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Queen Tallulah's Heavenly Messages

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From heaven love is

January 31st 2013 4:58 pm
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Love is putting me to sleep and out of anguish when the vet says it is time and I'm incurably ill.

Thank you Mom for having the love for me to let me go almost 3 years ago, even though it was hard on you, you loved me enough to say goodbye and let me make my journey to the Rainbow Bridge...I always send you butterflies from heaven with love.

Your angel Tallulah....thank you Mom


From Heaven I Fly to Say Thank You

February 3rd 2013 5:44 pm
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As I fly from heaven and earth to visit with friends and Mom I have to take the time to say THANK YOU HQ, DIARY LADY AND FRIENDS for choosing my special little diary entry telling Mom thank you for loving me enough to let me go when I was too sick and ill to go on here on earth. My time to leave and do other good work was in the cards as they say. I had to leave to continue to do my special work...KITTY BREAST CANCER AWARENESS....

Mom and I are surprised to see that I am DDP along with Xena today...WOW we all are being honored so much lately.

Now I must fly on and visit with other kitties in need, I have been with Sugar Bear and she is doing well. I have been wrapping my beautiful angel wings around her comforting her and giving her strength to fight this cancer. Sugar and I will be co mascots for her Mom when she walks the Avon Breast Cancer walk this year.

I am leaving butterflies from heaven for all my friends, may you all have a wonderpurr week...



Heavenly Angel Thank you

February 4th 2013 3:53 pm
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Hello again my sweet friends, this angel can not believe it DDP again today, two days in a I fly high up with my beautiful pink angel wings that glow in the sky I say thank you HQ and Dairy Lady for choosing me again....what an angel honor!!!

Angel thank yous to all my friends for your gifts and comments. I fly down to earth now to visit each of you I whisper thank you and wrap my wings around you, my gift to you...did you feel me and hear me?


When you are lonely or frightened, talk to your guardian kitty angel. You can do it out loud, or inside your head---your kitty angel can hear you whenever you speak.

Ask your kitty angel to be near you, to put his or her paw on your shoulder to give you courage and protect you.

At other times, just enjoy the company of kitty angels.
May your day be blessed with the presence of an angel watching over you.

Your Kitty Angel with pink wings


Watching over my grandma

March 11th 2013 7:24 pm
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I am here with my Mom helping her as she is now going through a hard time. This past weekend my grandma, Mom's Mom went into the hospital. She was running a fever and she has a UTI...I must tell you that she has had Lewy Body Dementia, it has progressed very fast and she is going down hill...when anyone tries to move her and does anything for her she cries out, she no longer recognizes Mom or anyone, blank look.

So Mom and I were with her yesterday a case worker came in to talk to Mom and she decided we need to have a hospice nurse come in and talk to Mom. Today Mom and her 2 daughters went to the hospital to visit with Grandma and meet with the nurse.

All decided it was best to have Grandma go to the hospice home, she will be kept comfortable, no measures will be made to keep her alive, she has the DNR. She still isn't eating and only drinks little sips. Mom isn't sure if she will pull through or if it will be a matter of time.

I came to Mom to tell her Mom I am with your Mom I am laying with her and if it is her time I will be there with her Mom & Dad to take her to heaven.

This is very hard on my Mom, they always did things together, but Mom knows this is best because it is taking it's toll on Mom.

We just wanted you all to know because you have always been here for all of us and know Mom will need you all again...please pray for my Mom and my grandma during this hard time that my Mom is having to face again...letting a love one go...

Mom may not be here much, but like I told her this is a good place to come even if for a short time.

Now I really must go give my Mom angel hugs and go be with my Grandma while Mom can't be there...

Sending butterflies from heaven


Grandma is an Angel now

March 17th 2013 3:57 pm
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My Mom is so very sad, Grandma is an angel now, her guardian angel...

Grandma passed away yesterday morning at 5:34am...even though grandma left, Mom says she has been gone for a while was her body that left. I was there with her so was her Mom, Dad and all of our families kitties & doggies. Her Dad picked her up and carried her body to he did this Grandma looked back lovingly on my Mom giving her peace and calm cause she knows that Mom was always there for her and took good care of her. We all took her to my butterfly garden letting her know that her time had come, that her job on earth was down and now she has work to do as an angel, to watch over Mom...she will be my Mom guardian angel.

