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The Nine Lives of Kassidy

Paws to be thankful

January 24th 2005 3:14 pm
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Hello everyone.
I'm a little bit shy, so please be patient with me. Mommy said that two people have looked at my page and given me 4 paws and that I should say "thank you".

Whoever has given me paws, thank you meowy much!


Happy Birthday to Me (ow)

May 1st 2005 3:03 pm
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Today is my birthday and mommy didn't even remember until she looked at her yahoo calendar. I guess it's easy to forget my birthday since I stay out of sight and in hiding most of the time. What is it humans say?? "Out of sight-out of mind." Anyway, mommy feels guilty for forgetting my birthday so she's being extra nice to me and showing me A LOT of attention. She said she will make it up to me tomorrow. Betcha she buys me a can of tuna!!!

Actually today is not really my birthday. Mommy doesn't know when my real birthday is, but this is the day that they moved into this house four years ago and I came into their lives.


Another Birthday

May 1st 2006 7:28 am
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WoW! Another birthday has arrived. I can't believe it's been a year since the last one. Time sure does fly! Me and mommy are taking the birthday stroll on Catster and we're giving each kitty who has a birthday today a treat. There sure are a bunch of us celebrating birthdays today!! Over 600!! It might take us a few days to hand out our treats to all of you, but they're coming!! Sorry we ran out of rosettes to give out.

Thank you Catster for the extra birthday treats and 5 paws!!

Whew, that stroll wore me out, time for a catnap!!


We got presents today!

December 6th 2006 2:44 pm
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Guess what??? We received Christmas gifts in the mail today from our friends Autumn, Violet, Samoa, Calvin! !! We have never received a box addressed to us before, so naturally we all very curious. Inside were the most delicious gifts ever!! Us cats got some catnip toys, treats and yummy canned food!! The dogs got squeaky toys, tennis ball and Nylabone which Conenr consumed within 20 minutes!

Thank you meowy much guys. We loved our gifts and we love your friendship!


Strict Unbending Rules Involving Stray Cats (like ME!)

February 18th 2007 3:48 pm
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Stray cats will not be fed.
Stray cats will not be fed anything except dry cat food.
Stray cats will not be fed anything except dry cat food moistened with a little milk. yummy treats and leftover fish scraps.

Stray cats will not be encouraged to make this house their permanent residence.
Stray cats will not be petted, played with or picked up and cuddled unnecessarily.
Stray cats that are petted, played with, picked up and cuddled will absolutely not be given a name.

Stray cats with or without a name will not be allowed inside the house at any time.
Stray cats will not be allowed inside the house except at certain times.
Stray cats will not be allowed inside the house except on days ending in "y".

Stray cats allowed inside will not be permitted to jump up on or sharpen their claws on the furniture.
Stray cats will not be permitted to jump up on, or sharpen claws on the really good furniture.
Stray cats will be permitted on all furniture but must sharpen claws on new $114.99 sisal-rope cat-scratching post with three perches.

Stray cats will answer the call of nature outdoors in the sand.
Stray cats will answer the call of nature in the three-piece, high-impact plastic tray filled with Fresh 'n Sweet kitty litter.
Stray cats will answer the call of nature in the hooded litter pan with a three-panel privacy screen and plenty of head room.

Stray cats will sleep outside.
Stray cats will sleep in the garage.
Stray cats will sleep in the house.

Stray cats will sleep in a cardboard box lined with an old blanket.
Stray cats will sleep in the special Kitty-Komfort-Bed with non-allergenic lambs wool pillow.
Stray cats will not be allowed to sleep in our bed.

Stray cats will not be allowed to sleep in our bed, except at the foot.
Stray cats will not be allowed to sleep in our bed under the covers.
Stray cats will not be allowed to sleep in our bed under the covers except at the foot.

Stray cats will not play on the desk.
Stray cats will not play on the desk near the computer.
Stray cats are forbidden to walk on the computer keyboard on the desk when the human is using it.

Stray cats are forbidden to walk on the computer keyboard on the desk when the human is sdfjjhhkl;ljfd.;oier'puyykmm4hbdm9lo9jmdskdm,.USING IT.

||Author Unknown||


C O T D! ME???

December 19th 2011 10:56 am
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Holy Meezers!!! I am honored to have been chosen as Cat of the Day!! What a surpise it was to log in this afternoon and see ME right there on the front Catster page!! Thank you Catster for making my day :) I would also like to thank everyone who has sent me rosies and p-mails. You're thoughts are so appreciated.

I am VERY EXTREMELY shy, and not used to being in the spotlight like this, but I guess it's not so bad. I'm getting to be an 'old lady' now, and not sure how much longer I will be around so I guess I should savor all of this excitement while I'm still here to enjoy it :)

Once again, thank you so much this honor and I wish each and everyone of you and your families a MEOWY CHRISTMAS and hope all your stockings are filled with catnip, toys and yummies and for the tummy.

Love & Purrs,


Today, I am taking a journey......

