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Queen Tallulah's Heavenly Messages

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Today I am with Mom as she had her mammagram

October 11th 2012 2:09 pm
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Today I flew down from my angel butterfly garden to be with Mom, as every year this time she goes in to have her mammogram. It is a rainy day here and gloomy but that didn't stop Mom from going in. To her it is important to have this done more so now that she went through this with me having the horrible breast cancer. I may not be human but it does as you all know affect us kitties as well.

So Mom checks in and see that in the lobby they have ladies sitting there talking to other ladies cause it is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! so with me on Moms shoulder whispering in her ear I am with you lets tell these ladies about kitties getting breast cancer too...Mom is wearing her bracelet as she always does, showed the 2 ladies and she told them about me.

They were not aware that animals, especially us kitties get breast cancer. They were shocked, Mom told them my story and what I went through. Mom told them about me coming back as the white/black butterfly on the day I made my journey. One lady said she got chills and had tears in her eyes, which of course made Mom get tears too. Mom felt good about telling these ladies all about me and kitty breast cancer.

These ladies gave Mom some breast cancer items, she will take a picture of them to share. The ladies are with the Rose Volunteer Program here and they are going to share my story at their meeting to let others know that indeed kitties do get BREAST CANCER!

Then they called Moms name to go in and get her mammogram done. The lady tech that does this had pink everywhere and sayings about breast cancer and she had pink butterflies everywhere. Mom gave her the bracelet she was wearing to add to her collection of pink and breast cancer now I am in this special room where many many women will come in and see my bracelet, again we are spreading the word.

Today was a good day for Mom, she left there feeling good and knowing that once again she has told my story and is spreading the word. As Mom drove home in the rain I continued to be with her and watch over her. Sadly it was time for me to fly back to my garden, I whispered sweet loves to my Mom and told her a job well done...she still fights for me and so many other kitties! I love you Mom always and forever!

So remember Moms make sure you get your yearly Mammogram like my Mom did today and remember to check your kitties for any lumps...

Sadly flying away sending you all angel hugs and butterflies from heaven




I Wear A Pink RIbbon

October 12th 2012 4:41 pm
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A silent killer with no face.
A thief within the night.
A constant battle for my life.
A bitter evil fight

The scars reminded me of the day
It knocked at my souls door.
It tried to rob me of my strength
It left me on the floor.

To survive, I had to sacrifice
My mammary glands and some of my fur
It showed no pity as it snatched
These things without a care

I started to give up my fight
I felt I could take no more
Then God reached down and
Gently picked me up off the floor.

He wiped my face and blew my nose
Just like my Mom use to do.
He said don’t cry my kitty
For I have things in store for you

I did not bring you all this way
To leave you high and dry.
I love you and you are my kitty
So hold your head up high.

There is nothing that I cannot fix,
No pain I can’t erase.
Have faith and know that I am here
There is nothing you can’t face!

So then I threw my paws up high
And gave God all his praise!
For my soul has been uplifted
And my Spirit has been raised!

I fought this fight with all my might
For God said that Victory was mine!

I fought the fight and my soul lives on
God put me here and took me away
Now I fight to help other kitties that have breast cancer
& to spread the word!
That is the purpose I came to earth, not just to love Mom
To help others …my soul lives on!

Angel hugs and love, I purr and pray for all the kitties fighting breast cancer.



Thank you

October 16th 2012 12:50 pm
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Flying in from heaven to say thank you HQ for honoring me today and picking my diary about pink ribbons today. I am thrilled that you liked my poem and most important that we all remember those that had breast cancer like me and have not survived & all that have this horrible cancer still fighting to live cause it takes so many.

Thank you friends for honoring me today too, for my gifts and comments, you can honor me more by telling someone that kitties do get breast cancer and remind all how important it is to get girl kitties fixed before they have kittens and are younger than 6 months cause their changes of getting cancer go up if you don't. Please check your kitties for lumps, it could safe their life!

Thank you too for all my friends that have my bracelet and they are educating friends and pet parents about cancer in kitties. I honor you all everyday cause if not for you me and Mom could not keep on fighting the fight against breast cancer.

