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Queen Tallulah's Heavenly Messages

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You have been gone 2 weeks today!!!!

September 6th 2010 1:52 pm
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My Sweet Tallulah you have been gone 2 weeks today, it is so hard not having you having you here with me, you are in my heart always...I cry for you, but know you are at peace...I love you my sweet QT my Angel in pink wings.

Another Poem from Lady!!!!

How can I bear to lose you, my precious gentle one,
To know that you will not be here when my day is done?
So much of my heart, my love, have I given up to you,
How then can I stand the pain now that your life is through?
My sorrow overwhelms me, the tears so freely flow,
How can I carry on my life, with a heart that's laden so?
Then the answer comes to me from the stillness in my soul.
Remembering the love we shared will help to make me whole.
I'll hold you in a special place, so deep within my heart
And in these loving memories we'll never be apart.
You will not be so far away, your presence I will feel.
I'll wrap myself in your memory and so very slowly I will heal.
The years we shared, the little joys, the laughter and the tears
My love for you will never die, but strengthen with the years
So fare you well, my precious love, I gently let you go
And pray to all the Gods there be that you will always know
I loved you so, my little one, that love will never cease
I gave you warmth, I gave you love, and now I give you peace.
~ Constance Jenkins~

Rest in peace my sweet angel girl...I carry on the fight for you!!!



Another Poem

September 8th 2010 8:43 am
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With heavy hearts; and a tear in our eyes
after all these years; we must say goodbye
Please understand; we've done all we could
if there was anything we could do; you know we would

I'm sitting right here; gently rub your ears
while I talk to you softly; trying to hold back the tears
The memories you gave us; we'll never forget
especially the ones; of the day we all met

One last hug; and one last kiss
you have no idea; how much you'll be missed
To look into your eyes; this one last time
you tell me it's ok; you know it's your time

Close your eyes now; and go to sleep
we'll pray to the Lord; you're soul he'll keep
Go in peace now; our good friend
we'll stay right here with you; until the end

Dream of that special day and time
when we'll meet at the Bridge; and all will be fine
We'll run and play; side by side
with a soft warm feeling; deep down inside

Your memory will live on; in each one of us
you'll always be number 1; to all of us
Have a safe journey; through the night
I promise when you awake; you'll be in God's light

So with heavy hearts; and tears in our eyes
just for now my friend; we say goodbye

John Quealy


I am so proud of Mom

September 12th 2010 8:54 pm
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Well I have to tell you that I am so proud of Mom, today she got up in front of a group of Pet Sitters to tell them my story fighting cancer...MOM I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, KNOW THAT I WAS RIGHT THERE WITH YOU TODAY!

I know it was hard for Mom to talk in front of people she isn't good at that and is one that sits in the back, but today she went to the meeting for me and our continued fight....

Everyone was very interested in my story and Mom handed out the cards also the kitty breast cancer ribbons Calvin Kneads On's Mom made for our mission to spread the word about cancer in pets (Mostly breast cancer because of me). She asked all the pet sitters to help her get the word out to check their own pets and their clients pets for any lumps, changes in their behavior or habits...and she told them that it is so important to get pets fixed at an early age, unlike me I wasn't fixed til I was a little older and had already had kittens before Mom adopted me.

So Mom's continued fight for me has started and I am proud of her...everyone loved the card & pin, knew Mom was sad but they told her she was doing something good..None of them knew pets got breast cancer so the word is out...

Mine and My Moms wish is to educate pet parents, get them to check their pets and hopefully to save animals lives...




My Mom finished fixing my pretty Grave

September 13th 2010 10:25 pm
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I have been watching Mom and sending white butterflies in our yard...she has finally finished my grave with my statues, memory stone with my name on it and you all can see it too...

HOPE YOU LIKE MY PRETTY GRAVE. She even has St. Francis of Assisi for all of you furbabies to watch over all of us....

Mom was sad today cause she got my memory stone in the mail, she opened it up and she cried when she saw how nice it was it is a little pink now Mom can lovingly come to my grave and talk to me and look at all of the pretty things she got and Mom's friend got for me...of course she will cry.

Flying over my yard and helping my she was sad...

QT Angel in Pink



September 15th 2010 7:06 pm
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We wanted to thank all of our wonderful friends for all of your support, love, comments and jealies you have sent to me since I went to the rainbow bridge. There are so many Mom just can't thank each of you but know she has read them, she even copied them and will keep them with all of my things from catster.

There are no words to tell you how I have feel seeing all of the love you have for my sweet Tallulah...she was special and one of a kind...I will never ever find another cat with her spirit, fight and never being afraid of anything...she was with me all the time and that is what is making this so hard for me...she isn't with me only in her spirit.

Everyday when I wake up I expect to see her waiting for her breakfast, following me into the bathroom to get petted and her rubbing on me, her waiting for me to come home, her cute little ways of getting our attention...her meows for food, the hmmms when we petted her...but those are memories I will always have with me..the hardest is going to bed and know she will not come on the bed to sleep with me...I cry every night when I go to bed. She is always on my mind, the emptiness and feeling so lonely is overwhelming at times, but somehow I managed to do what I have to and being on Catster has helped me because of all of you...I know I am not the only one that has lost my kitty but I know you all have been here for all of us...and know I will be here for all of you too...