Tallulah's Mom- my Mom never woke up, ran a fever that never broke..not sure what happened except my daughter who is an RN thinks she became septic..with my Mom being weak, having lewy body dementia just wasn't able to wake up to eat or drink. We made the decision with the help of a hospice nurse to put her in a hospice home and let her go. It was so very difficult for us to watch her leave us, knowing she really didn't want to leave, but her body was so weak. I said my good byes and then had to go back out because my daughter was saying she is waiting for you Mom then she will leave. So I went back out and it was so very hard for me to once again say good bye hug her and kiss her knowing that once I left I would never see her again, that was Thursday, we really thought she would go, but she hung on till Saturday morning.

It is hard knowing she will never be here again, but she has been gone of a while now, still hard for me. I am at peace and calm knowing that she is no longer suffering, confused or hurting. She will always be with me, I know she is my guardian angel along with Tallulah..thank you all of my friends for being here for us yet again. I many more days to grieve, get my Moms ashes and take them to several places, places she loved.

All of us angels are purring and praying for my Mom now that she will be OK...I will not leave my Moms side. Rest in Peace Grandma!

Angel Tallulah and Mom



May 1st 2013 2:42 pm
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Hello my friends, it has been awhile been busy helping my Mom heal from loosing her Mom, but today I am taking the time to fly to earth and help Mom with my diary for an important message


Mom got a message from Morris Animal Foundation about pet cancer here is the message:

Watch. Share. Save Lives.

Dear Peggy,

Millions of pets will develop cancer during their lifetime. An estimated 50 percent of pets will die of this disease, and often the causes are unknown. Morris Animal Foundation and Blue Buffalo have partnered to end this disease and give hope to animals and those who love them.

In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month in May, Blue Buffalo will donate $1 to Morris Animal Foundation for every person who pledges and watches our video—up to $25,000.

Morris Animal Foundation will use this generous donation to help fund critical research into preventing, treating and curing cancer and other diseases in pets and wildlife. Over our history, we’ve already invested nearly $14 million in cancer research for animals. Those studies have led to better diagnostics and treatments, but we can’t stop funding cancer research until cancer stops taking the lives of the pets we all love.

Please join us. Simply watch the video at and then share it with others who love animals.

Together, we can end pet cancer and create a brighter, cancer-free future for animals.



David Haworth, DVM, PhD

If you watch the video, you have to sign in to facebook Mom isn't on FB so she can't, she will donate at our Petco instead...We hope some of you will do this or just become aware that May is pet cancer awareness month and make a donation in the cause because Mom is realizing us that love cats and dogs will be affected by cancer sooner or later...cause way too many are still getting cancer we all need to work on helping find a cure...too many have already lost the battle like me and we need it to stop.

So take the time now and help...

Well gotta go help Mom and kitties in need...sending you angel love and butterflies from heaven

QT and Mom


From Me to You my Angel

July 21st 2013 7:09 pm
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My Tallulah here I am writing you another diary for your Birthday/Gotcha day as another year has passed. I am doing this tonight as I know I will be having a hard day tomorrow because you would have been 14 and I saw you for the first time, I knew I had to adopt you, give you a safe home with lots of love. It was love at first sight for me and I know for you too.
My sweet special angel Tallulah I can’t believe that it was 14 years ago that you came into my life. How precious and sweet you were, my love for you is overwhelming still. You were the cutest sweet kitty and had the cutest personality.
Not knowing how old you were or what day you were born to your catMom I chose the day I adopted you to be the day you were born and celebrate because that is the day you got a new life.
Today is a hard day for me knowing that I can’t hug you and give you kisses anymore, hear your sweet little meow and sleeping with me. I just wish to I could hold you, love you one more time…
The years we had with you went by way too fast, little did I know that you would leave us so soon. I know you are with me every day. Today I know you are celebrating with all of your angel friends as I will be thinking of you having fun at the Rainbow Bridge.
So my sweet precious girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GOTCHA DAY!! The best day ever because you came into my life, you gave me so much and taught me how to be strong and fight, never give up! You were one special kitty!
Love you my sweet angel
QT’s Mom Peggy


Wonderpurr Birthday and Gotcha day

July 23rd 2013 3:14 pm
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Queen Tallulah here also know to you as QT...I come from heaven to give you my sweet wonderpurr friends my heavenly thank you for making my Birthday and Gotcha day so special. Even though it was a hard day for my Mom she got through it thanks to all of you for remembering me and sending your love and honoring me. I have been in heaven almost 3 years, we can't believe it, it has gone by so fast to Mom it still feels like it was right now. I would have been with Mom & git my new life 14 year ago if I had not come to the RB in 2010.