Remember too when you see a butterfly it is from heaven sent with love! Wear pink, be proud & celebrate life!

Sending angel hugs and love


My Story is on Cat Concfessional

October 17th 2012 2:21 pm
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Once again I fly down to earth on a special mission today to tell you my special friends that me and Mom are so excited. My story is on Catster "The Cat Confessional" that's right I am featured today. Mom is so happy but she cries because this is another way to get the word out and to educate others about Kitties getting breast cancer & us helping others to learn.

Please go and check it out...There are 2 pictures of me & Mom...the first is when I was young in 2000 and the other with Mom was taken in 2010 by a friend of Moms.Thank you Lori and HQ for thinking of me and featuring me in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month...remember wear pink & celebrate life! r-tallulah

Little did Mom & I know that me coming to catster, getting breast cancer that 2 years later I am being honored, my story is on catster and we are still working to help others.

Our wish is for one day no kitty will ever get breast cancer!

My Kitty Tallulah is my Angel

In this life, on this earth, and in the days that I spend trying to do the best I can, I know that I wouldn't be half the person I am if it weren't for my little divine inspiration that comes from my Tallulah my Angel. She was my saving grace on more than one occasion.

She was my see-me-through and inspired-my-smile companion. When she listened, she heard what I was trying to say. And when she communicated, her words came straight from the heart. She made me feel that "yes, my presence really did matter!" She constantly added to my joys and to the value of my self-worth, and I wish I could thank her every day.

My Tallulah was my very own down to earth kitty angel I cherish her very much, and I am grateful for the joy she brought into my life.

Thank you my Tallulah my Angel for coming into my life and giving me joy, love and hope. You taught me so much I can never thank you enough. I have learned that I can go on and you are with me always and will continue to fight together even when you are not with me on earth, you my Tallulah my angel I cherish you always.

Mom to Tallulah


Thank you from heaven

October 22nd 2012 4:47 pm
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Today I am sending my message from heaven, my butterfly garden to thank the diary lady for choosing me Moms angel. We are surprised as you all know us angels can be. The honor is doubled cause my new earth brofur Kody is a DDP today and his cute picture is on the community page.

Mom and I wrote my diary cause I am a feature story in the magazine about Mom spreading awareness in my memory for Breast Cancer in Kitties...and Mom put a poem about me her angel, her Tallulah.

As I celebrate here with all my angel friends I send love and hope to earth, love to my family and friends & the hope that one day they will find a cure & no other kitty will suffer as I did.

My message to you all from heaven is to always check your kitties and yourself for lumps, wear pink and celebrate life.

Thank you my friends for your comments on my diary, my story in the magazine, for those that saw me on facebook cause Mom doesn't go there, for my gifts, your support and for wearing my bracelet.

From Tallulah, Moms angel and your friend

Sending angel hugs and love


Thank you

October 31st 2012 12:57 pm
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Oh My Heavenly Angel I am one of the diaries being honored today, what a heavenly surprise this is and it is the last day of October....breast cancer awareness...actually for us kitties it is Kitty Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I say a heavenly angel thank you to diary lady for picking me today, HQ for putting my story on Catster for others to read, for all of the comments, help and always being here for me and my family.

I flew down this morning to be with Mom as she found out I was a DDP today. I sat next to her in her chair, purred and whispered to her...she felt me there and she was so happy to see me being honored again the last day of October.

As the month comes to an end so does our kitty breast cancer awareness month, but we will continue to make others aware that it does happen to us kitties.

Even though I am being honored today all of my family and us angels purr and pray for those affected by the nasty lady Sandy that caused such a mess for so many. Us angels are trying to be there for our friends and watch over them, we are in over work mode. Lets hope soon we will hear from more of our friends.

Now I must leave and help those in need of our help.Next month is PET CANCER AWARENESS AND PET DIABETES MONTH AS WELL.