I am still amazed the amount of gifts were sent to her, the cards sent to me and the outpouring of love.

Still crying and grieving...

QT angel in pink and Peggy



September 20th 2010 4:34 pm
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Hello my friends from heaven your Angel in Pink!!!!

it has been almost a month since I came to heaven...I am learning the ropes around here, spending time with all of my angel friends....Well I am healed now, young again and feel great, except I feel Moms sadness, her heartache and loneliness...I fly down every day to be with her, she feels me and when she goes outside in the back yard she sees the white butterfly...she knows it is me and it brings tears to her eyes...but it makes her happy to see the beautiful butterfly come for a visit.

Well what you don't know is my Mom isn't always doing well she is hiding it and I felt it was time for me as an Angel in Pink to take care of my Mom since she took such wonderful care of know what I have done for her...I sent her a sign and to tell her it is Ok to move on.

Also Mom is usually not home on Sundays she is usually out taking care of clients pets, but yesterday she was home, hadn't left yet as she only had one kitty to take care of near the house...she walked into her room and had the TV on to the local channel...on the weekends they have local animal organizations on with animals...mostly doggies, but yesterday they had 2 kittens...Mom has been thinking that if and when she was ready she would like a gray and white kitty...I sent 2 white and gray kitties to the TV land and made sure Mom saw them...

As soon as Mom saw them she yelled for Dad to come see the kitties that I had sent to Mom to see and go get..Mom knew it was me...and the sign everyone told her I would give her...

So Mom went to take care of the kitty, came home to eat and then off she went to Helen Woodward Animal Center to took at the 2 kitties known as Pen and Paper...yeah I know weird names for kitties...but it made it easy for Mom to find them.

While driving Mom got very sad and talked to me thanked me, but she cried...I thought she would be happy, she was but sad too, because I was helping her and she knew it...

Mom got there and took my picture in and asked me to help her choose the right one...oh you know that this Kitty has to be special too because she will be helping me help Mom...Well Mom told the ladies about me of course she cried and told them my story and how she came there to see the kitties...they showed Mom and it took Mom a while to decide that she indeed was ready and wanted to adopt one of the kitties...Mom also gave them my picture and some of the ribbons to wear after all they are in the animal business and can get the word out too.

She had to fill out the paper work, they had to call Dad to see if he was OK with Mom bring a kitty home, of course he is OK does he have a choice, of course not!!!!

So Mom went back in, got to pick up the kitties hold them and tried to decide...she told me OK Tallulah help me now, to pick the right one for her...well we picked Paper to go home with Mom...

She is so sweet and hardly cried in the car, when Mom got home she started to cry it was bittersweet for her to come home with a new kitty and not bring her Tallulah home alive...

Well while Mom was gone, Dad was trying to think of a name, knowing how much Mom and me loved each other and how Mom was having a very hard time, he wanted to honor me because he knew I was helping Mom....he said Tallulah Two, but he knew me & Mom could not go for Tallulah again, but honored me by calling our new kitty Tu we are introducing our new kitty today and Mom will put her on Catster...please help Mom take care of this sweet little girl kitty and welcome her into your life love her and make her feel welcome like you did me...I will be with her and Mom always...

I am a good angel helping my Mom...Mom I love you always and I will always be here for you no matter what...always sending butterflies...

Love and Hugs from heaven....

QT Angel in Pink



October 1st 2010 8:30 am
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Hi my friends all the way from heaven,

The next 3 days I will be busy you see I have an important job to do on earth, I will be with Chai Latte's Mom Jeanette and her CRAZY CAT LADIES TEAM in San Francisco I am their team mascot so I have to be there every step of the way.

I will be cheering them on, keeping them safe and I will even try to send Jeanette Chai Latte's Mom a butterfly to let her know I am there, but with all of the crowd of people walking it may not happen.

Even though I can't be there with them in person me and Mom are keeping in touch with Jeanette via phone, email and even blogging. As we get information Mom and I will update you.

This is so fun and so important because they are wearing T Shirts with me on them and they are spreading the word about kitty breast cancer our hope is to reach out to let humans know that YES KITTIES AND EVEN DOGGIES DO IN FACT GET BREAST CANCER...

So for the next 3 days please help me and tell at least one human about me and how breast cancer does affect kitties and doggies, girl kitties die from the cancer, if not breast cancer then the tumors attack the lungs and that is what I died from...

This is an important job me and Mom are doing and we hope you my friends will help out.

So I gotta go I need to catch up with Jeanette and her team I think I will try to get the butterfly to show up for them...I am on a mission...signing out for now QT

Angel In Pink....

PS...Tallulah's Mom if any of you would like Tallulah's picture and story I have made to pass out please let me know and I will send to you so you too can spread the word not only about my Tallulah but other kitties that have been affected by breast cancer.

