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Only The Good Die Young

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Laissez les bon temps rouler!

February 12th 2013 4:22 pm
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Happy Mardi Gras everyone! The cajun music is on and I heard the humans talking about seafood dirty rice and King Cake - maybe I can snag a shrimpy if I look really cute. I LOVE shrimpies. And dat Maurice can't have any - hee hee! He's kind of a bully and doesn't deserve shrimpies anyway. I'm not too sure Charlie deserves them either, but at least he leaves me be and doesn't try to pounce me. I shouldn't have to put up with goofy pouncing boycats.

I'm doing pretty good. Sometimes I surprise my people. A lot of the time I'll walk around and look kinda shaky and weak. But then I'll jump straight to the back of a chair and they won't know what hit them! Keeping those humans guessing is our job right?


Snuggling (with the dog!)

February 21st 2013 10:56 pm
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So the other morning, my oldest girl caught me in her bed when she woke up. Me being in her bed is not really news, I like hanging out in her room, after all, it is the closest room to the kitchen. :) But instead of sleeping up by her, I was snuggling with Whitley. She was going to try to get photographic evidence to embarrass me, but I moved before then, demanding my breakfast.

What can I say? That dog is soft and warm. And she defends me from Maurice, who is the bully cat around here. He's twice the size of me. Literally. When the dogs hear him being a bully and jumping on me, they both come running in to break it up. So they are pretty good pals to have, even if it is kind of embarrassing to be caught snuggled up with one.


Charlie Needs POTP!

March 18th 2013 3:08 pm
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Hey pals, my little brother Charlie needs some purrs. His eye has got blood in it. He was taken to da emergency vet last night and now we're all hoping it clears up. He wrote all about it in his diary, please send some purrs his way that it clears up.

I am doing good - enjoying the warmer weather and all the nice sun puddles that brings for me to sleep in. In less than a month, I'll be 20! I'm planning on having a big Catster party in my diary, so be sure to stop by. I'll be posting more about it as it gets closer.


Spring Tag

April 2nd 2013 9:47 pm
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Jasper tagged me in the Spring Tag game so here I go!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. More birdies to watch out the window
2. Extra sunshine to take naps in
3. More outdoor cooking - which means more opportunities for me to snag a rib to snack on!
4. The house is warmer - and I love warmth!
5. My birthday is in the spring - on the 16th I'll be 20! Which means presents and treats and all kindsa fun stuff!

I am tagging:
1. Zach
2. Samhain
3. Skylar
4. Timo Katze
5. Pipo


Charlie stole my voice!

April 8th 2013 9:19 pm
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So, I was trying to teach Charlie how to meow right. You know, that loud obnoxious meow that says "FEED ME RIGHT NOW HUMAN SLAVE"? He did not have that meow in his repertoire. All he had was dis sad pathetic meow from his days of begging and a happy chirping noise.

So I was a generous cat and taught him that loud demanding meow that I've spent almost 20 years perfecting. Then he went and stole my meow! He is meowing just like me and I've been left with a short weak meow!

Give my meow back Charlie! Your eye problems don't mean you can get away with stealing my meow!


My 20th Birthday!

April 16th 2013 12:07 am
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So today is my 20th birthday, or at least the day I celebrate, since I'm not telling anyone the exact day for sure!

So, I think two decades calls for some celebration. I've got piles of nip, niptinis, a salmon and tuna feast, chicken livers and turkey galore, lots of yummy cheese, saucers full of milk, shrimpies and crab, and some stolen baby back ribs!

So come on in and let's party!



May 7th 2013 12:16 am
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So lately when I want to sit with someone, I crawl on their lap and I hover for a good five minutes before I decide to go ahead and sit down. Even if the human tries to help me go ahead and sit, I will stand back up and hover. Tonight, I crawled up on my momma's lap and was hovering. Only my back legs were still on top of our dog, Finley, who was on the ottoman. In fact, they were right on her neck! She didn't even wake up! Me and her are really good friends, I'm also good friends with Whitley the other dog.

My oldest girl says I'm lucky I don't weigh 18 pounds anymore because she bets Finley wouldn't have been so calm about me standing on her neck. Probably not, because 18 pounds is about what she weighs, MOL! I think that means Maurice better not try it. Even if he doesn't quite weigh that. Yet. Man, that guy can eat!


I'm a DDP!

May 8th 2013 11:08 pm
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Thanks Catster for making me a DDP! And thanks to all my pals for the comments and the badges and presents!

Today was a pretty good day, I spent a lot of time napping in the sun and on the ottoman. And I even "borrowed" some of Charlie's food - that Charlie is a pretty good guy, letting me snack on his food!

We're all enjoying the warm weather today - the dogs spent some time outside and I spent time in the window. Hope you're all enjoying some warm weather too!


A Double DDP!

May 14th 2013 4:00 pm
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I'm a DDP and so is one of my doggie BFFs, Finley! So it is a pawty at our house! Thanks for all the gifts, badges, and comments.

I'm doing really good, the humans say I've been putting on some more weight. I'm nowhere near my glorious 18 pounds days, but they seem happy to see me happy to eat. I don't think I'd ever want to not eat, MOL!

I've taught Charlie how to meow really good, so now the humans can get loud meows in stereo! Maurice occasionally meows loud, but he just usually prefers to stick his face in the humans'. At least one of those pesky little brothers learned a proper loud MRRROWWWW!

It's definitely summer here - almost 90 degrees! And that's the way I like it, it makes the sunspots so much better to sit in!

My page is overflowing (or maybe over flowering, MOL!) with the free gifts! The Passover cup for Mother's Day made me MOL, and the flowers to correct the mistake is just pawsome! I tried to send them out to everyone, so I hope it worked.


DDP Loop!

May 19th 2013 4:05 pm
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So I think I'm stuck in the DDP loop! Thanks to everyone for all the gifts, comments, and badges.

I've been having some fun with my typist lately, playing hide and go seek. I hide and she goes and seeks. And seeks and seeks. It's pretty funny to watch her look for me, she'll call me and I'll just watch her. Yesterday I was hiding in a tiny spot under the bed. Today I was hiding in dark corner back behind a chair. It's fun to watch her freak out looking for me.

If you haven't tried hide and seek with your humans, I highly recommend it. It helps them exercise their bodies by walking, bending, crawling on the ground, well you name it. And it exercises their brains too. And they're always happy when they find you. It's especially fun as an older cat because you know there's that worry that something has happened to you in the back of what passes for their brains. I don't know why she worries, I'm not going anywhere!

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