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I have a new guest book please sign

October 16th 2009 9:51 pm
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Well wouldn't you know it Mom is learning to do more things for my page and she deleted my other guest book I had on my page....oops!!!!

Mom is so mad at herself, she can't believe she did that, she was trying to copy my stuff and put it on word for safe keeping and accidently deleted the code....

So Mom and I are asking all of my friends that signed it before to go back and sign again please and anyone else that would love to sign my book we would love you to join me and my friends....

Mom also finally figured out how to put music on my page, she will have to do my cat sisfur and brofurs and our doggies music hopefully this weekend.....Mom is slowly learning but she says some of the things are just to hard for her to figure out...but maybe one of these days....the learning continues.....

love and little kitty kisses to you all....

Queen Tallulah



October 20th 2009 9:39 pm
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To me and my Mom's surprise I have been chosen to be CAT OF THE WEEK!!!

Mom was up very early this morning she woke up with a very bad headache so she fell asleep when she came home this afternoon....Mom wasn't going to get on the computer because she is still tired, but she decided she needed to check her mail...well to me and Mom's surprise I am CAT OF THE WEEK...WOW I don't know what to say...I am meowless. I guess those secret kitties that do the voting decided to honor me because I have survived cancer, little did me and Mom know that I could be honored for putting up such a good fight and the battle of my life. I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR

I am so honored for the kitties that selected me, for all of my friends here on catster for sending me gifts and congrats! You all have made be feel so wonderful and happy, all are the bestest...

Yes I am a survivor and a fighter, so for that I have been honored this week I will always cherish let's celebrate together...after all it is my week and it is also breast cancer awareness month for humans, but for Kitties who have fought and won, let's also honor those that haven't won the battle too...Bless you all & thank you....

Queen Tallulah


MY Week as COTW

October 28th 2009 2:27 pm
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Last week was a very busy, happy and sad for me being COTW...

I am so honored to have been chosen, I got so many rosettes and special gifts, lots of hugs and kisses from Mom, cat nip champagne with special kitty friends...

I want to thank each and everyone of my friends and new friends for all of my paw mails and gifts...each and everyone I love you all and you have been here for me when I learned I had cancer, my surgery and chemo treatments and now with being COTW last week...

Mom was overwhelmed with all of my friends stopping by to congratulate me and give me gifts....she says thank you too...
We are so happy to be part of Catster and have wonderful kitty friends and their Moms.

Unfortunately my week ending with sad news that we all know about by now that we lost a very special and good friend...I did that is for sure even though I didn't know Calvin as long as some of you have, he was there for me and Mom when I was sick and going through chemo, even when he was sicker than me he was there for me...I know he fought a good fight, but now he is our beautiful angel...




I am doing well!!!!

November 2nd 2009 3:33 pm
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Mommy has been so busy she hasn't had a lot of time to help me get on the computer, so as soon as she got home today I jumped right on her lap and told her you know we need to let all of my catster friends know how I am doing, at least give you all an update.

I am back to myself, I am doing better at eating, even ask for more some days before Mom leaves the house. I still don't like her putting my medication in my food, I can tell right away and then I turn my queen nose up at it. Mom bought kitty milk just for me and she told me she will try getting me to drink it and hopefully I will drink with my medication in it. Will let you all know when it happens.

I still have trouble with my favorite scratching post, I don't think I will be able to do the scratching on it for now or if at all, I do have a new one that I use now it is slanted so I go to town on sharpening my claws on it...My right arm just hasn't been the same since my surgery cause they had to take some skin so Mom says it looks like my flexability isn't what it used to be.

I am now jumping, running, playing with the doggies and running away from Zeke when he wants to bite me, he loves to play like I am his prey, not MOL...

Mom just told me I have to go back to visit my specialist next Tuesday so they can do test to check my kidneys to make sure there is no damage from the chemo treatments. Kidney damage on no, there is nothing going on with my kidneys they are working just fine...or I think they are....good thing about going in is Mom will have the day off so I will get to spend time with her and sleep on her lap all afternoon.

Best part of being well is I am sleeping on Mom every night, she gives me lots of kisses, hugs and Mom loves me and cherishes everyday she has me here with her...Mol Mom really does love me she tells me all the time.

Queen Tallulah is doing fine and is cherished by Mom

Kitty Kisses to you allXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Going to Specialist Tomorrow

November 9th 2009 8:56 pm
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Oh my friends I am getting nervous, Mom told Dad tonight that she has to take me to the Specialist tomorrow morning so they can do a test or more to check on my kidneys to make sure the chemo treatments didn't do any damage....& to see how I am doing.

Just when I thought I didn't have to go to the Vet here I go what will they do to hair is finally growing back to the point where it is almost hard to tell I was shaved for the surgery and my legs are almost all grown out too. I don't look like a poodle in the legs anymore...and I am eating better most of the time now too....

At least in the morning I will get to eat, hooray I don't have to go without food, Mom called today to make sure and they said Mom can feed me before I have to go....will update when we get home tomorrow...