March 31st 2012 9:17 am
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I just made a journey that we must all make at some point in our lives. Actually, mommy helped me make the journey. I've been not feeling well for quite some time, losing weight, not eating much, sleeping a lot and most recently, I began hiding in corners. Whenever mommy carried me to sit on her lap and watch TV like we used to do, I would jump down and run back to my corner. I have eaten only the equivalent of 1/2 a can of Fancy Feast total over the last three days. I ate a little baby food before that but then refused that completely as well. This morning mommy noticed that I was weak when she was trying to feed me, so she took me to the vet. He said my kidney was only 1/4 the size it should be and that it felt lumpy and my other kidney couldn't even be felt. He suspected that I was going into kidney failure. Mommy suspected it herself but she wanted to get a professional opinion. He listed 'options' that we could take to prolong my life but mommy wondered would she be prolonging my life for me or for HER. In the end, she decided that she would set me free to fly with the angels. I have always been very afraid of everything and everyone (except mommy) but today I wasn't afraid at all! Mommy help me in her arms and told me not to be scared and that my big brother Conner would be at the bridge to greet me with big wet doggy kisses like he used to give me when he was still here. It was a very peacefully feeling and I fell asleep in mommy's arms and sure enough... Conner was there giving me "kissies"!!! Cole & Kayleigh were there beside him and some other furries that I had not known in this life but they said they used to live with mommy too before I joined the family. Also got to finally meet a lot of Catster angel friends!! Best of all.....I feel young and healthy again!!! I know mommy will feel sad but Conner and the rest of the furbies said that we can fly in and visit anytime we want. I can't wait to try on my new angel wings and try them out! I hope I get blue ones to match my eyes :)


Heartfelt THANKS......

April 1st 2012 2:46 pm
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I have been at the bridge for a little more than 24 hours and I must say that the hardest part of this journey was seeing mommy cry when I left. In her heart, she knew my time was nearing. For two nights before my journey she rocked me for a long time at bedtime after she put all my siblings to bed and it was just me and her. She petted and stoked my fur and she told me how much she loved me and always would and that she was happy that I shared my life with her. She also told me how I might see a bright light and that I was NOT to be afraid of it. See, all of my life (at least the 11 years I spent with mommy) I have always been a sort of "scaredy cat." Mommy attributed it to my being abandoned twice before she adopted me. Reagardless of the reason, she told me not to be scared when my time came because my siblings Conner, Cole & Kayleigh would be there to greet me as well as a whole host of Catster friends who have journeyed before me. So, when she took me to the vet to have him help me make my journey, for the first time ever, I was NOT afraid. Mommy held me close and kept whispering in my ear until all I remember is falling asleep and almost immediately an all consuming bright light. I was blind when I made my journey but then I could see again. The colors were so vivid and bright and I ran across the Rainbow Bridge and just like mommy said, my siblings and friends were on the other side meowing and barking their greetings to me!!! Conner immediately gave me big, wet doggy kissies that about knocked me over!! Mommy is still sad but I hope she knows that I had a better life with her than I would have had without her.

Anyway, I got off track. What I wanted to say was THANK YOU to everyone for your love and friendship thru the years and now for your support. Mommy and I appreciate all the care and thoughts you have been sending our way since I left her. It means so much to both of us, so from the bottom of my little heart, I want to send special thanks to Autumn for my gorgeous angel wings!! I can't wait to try them out and fly in and visit mommy some night to let her know I am doing well.

Special thanks also goes out to Lillian & Dashy, Bliss and family, Sugar and family, Casey and family, Onyx and family, my "twin" Scooter, Sofie and her family, Louis Lebeau and his family, Tweak and her family, Alex, Felix, The WeBees, Calvin, Sadie, Weezer, Georgie and Buddie for the gifts, rosies, cards and comments of condolences, love and support.

We tried to hyperlink all of your names but mommy apparently does NOT know how to do this because all the time she just put into it, THINKING she was hyperlinking your names, did NOT work. Sorry :(

With love,
"Kassy" & Mommy too


Gone but not forgotten......

April 6th 2012 1:52 pm
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As you all know I journeyed to the bridge last Saturday and mommy opted to have me cremated like those who have journeyed before me (Brandon, Conner, Cole & Kayleigh). Usually our cremains return to te vet clinic within 3 days.

Tuesday night mommy began crying and voicing concern to daddy and told him that she was afraid I might be 'lost' or 'forgotten'. Daddy told her that I was alright. Little did mommy know that I was trying to let her know that I was indeed "forgotten" at the vet clinic.

Yesterday, mommy called the vet clinic to find out whether I had returned yet and they told her that the crematory people had not been by their office with any deliveries but they would call her as soon as my ashes were returned. Mommy still felt uneasy and cried in the shower last night and also when she went to bed.

This morning she called the crematory to check on my status and they asked if they could call her back after they checked. They called back in 10 minutes and told mommy that they just spoke to the vet clinic and that I was STILL in the vets freezer but they would pick me up today and have me back to her on Tuesday.

Mommy was furious!! She called the vet clinic and demanded to know why they had not told her yesterday that I had never left their facility. Of course, they had no answers for her. When she hung up, she drove straight to the vet clinic and asked to see my body. She wanted to make sure that they had not "lost" me. They warned mommy that I would be frozen and maybe curled into a fetal position. Momy said she understood all that but for her own peace of mind, she NEEDED to see me.

They took her to the back and tore open a black plastic bag and it was ME. My body was cold when mommy stroked me but my fur was very soft and I wasn't all curled up....I just looked like I was peacefully sleeping. Mommy gave me a final kiss before leaving and she felt a lot better knowing that they had not 'lost' me. She told the vet clinic they better not lose me! The assured her they wouldn't and were very apologetic about 'forgetting' me in the freezer all week.

I had been trying to tell mommy all week that they forgot about me. Its a good thing that mommy listens when us spirits 'talk' to her or no telling where I would have ended up!

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