on those things called planes, and they sound scary too when I hear them in the sky, but sometimes I just wish I could go on that kinda trip too.



April 11th 2009 12:21 am
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What a long day! Mommy brought us to Uncle Ben's house and he actually let me use the puter for a few min. I didn't wanna go at first, so kept hiding from Mommy when she tried to get me and my brofur in the carrier, but finally I said ok, and went in. Once I got to Uncle's, Mommy gave us food and lots of kisses. I think she almost cried but that's silly cuz she's not going away too long and Uncle is awesome. I wish I could sleep with Mommy tonight though and I think she wishes she could cuddle with me too and my brofur. Oh well! Uncle's house has so many more places I can hide!!! Well, I think he wants the puter back, but I hope he lets me come back on it later. meow!


just hanging out

April 13th 2009 2:00 pm
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So, Uncle ben left the puter on, so I snuck on to write in my diary. It's ok at Uncle Ben's, but I miss Mommy. Indiana is having fun too. Uncle Ben stays home during the day, not like Mommy who works most days, so it's fun to play with him. Mommy checked on us the other day, but she is so far away that she doesn't have phone access. Oh well. At least Uncle Ben has lots of space for me to climb and hide. My favorite place is in his closet all the way at the top. Mommy doesn't have the same kind of closet, so I don't go up there. Indiana has been running and playing mostly. Well, I am going to go. I miss my water fountain at home. Maybe I can get some treats for me and my brofur!


Mom's home!

April 24th 2009 4:19 pm
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What a week! Mommy finally got home. She got home Saturday akshually but Uncle Ben said dere were problems on the plane or whatever she was coming home on, so she wasn't gonna come get us till Sunday.

Well, I was waiting and waiting and waiting. When she got to Uncle Ben's I was so happy that I ran to her and gave her kisses on her hands when she went to pet me. Then, Uncle Ben wanted to show her how brave and good me and Indy were, and he showed Mommy that we could go outside, but not akshually outside, but right in front of his door. Mommy didn't think it was such a good idea, 'specially when she saw Indy chasing and trying to hit the bug that was flying around him. I stayed close to Mommy, but Uncle Ben told her how I was climbing all over outside-He knows her like I do and knew she would prolly get scared if I climbed the big stuff in front of her so I didn't.

Then came the ride home. I don't know what's changed really, but I used to like the car rides so much. It was kinda hot in dere tho even tho Mommy put the cold machine on, so I kept talking and talking all the way home. It was like I kept tellin her I wasn't liking the ride and she kept on drivin! Geez!

It's nice to be home. I have my favorite spot under the bed again and I missed sleepin with Mommy too. I got so happy that first night 'cause I jumped right on her and got nose to nose and she sang me my Kitty song.


Thursdays mean Fridays are closer!

April 30th 2009 3:24 pm
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It's Thursday and it makes me happy. That's cuz Mommy doesn't have to work for two whole days after manana, but yesterday she stayed home and we got to hang out a lot of the day. We even took naps too, but I wanted to sleep on the floor so Indiana decided to sleep with Mommy on the couch. He's funny cuz when Mommy moves, he's like "Why ya movin Mom!" and then goes right back to sleepin and dreamin. I am feeling a little blue as they say tho, at least that's what Mommy keeps asking me. It's cuz at nighttime now I kinda want to sleep under the bed, but I used to sleep with her. Indiana likes to sleep there too but sometimes I just want Mommy to myself so I think she understands. Sometimes though she picks me up and cuddles me, but I like to do that when I want, so I let her do it for a minute and then go to my special spot.

She played bubbles with me though! Sometimes I just like to watch them and watch Indy squish them, but I got to squish some too and it was pretty neat. We've played bubbles everyday this week! I hope we play with them tonight again. =)


Long time

May 7th 2009 11:52 am
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It's been a whole week since I've been able to write in my diary. It hasn't been because Mommy didn't let me on the puter or anything, I've just been busy hanging out at home and in my window. Mommy also got this hidey-hole thing and I like to sit on top and Indy likes to sit in it.

Well, I'm sad to say that I haven't been so nice to my brofur lately and it has Mommy a little upset. He wants to play all the time and sometimes I just wanna see what's happening outside, so I hiss, but then he comes back so I yell, but he still doesn't understand. But see then I hit him and Mommy said it's not good to hit at all and she made us go in different rooms, but then I felt bad and waited by the door where Indy was cuz I wanted to see him again. But then, when I did I got upset all over again.