Queen Tallulah



November 10th 2009 3:15 pm
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Oh this morning was stressful that is for sure. I cried in the car which is unusual for me...I knew something was up and I wasn't happy that Mom put me in my dreaded carrier and in the car...

Once at the Specialist we sat for a little while to wait for my turn to see my Vet Specialist...the vet tech came and got me along with Mom, hooray Mom is going with me, maybe it won't be so bad.

My vet tech's name was Holly she was so nice and I could tell she loves me, she asked Mom how I have been doing of course Mom told her I have been doing really good and I seem to be feeling like myself once again...

I got weighed today and I did loose a little weight, now Mom is getting concerned because I am 6lbs. 9 ozs. Holly didn't take my temperature because when she lifted me up and had an accident she thinks she scared the poo out of me...

My Doctor Specialist came in and said he is real impressed with me and he thinks I did super through all of my treatment and he still thinks my prognoses is really good, he told Mom the next 1 1/2 to 2 yrs will be crucial and if I get past that I will live to be very Mom is so happy and is praying for the next test to be good..he told Mom that I should regain my weight in the next couple of months.

Now here comes the Vampire tech to come get my blood, oh no oh no, Mom don't leave I don't want you to leave and no way do I want them to take more blood and run the test on me....more blood what gives didn't I give you enough blood in the last 3 months....those vampires I think they love getting my blood.....

Good news all my test came back great no signs of kidney damage, I do have a heart I am good to go and I don't have to go back in til the end of January...I will have to give more blood and get a chest x-ray then, if all is good next thing for me will be dental work by a vet dentist that is next door to my Vet Specialist....Mom took Xena there to have her dental work done so Mom wants to take me there too...Vet says I will more than likely have to have some of my teeth pulled...

Hooray I am ready to go home with Mom and you know what when we got home Mom and I fell asleep in her chair, I had a pillow and even the doggies Milo slept with us....NOW IT IS UP TO ME TO STAY CANCER FREE AND FIGHT THIS



Best thing in life is being on my Moms lap

November 28th 2009 2:33 pm
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I think the best thing in life is being able to spend time on my Moms lap & in her arms, like I am right is so warm and cozy...hmmm sleepy time I think....I feel Moms love and I love being in her loving arms, letting me sleep and have good dreams getting to see all of my angel friends here on catster, they are here with me now....they give me the warm feelings of being safe on my Moms lap surrounded by her loving arms...the best place to be and the best thing in life....SAFE, WARM AND CUDDLY....OH MY!!!! Well it is time for me to continue my dreams see ya!



The Twelve Days of christmas

December 1st 2009 9:03 pm
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On the twelfth day of Christmas my Mom gave to me.......

Twelve bags of catnip
Eleven tarter Pounce treats,
Ten ornaments hanging,
Nine wads of kleenex,
Eight peacock feathers,
Seven stolen Q-tips,
Six feathered balls,
Five milk jug rings!!!
Four munchy house plants,
Three running faucets,
Two fuzzy mousies,
and a Hamste-e-er in a plastic ball!!!!


MOL here I go again

January 24th 2010 9:28 pm
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MOL, Mom just told me I have to go to the Vet Specialist again tomorrow in the morning so they can check on me and make sure I am still cancer free....

I have been feeling good, running around the house, sleeping on Mom every night and eating, but then I didn't feel sick the last time I went to the Vet and they told Mom the news....

I am a happy cat that loves sleeping with her Mom and when Mom isn't around I love sleeping in our special bed that has a heating pad in it...oh so warm especially on cold days.

Mom says she is praying for good news, she knows I have been doing good and she hasn't felt any more lumps on me...that is good news right!!!!!right....

Everyday I get special medicine, yukie yukie...she gives me liquid immuno to keep my immune system up and colostrum with kitty milk in a syringe, I see her coming and I try to get out of her way....

So here I go again....I will let you know the news no matter what sometime tomorrow...wish me luck and hope for good news...we here on catster have too much bad news....

We also are praying for all of our friends here on catster that are sick, will be having surgery...sending our love, cuddles and kitty kisses to them and their family.....



Hip Hip Hooray Good News

January 26th 2010 8:37 pm
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Hooray Horray I have good news from my Specialist I am still doing good.

I was not happy being put into that carrier and having to go for a ride, I knew I was going to go where they would poke me and take my blood....I cried a few times on our way to the vet....not very happy having to go.

They took my blood to run all kinds of tests to make sure there were no signs of cancer...Mom waited on pins and needles...I wonder if she was hurting sitting on pins and needles...I wouldn't want to sit on pins and needles, they were sticking me with a needle....

Oh my they also took funny pictures of my lungs to see if they were still clear...they saw the same spot as before and another one now too, also a spot near my heart.....Mom's heart skipped a beat when my Vet told her...he said he doesn't think they are anything of concern, but he wants me to come back in the end of February for a full chest Xray to check on them to make sure they haven't grown or there are no more spots....Mom is still worried, but she is thinking positive thoughts cause my blood work came back good.

So for now I am doing good and Mom is happy for the good report, there is so much sad news on Catster we need good news and happy news

Happy Mom and QT

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