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Not a *Dreamgirl* but still pretty freakin dreamy :)

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Feeling more like myself!

March 28th 2009 4:37 pm
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I finally really feel like playing again! I am done with my doxycycline & after tomorrow, I only have to take my prednisolone every other day for 10 more days. Keep your paws crossed, the swelling in my paws has gone down a lot- and we don't want it to come back. Purrs!


Another vet visit

April 16th 2009 5:28 pm
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Hi everyone! I went to the vet again tonight- to check how my pads are doing. My pads are not as small as they should be, but not as big as they were before treatment. My front pads are slightly more swollen then my hind pads. Dr. Lund says that I don't need to start medication again at this time- my mom should just watch for any changes- thats good news! I'm so happy to be back home again!


Today is my Bithday!

June 12th 2009 5:33 am
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Wow, I am two years old today!! Mom can't believe it; she still calls TT and me "the kittens".

I stayed in bed until I heard mom & TT were done in the bathroom. They clean the shower together every day ya know. I had to scream real loud to remind mom to feed us, I do this every day for fear she might forget- I have a figure to maintain! I plan on lots of treats and lots of play today! Maybe mom will even get me some new feathers for my DaBird toy! She said she will go to Petco today on her way home, I can't wait!!





July 8th 2009 12:11 pm
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I have been winking at mom since Tuesday morning... she thinks there is something wrong with my eye, so now I have a vet appointment for tomorrow! I am going to try really hard to stop winking so I don't have to go!




I have Pink Eye

July 9th 2009 5:19 pm
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Well, mommy took me to see Dr. Lund today. I was not happy, it was terrible abuse I endured. I let everyone know how I felt too! I hissed a bunch of times, but no one seemed to be listening to me! Dr. Lund told mommy I have pink eye so now I have to get ointment in my eyes 2 times a day. Well I am not going to make this easy! Mommy will have to catch me every time, and I am not going to come running for my treats anymore, as mommy has used that trick already. Mommy will just have to learn that I do not want medicine, I don't care!



Mommy has turned on me!!

July 10th 2009 11:44 am
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Help me, I am being abused by my mommy! She tricked me this morning. She closed the cellar door, and that is where we eat- so I thought if I stood by the door she would open it for me. Well she did not open it for me! She picked me up and put that stuff in my eyes again!!! Why is she treating me like this???



Leo needs purrs!

September 23rd 2009 1:49 pm
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LEO---- Lucy's little brother -- urgently needs our purrs and prayers. He has been having problems with his rear legs since the weekend. We just learned that things have gone from bad to worse. Leo can no longer walk. Let's put our paws together and PURRRRRRRRR up a storm that this is nothing serious and he is walking again soon!



September 29th 2009 9:10 am
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It's not easy being me...

I am very soft and beautiful, and because of this- everyone wants to touch me...

I have had to remind everyone again and again- I am not to be touched unless it is MY idea. This rule applies to Mommy and Daddy as well. Mommy frequently breaks my rule- and because of this I always have to be just a little wary of her. Also, NO means NO! If I do allow Mommy to touch me- she must understand that when I say NO- it is over. I does not matter if I am purring, I can say NO at any time.

Mommy says I am Tashalicious- and that she cannot help herself. Well I guess I can't blame her.

xoxoxo Tasha


Halloween Tag!

October 8th 2009 7:52 am
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I've been tagged to play Halloween tag~ I just name my favorite things about Halloween and then tag some friends. Besure to send them a Rosette or a pawmail...

1. Colorful leaves blowing around

2. Helping mommy carve a pumpkin

3. The heat will be on soon- I will be able to sit right in front of the vent!

4. The electric blanket will be coming out- sooo comfy!

5. Daddy will be makin a fire in the fireplace for us to enjoy

I am tagging:

Bug Bug
Kally Kat


I got my Morgan's bed today!

October 15th 2009 5:29 pm
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Hi everyfur!

I received my Morgan's bed today! If you don't know Morgan the Pirate Gato, his Catster ID # is 267400, stop by his page ;) Little Morgan is a miracle kitty who survived despite all the odds against him. If you want to see these wonderful beds for yourself, here is the website:

Morgan's beds are so comfortable! I'm gonna go take a nap in mine right now!!

xoxoxo Tasha

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