I don't know why this happens sometimes. Mommy was really happy cuz last night she woke up and found me and brought me to bed and the first thing I did was give Indy a little headbonk and bath. But then a minute later I was done and didn't wanna be in the bed no more. I think sometimes Indy wants to be the boss, but I am the boss. I'm his older sister! Does anyone else understand? I can't be the only Kitty feeling like this. Mommy put this stuff on my ears and said it's made from flowers and might help me to feel better about Indy always wanting to play and this morning it did help a whole lot! I think I'm gonna ask for some more again today. =)

Ooooh, and it's a hot day! Mommy left the air cooler thing on, but I think I'm still gonna sit in the window wif the sun!


It's my birthday!!!!

May 13th 2009 7:00 am
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Well, this is the day Mommy thinks is my birthday 'cause she got me when I was about 7 weeks old from the streets cause my furmommy disappeared. I was really young, but knew how to eat food already and was very independant if I do say so myself! I did try to play with my brofur and sister that were rescued from outside too, but they liked to play only them two, but I remember once cleaning my brofur's ears before Mommy took me to our house where I live today.

Mommy also got me a new hidey-hole tunnel! She got one before, but me and Indy can't decide who should sit on top most, so she got me my very own AND she got me some catnip treats that I looooooove! I am so glad my brofur doesn't like catnip as much as me because I feel like it's my very own special treat.

Well, Mommy stayed home from work today again-she went yesterday but is still what she says is "Bleh" so she promised to cuddle and squeeze and love me all day if I let her. Sometimes I just want to sit by myself, but today I think I'll let her. =)

Happy Birthday to all the other Catsters and thank you Catster for all the yummy treats and paws!


Boy it's hot out!

May 18th 2009 3:35 pm
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Whew! Well, it's pretty hot in my house today. Mommy left a fan on, but sometimes I think she doesn't know what it feels like to have fur all over. I pretty much sayed under the bed this weekend and in my corner I like 'cause the breeze feels nice (I like it there too 'cause sometimes Mommy likes to give me lots of kisses but it's kind of small back there so I can escape MOL)

My birthday was good! I got lots of catnip treats but Mommy waited to give me the good stuff like chicken cause she was still sick on my b-day and wasn't really eating anything I liked AT ALL! Can you believe it! But, Indy got to have a cracker with her-he likes them but I just don't get it. It's so plain. She did promise to get me a good treat though when the day I came home happens. That was the happiest day for me and Mommy says all the time how happy it was for her too and how she is grateful to have me.

Sooo, anyway, I got this new tunnely kind of thing that I mentioned on my diary before and I love to sleep on top of it too. Last night Mommy kept trying to get me to cuddle wif her, but naw, I kept sleepin on top of my tunnel instead so she moved it to the bedroom so at least we could all be there.

I played with Indiana too a little bit without telling him no right away, so that was fun too. The only thing I don't like is when I'm in my window and he comes to look out too, but I'm like, bro there's a lot of room for you on the other end, but he always wants to sit by me. Little brofurs. pssht.

Grandma sent me a present Mommy says!!! I can't wait! She said it's a new bowl to replace the one I got on Christmas!!! I never met Grandma yet, but Mommy says I'm gonna meet Grandpa too soon! I think he will spoil me a lot. He lives even farther away than Grandma and is coming from across the world back to his house in America. Grandma only lives on the other side of America Mommy says.

Oh, and Mommy keeps sayin she wants to put more pictures up, but then she doesn't. I hope she does soon though =)

Well, I guess that's it fur now.



May 21st 2009 9:25 am
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Firstly, I would like to thank my fuuriend Ivan for the awesome brussel ball!!!! I love to play with them! they are my favorite to chase =)

Well, things are good. I am loving laying on my hideyhole thing-So much akshually that I stopped sleepin with Mommy! She came and got me and tried to cuddle me (and i let her for like a min) but then I jumped away and back onto my thing! She keeps them separate now so I guess it's not really a tunnel so much, but I like to jump back and forth from one to the other and OOOOOOH!!!! Mommy put some NIPS on it!!!! I go crazy for that stuff! We had a real live plant once, but that didn't last too long.

Oh man-last night Indiana tried to climb the screen window again. Mommy just doesn't want it to pop out and then him fall below! I was akshually cuddling with Mommy when he tried and so she sat up really fast to pull him down, which meant no more cuddles for me! It was ok though. This morning I gave Mommy some paw pats and not just a headbonk, but an entire face bonk!!! She looooved it! I bonked her and then moved my head all the way on her cheek to her mouth and she gave me a kiss =) I loved it too, but don't tell her!

I think the flower stuff she's puttin on my ears is making me want to play a lot again. When Mommy took me in, it was just her and me. And when Indy came I liked him after a couple days, but then Mommy decided to have me get surgery-she said fixed, but I never felt broken! Since then I don't play with my toys so much or Indy after he bugs me a lot, so Mommy wasn't sure if I was just growing up, or maybe so many changes happened at once that I was not happy. But I think I am feeling pretty happy right now!

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