Mom has wonderpurr memories as I do, I was so loved and we felt that love yesterday here with all of for my wonderpurr heaven party..

It was a rockin party for us all, we celebrated so many birthdays, gotcha days, DDP'S and sadly welcome parties for our sweet friends that have made their journey....

We had tables and table of yummy food and beautiful cakes, good drinks and dancing I am happy to report the dancing went on all night....the place was decorated with all the colors of the rainbow, it glowed from the stars, there were clouds of every color for us to ride on...river flowed with fishies, butterflies everywhere and flowers oh they were so pretty and smelled so good...

We all took the time to go to the earth window and blow angel kisses to our families letting them know we are always with them in their hearts and memories....

I got so many beautiful presents, comments from my friends and letting Mom know they are always there and they know how she is feeling...

I spent time with all of your angels, so many we decided not to name them just in case we forget any, because you all know how special you all are to us and how much we love you...

As the sun rose today it was another day for angels to do our work, you watch over our earthly friends, hold their paws as they deal with sickness, helping others to find homes, whisper in our moms ears and so much angels work is never done...but we always find time to party and celebrate each special day and honor...

I had a pawtastic wonderpurr I must go this angels work is never done...I am sending lots of butterflies from heaven to you all...

Angel hugs and heavenly thank you


My Gratitude

July 31st 2013 2:52 pm
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Gratitude is the memory of the heart!

Yes my friends memory of the heart Gratitude is what I feel today, because my diary entry was chosen from many to be honored this day 7/31/2013 the last day of July, about not only my birthday but remembering my life with Mom, my family and friends.

Gratitude is my memory heart! beautiful memories and how blessed I am to have had my wonderpurr family and all of my very special wonderpurr friends.

All that we behold is full of blessings! so true cause I am so blessed to have you all in my life on earth and in heaven...gratitude and blessings are what we all have in the end....and we cherish all...

Thank you diary lady for choosing this angel once again, for my friends that I love and cherish...

Gratitude is the music of the heart, when its chords are swept by the breeze of kindness.

This is how me and my family feel for all our friends on earth and heaven and all of their families...Kindness is what we have had from you all, we hear the music of the heart from all in heaven and earth.

Angel hugs


As my Rainbow Bridge Anniversary Nears

August 12th 2013 5:16 pm
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Angel Queen Tallulah with pink wings flies to earth with her special butterflies to deliver to special friends Moms, I too am on a mission today.

As my Rainbow Bridge Anniversary nears it gets hard for Mom, but she knows that I am at peace and I continue to help others. There is never a day that she doesn't think about me and talks to me...I am always with her in her heart.

So many things have changed since I left, we had so many friends here on catster and so many have left for reasons unknown. My King Simba we never hear from, nor Scout my sweet Sheriff we know his Mom is an angel Meri my sweetheart no longer comes on catster. Then there are so many of our friends that kitties got sick after me and are now at the rainbow makes Mom sad but she knows that they are all here at the rainbow bridge in the loving arms of angels.

Two of our friends Moms walked the Breast Cancer walks, I was their mascot as most of you know...what you may not know is now both have kitties that have cancer or had fought cancer...Sugar is fighting breast cancer, we pray she will be one of the lucky kitties and survive...please keep her in your prayers as she had her last chemo treatment.

Then our sweet friend Poo just lost his battle with cancer, please keep him and his Mom in your prayers as well....who knew that almost three years later these 2 special ladies would have kitties with cancer, they helped me and Mom in so many ways...this is what catster is all about helping one another.

We will not dwell on the sadness this is not why I am here today, no I am here to bring love, butterflies and angel hugs....

As my RB day gets closer and on that day we request that you don't send me gifts please save them for the ones that really need them...we know you love me and are here for me and Mom....there are many that need those gifts because they are sick,have made their journey as well...those are the ones that need them....

All the kitty angels are singing and meowing their love for all listen and you will hear look and you will see a special butterfly we send to you and you will know they are from your special kitty angel.

May you find comfort in knowing that God takes every Kitty that crosses the Rainbow Bridge in his loving arms and places each one on the lap of a loving caring angel.

Now I must return to the Rainbow Bridge this angles job is never done, so much to do...sending my angel hugs and love to you all

QT and Mom

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