Sending love to you all

Peggy and Talulah my angel


Reporting from San Francisco

October 1st 2010 9:59 pm
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Hello friends, I am reporting to you from my teams tent this evening...they are having fun, finished their walk but they are tired...

They are telling the walkers about me and my story, they are all touched by my story...hope they will tell others and help spread the word...

Jeanette thank you for helping me and Mom you are a true supporter of breast cancer both in humans and rock and keep on walking!!!!

Mom got some text messages tonight from jeanette telling her they are having an amazing time too...they also told Mom they are in their tent and there are mice, so guess what I will be doing tonight besides watching over my team....yes you are right getting the mice out of the tent or should I say trying to.

Well it is time to for me to get all have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by...this is Tallulah reporting from San Francisco in the tent of the Crazy Cat ladies...more tomorrow on their progress...

QT team mascot and angel in pink


Angel Queen Tallulah Reporting from the 3 Day Walk Camp

October 2nd 2010 9:22 pm
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Hi my friends from the grounds of the camp for the San Francisco 3 Day Walk it is a little after 9 pm on October 2, 2010...

I am outside of the Crazy Cat ladies pink tent, one of hundreds of pink tents...what a pretty sight to see...oh how I love pink....

Well Chai's Mom Jeanette and her team started the day out with fog, after eating their breakfast and getting ready to start their 20 mile walk they were on their way...

They were greeted by the Coasties ringing the bells, what a wonderful sound it was...they walked over the Golden Gate Bridge what a sight that was to see...all the people walking mostly in pink a sea of pink so pretty...

They also walked in Sausalito a beautiful place to take a walk...they marched on and on.

Mom told Jeanette to watch for a butterfly because I would send one to her to let her know I was there for her...

you know what I sent her a Monarch butterfly (it is another word for King or Queen)...Mom knows it was me letting my team know I was really there for them, I couldn't let them down now could I....they are helping Mom and I wanted to make them so proud of me so I came to them like I come to Mom in the form of a beautiful butterfly.

Now that the day is done, they are all fed, showered and settled in for he night in their pink tent...hope they don't have anymore mousies...

So nite from the camp grounds of pink tents for the 3 day walk. Tomorrow is the last day another 20 miles to go and then the celebration will begin for them..

This is Crazy Cat Ladies team mascot Tallulah signing out for the report tomorrow evening when they are all done...til then sending heavenly kisses and hugs to all my friends!!!

QT angel in pink



October 3rd 2010 7:26 pm
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Hi my friends this is Tallulah reporting on the last day of the Crazy Cat Ladies walk and journey to the end of their 60 miles in San Francisco....

It was a foggy morning with the sound of the fog horn in the background, then hearing the zippers of the walkers pink tents being opened as they were awakening to begin their final journey to finish their 60 mile walk & to celebrate..

They walked to Union Square, it was a beautiful misty morning walking on and through the Presidio and Golden Gate Park so peaceful walking today, Jeanette Chai's Mom & team was almost done, I was there whispering in her ear you can do it you can do it, just a little more and you will reach the end..

On to the Civic Center that was around 12:12pm and only 4.5 miles to go

Still cheering her on and helping her & the team get to the end of the journey, @ 2:35pm today Jeanette & team finished they made the 60 mile walk....HIP HIP HOORAY GREAT JOB AND WELL DONE!!!!MOM AND I ARE SO PROUD OF YOU...


Crazy Cat Lady Team Mom and I thank you for the pleasure of being your mascot and helping to cheer you on these last few know that you honored me with making me your mascot we thank you from the bottom of our and Calvin's Mom started this all for me and Mom to keep my fight going to get the word out about breast cancer in kitties, but we are fighting too to get the word out about other deadly illnesses in pets...and we will keep the fight one way or the other.

Well my friends we are waiting to hear from Jeanette tonight, she told Mom she has a great story to share with Mom...Mom can't wait!!!!

So in closing this 3 day walk and me being Crazy Cat Ladies Team Mascot it has been an amazing 3 days seeing all of the people sharing in the same cause breast cancer, seeing all of the pink, people cheering them on, bringing the butterfly to show my team I was really there with them...I know it was very emotional for everyone, one day with help of so many people there will be a cure for breast cancer, til then please help me and Mom help pet parents know that they need to check their pets for lumps, get pets spayed and neutered by 6 months it my save their pets life...

My next journey watching will be to cheer on Calvin's Mom in November, she will be wearing a ribbon with me, Ava, Queen Mu's and other I might have forgotten in our I will be there helping her walk her 60 miles...we hope to let you know how she is doing on her walk....we will see if we can!

Queen Tallulah Angel in Pink signing out for tonight...

sending love and hugs from heaven, when you see butterflies think of me and who knows it may really be me checking on you and visiting with my friends...I send butterflies to Mom all the time...MOM I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR SAYING YES TO ME BEING THE CRAZY CAT LADIES TEAM MASCOT...


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