Thank you all once again!
Sending angel love and hugs to you all

QT angel in pink & Kitty breast cancer awareness


Angel Thank You

November 6th 2012 8:56 am
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Oh my Angel Cat! what is this I see from heaven, my butterfly garden! is it true, it must be I am DDP again today. Another angel honor about Kitty breast cancer and me thanking HQ, diary lady and my friends angels and kitties on earth!

Now I must catch the cloud to earth and thank all my friends today, I adorn my pink wings and bring most beautiful butterflies to earth to help celebrate this honor...just think me one little kitty from heaven is being honored.

I fly down on my pink cloud shaped as a butterfly so beautiful to be seen by all to thank you today this beautiful day to visit my family, whisper again to my Mom and to tell her I am here to thank you for carrying on my fight and helping others learn about Kitty Breast Cancer...but we remind everyone how important it is to check all earth kitties and yes even doggies for lumps, don't take a lump lightly cause you just never know what that lump will be....

Again as a reminder November is Pet Cancer Awareness so lets honor those that have made their journey from this horrible awful disease it takes way too many kitties and doggies way too soon. Also purr and pray for those that have cancer and be there for them as you all were for me, they need you and your support I know I can count on you.

Now as I fly around on my pink butterfly cloud leaving special angel dust on all my friends, diary lady for today, your gifts and comments which all mean so much to me and my family...I leave too butterflies for all....just look & you will see.


I feel lucky to have found you-
My friend that are so kind and true;

To lift me up when I am down,
and make me smile when I frown.

It's hard to find the words to say
just how much I care.

But these will have to do:

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you,

From the bottom of my angel heart.

Queen Tallulah Angel in Pink

Angel love and hugs


Another kitty friend with Breast Cancer

January 27th 2013 5:54 pm
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Today I am flying down from my heaven butterfly garden to bring you sad news that our good friend and Chai Latte's sisfur Sugar Bear was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this past week, she has her surgery yesterday and is doing well right now. I have been with her and watching over her.

We can't believe that Chai's Mom that walked for the 3 day breast cancer and I was her mascot the twist of fate that now she will be dealing with her kitty having breast cancer.

Unfortunately they are no longer on Catster but I know a lot of you know Chai & Sugar and her family, we are asking that you all pray and purr for her & her Mom. I am sure some of you go to FB so make sure you stop by and let them know you are praying & purring for Sugar.

Mom called Sugars Mom and they talked for a while, of course Mom had to hold it together and not cry, but she cried before and after she talked to her Mom. Sugar's Mom said if it weren't for me and Mom she would never had known and would not have acted as fast so I am still helping so many with me spreading the word.

Mom will be there for her, she will help in any way she can because Mom knows what it is like and what Sugar will go through, she hopes it will help Sugars Mom. Mom says it brought back so many memories of when she found my lumps and I had my surgery...the affects of cancer will always be with Mom it will never go away.

So now I must fly back and bring lots of butterflies for Sugar & her Mom. I will be with her holding her paw as she recovers from her surgery, it was in the same mammary gland and same side as I will be healing her with my heavenly love and special powers that angels have.

Calling all angels we need your help to be with Sugar.....for those that have my bracelet wear it for Sugar and remember to tell someone to help spread the word, Mom did today she was at the cat show.

angel hugs and love



January 29th 2013 4:33 pm
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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart.

May your days all be blessed with the presence of an angel watching over you.

Angel love, hugs and butterflies from heaven
QT Moms beautiful angel


Sharing UTube for Sugar Bear

January 30th 2013 4:00 pm
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Hello my sweet and special friends, I am taking time from my watch over sick kitties to share this information with you.

For those that know Sugar Bear we wanted to let you know she is doing well, she is home with her Mom wearing her e collar, sleeping in the sun room while her Mom works from home to be with her.

What we want to share is her Mom has her on U Tube and here is the link to watch it...please share with others as this is another way we are spreading the word about Kitty Breast Cancer.

Sugar Bear's Mom will be adding more when she does I will share with you. Hope you all watch it, keeping up your purrs and prayers for our sweet friend and remember always check your kitties for lumps.

Your angel friend

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