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Only The Good Die Young

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That Wasn't Me!

March 13th 2011 12:04 am
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Maurice is home for the week. So far we have been getting along pretty good, only a few little hissings. The humans even thought they caught me playing with him. That wasn't me! It was an imposter Jezebel who snuck into the house. I mean, do they really think that I, an almost 18-year dignified Queen Cat would be caught playing with that one year old goofy kitten?? Apparently they do. And I'm just gonna let you in on a little secret, he really isn't that bad. But I have to keep up appearances!


I'm the Good Cat?!?!?

March 16th 2011 8:10 pm
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Maurice has sure been on a roll this Spring Break. He did a ginormous poopy mess in the oldest girl's papasan chair. Now, don't get me wrong, that chair is great for spraying, but ginormous poopy messes?? I mean, it must have taken cans and cans off Fancy Feast to get that thing. And he also scratched the oldest girl on the face right by the eye when she picked him up. So I am being the good cat. MOL! That Maurice, he sure likes to snatch everything, even my title of BAD CAT. But I think I'll let him keep that one for a little while. MOL!!

Very sad news today about Marrakech and Hazel Lucy. I will miss both these beautiful girls a lot.


Quiet Again

March 23rd 2011 10:08 pm
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It's so quiet around here again. Both the girls left with Whitley and Maurice. Now I don't get to pretend someone else is eating my Fancy Feast so I can get more. Hey, I think I finally figured out what that giant black and white cat is good for! MOL! Anyways, I've been taking lots of nice long naps on the ottoman and other important things like that. There have been a few messes, but hey, what do they expect? Hope all you kitties are doing well.


The Not-So-Great Escape

March 26th 2011 10:11 pm
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It was a beautiful and warm March day here in Texas. And the wind was blowing and my mom had left the front door unlocked. And when it blew open, out I went. It was so nice to be outside. I was planning on getting one of those birdies I'd been watching through the window. I was once an Expert Huntress Bird Killer and Decapitator and I'm pretty sure I could still do it. But I didn't get the chance! Mom noticed the open door, then ran looking for me. And that dog, Finley, finked me out by coming right towards me! What a little weasel! After I let her share my ottoman, this is how she treats me!! I was sitting right there in the flower bed, and I had to go back inside. I heard some talk about coyotes in the neighborhood and some not-so-friendly dogs and people who drive like maniacs. I'm sad I missed out on killing a birdie, guess I'll have to just dream about it unless the wind blows the door open again.


Being Good?

April 3rd 2011 7:24 pm
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Yeah, that's me. I've been pretty good this weekend - no more escape attempts and I only peed in my box. And I ate plenty of Fancy Feast, so I was one happy kitty. I was so good I even meowed when called, usually I just sit there silently and make the humans come find me. Nothing all that exciting has been going on with me - although there was some excitement in the bathroom today that involved lots and lots of spewing water and about 15 beach towels! I'm glad I wasn't a part of that, I have no interest in getting wet. Now I'm asleep on my ottoman in a nice warm ball. Hope every kitty had a nice spring weekend!


Hi. I'm Jezebel and I'm a Gravyaholic.

April 9th 2011 9:16 pm
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That pretty much says it all. I am a gravyaholic. I love the Fancy Feast where the food is in gravy. I hop up and I lick all the gravy off then I meow for more. But for some reason, the humans keep telling me I have food and I'm not getting any more until I eat what I have. But I want more gravy. So I keep on meowing.

Life is so unfair around here. What does a girl have to do to get a bit of gravy. I've been thinking - I'll be 18 in a week. And I know when you turn 18 there is all kinds of stuff you can do, you are an "adult." And one of those things you can do is buy a lottery ticket. So my plan is this - buy a lottery ticket, win, and then have all the gravy my heart (or stomach) desires!!! I'm thinking this is a pretty good plan. I'm dreaming of endless bowls of gravy now.


They Could Spare a Rib!

April 10th 2011 7:08 pm
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So today when I was meowin' for more gravy, my momma told me "a cat cannot live on gravy alone." I think that translates too "I am too lazy to find more crazy for you Jezebel, my Queen" or something like that. Anyways, I decided they were right. A cat cannot live on gravy alone. So when they came in the kitchen and caught me in the middle of the floor with a baby back rib, they shouldn't have been surprised. After all, a cat cannot live on gravy alone. So I hopped up to the counter, snagged a rib and hopped down to eat. I got about a third of it before I got caught with it and got it taken away. They gave the rest of that yummy rib yumminess to the dog, apparently I had "had enough pork." I don't think so, I was still eating! Anyways, I think next time I need to work on hiding any yummy human food I steal since apparently these crazy people think it is not supposed to be for me!



April 16th 2011 9:48 am
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Today is my eighteenth birthday! Well, no one is exactly sure when my birthday REALLY is, but the humans picked the 16th to celebrate since they knew it was mid-April and our basset hound, Delilah, already had that birthday. And I have been celebrating! I have been eating a lot of Fancy Feast. And not just licking the gravy either! I also have some packages of yummy treats for presents. I even got a nice birthday brushing last night to help some of that spring hair that I am losing come on out. I am hoping we can have ribs or something yummy like that for dinner - MOL! I'd also take a nice bowl of milk, that sounds pretty yummy!

Thanks so much for all the gifts and rosettes and pawmails. It is great to have such good furiends.


Birthday Thanks!

April 17th 2011 5:26 pm
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Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday gifts and comments! It is so nice of everyone to celebrate my 18th birthday with me!

I had a good day yesterday, lots of extra Fancy Feast and treats!! I even had my humans sing Happy Birthday to me - one of them was trapped in this phone thing. I don't know how they got her into something so small, but somehow they did. I was even good for my birthday - I did all my business in the box. And today I got up a hairball, so I am feeling even better. I think I need some more brushing to deal with all the fur that is flying now that it is spring!


It's Jezebel Week!

April 19th 2011 6:52 am
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Wow! I'm a DDP today! Thanks Catster. I think this week must be Jezebel week, first an 18th birthday and now a DDP. Well, all I have to say is - it's about time! I've been waiting to have a whole week in my honor, a Queen Kitty of age 18 deserves more than just a day! In fact, I think I deserve every day of every week of the whole year!! Hee hee - see, I'm long-lived and modest too. I think I need to get some extra Fancy Feast for my celebration and some extra kitty treats!

Thanks everycat for the pawmails and gifties! I'm so lucky to have such great furiends!

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