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Queen Tallulah's Heavenly Messages

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August 21st 2012 3:01 pm
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Whenever a kitten is born on earth it is given a wondrous gift-the gift of forever paws.

"Remember, "the young one is told, "your glowing paws celebrate the shining spirit within you, but only you can see their brilliance. They will take you on grand adventures, and lead you to new friends, but their true purpose is to guide you to the person who would welcome you home.

Should you find the one who is meant to hold your gentle heart, the gift of the paws will keep you connected always and forever"

So kitties come into our world, and one by one they find us. They weave themselves into our lives like furry tapestries and blanket us with their love.

All too soon, there comes a day when our animal companions must leave us. So they step lightly from their old bodies, hurting bodies, and ready their paws to carry them to the bridge that will take them onward.

Just before they leave this world, every animal you loved on earth takes a little piece of your heart, which they carry on a ribbon that floats in the sky.

In its place, they leave on your heart a print from a brilliant forever paw, a gift that will one day light your way back to the four-legged friend who loves you.

Then it's off to the bridge in the stars, where angel pets watch over earthly friends and wait for their loved ones to join them.

Animal companions know how hard it is for you to say goodbye to them. They see every tear that is cried whenever a treasured pet is lost. All of these tears flow like a river out of this world and into the next.

Each evening, just at sunset, the animals gather at the bridge to drink from the river of tears, for all of the sadness has been left behind and only the love remains.

Angel kitties never forget any of the people who loved them. They often leave a little piece of their heart with the special veterinarian who took such good care of them.

When a person carries a forever paw print, they can never be separated from the animal who left it on their heart.

Should you wish you could be a tall tree, with arms so long you could reach your furry angel, never forget your beloved pet is peacefully sleeping in your branches.

If you wish the Big Dipper would lift you up to the one whose paw prints dance in your heart, try searching the sky for a bouquet of stars sent with love from your cat above.

So, if the loss of an animal companion has left a hole in your world, just dangle your feet into the void and you may feel whiskers again on your toes.

Furry friends love to visit when you are sleeping. If whispers come in the night telling of other kitties in need of a loving home, remember the heart of an animal lover can hold many paw prints.

In time you will come to know that your angel is doing well, happy to be young and renewed. You may even see your kitty angel in far off heavenly fields, playing with other angel friends.

One day when your time on the earth has ended, the paw prints that you hold in your heart will light your way to the bridge in the stars. All your animal friends will be there to welcome you home with meows.

Then you will cross the bridge together, paw print and heart forever entwined, be parted again.

By Christine Davis


Cat Heaven

August 22nd 2012 9:24 am
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The way to Cat Heaven is a field of sweet grass where crickets and butterflies play. A cat may be late in getting to heaven...there's just so much fun on the way!

But an angel will wait at the yellow front door, wait till a kitty comes home. And when the kitty arrives, the angel will give it a kiss, and some milk in a bowl of it's own.

There are trees in Cat Heaven trees made just for cats, trees growing so green and so high. But no one gets stuck in a tree anymore-if a cat wants down, they will fly!

And oh, all the toys, kitty toys everywhere, thousands and thousands go by. There are buttons and baubles and small cotton mice-there is catnip afloat in the sky!

There are angels, of course with soft angel laps where kitties can purr loud and strong.

The angels will rub kitties' noses and ears and sing them a Cat Heaven song.

And when cats are hungry, there's God's kitchen counter all covered with white kitty dishes, full of tuna and salmon and mounds of sardines, and wonderful little pink fishes.

The cats in Cat Heaven are so loved and spoiled God lets them all lie on His bed....He walks in His garden with a good black book and a kitty asleep on His Head.

Then when a cats needs, they may just simply ponder and watch the blue world deep and wide....

They will watch the old house where they once lived and wandered, and the people who loved them inside.

All cats love Heaven, they know the way there, they know where the angel cats fly.

They'll run past the stars and the moon and the curl up with God in the sky.

By Cynthia Rylant

This is how Cat heaven is for us angels at the Rainbow bridge....

Angel hugs and sending Butterflies from heaven


With Love Today

August 22nd 2012 4:56 pm
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For you my Angel Tallulah

We thought of you with love today,
But this is nothing new,
We thought of you yesterday and the days before that too.
We think of you in silence and
often speak your name.
All we have now are our memories,
and your picture in a frame.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you didn't go alone.
A part of us went with you
The day God took you home.

We miss you Tallulah and remember you always and never forgotten. I know your shining paw print in my heart will one day guide me to you at the rainbow bridge.


In The Rainbow Garden

August 22nd 2012 5:02 pm
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In The Rainbow Garden

Your tears fall
Your heart aches
Your baby has gone away
Gone to heaven to play
The memories remain
Of the happy days
A meow and a purr
As you feel the soft fur
You gave your love
No more could you do
A short life of joy
For your baby and you
Off to heaven
your angel has gone
but within your heart
the love will live on
Standing in sorrow
and in your mind's eye
look into heaven
and please do not cry
For there in the Rainbow garden
Stands God and in his arms
An angel softly purring
It's your baby, safe from harm

Remembering you Tallulah on your 2nd angel day, always in our hearts and never forgotten. You are in your heaven butterfly garden always sending beautiful butterflies from heaven.

Mom, Dad, Xena, Tu Two, Zeke, Mia & Milo


Beautiful Memories

August 23rd 2012 3:10 pm
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Oh my sweet precious Tallulah I can't believe you have been gone for 2 years today. I woke up with dread knowing that I lost you 2 years ago at 7am...I walked out to your grave I know you were there, I talked to you and thanked you for all of the wonderful memories I have of you.

It is all so clear to me as if I just adopted you, to see your cute little face and how white your fur was always.

You brought so much happiness into my life and a smile on my face. You had the cutest meow and expression on your face. How I miss your face and meow. I especially miss you sitting on my lap in the evenings and sleeping with me. Sometimes after I go to bed I feel the walking of a cat, I open my eyes and there is no cat on the bed, but I know you are there making yourself comfortable so you can watch over me and comfort me in my were always there for me.

Two years is a long time and so much has changed, Catster isn't the same, so many of our friends have stopped coming, it saddens us and kitty friends have made their journey to the bridge..I know you are all playing and having fun waiting for the day we all join each of you.

I know you are always here with me, I feel you and I see the beautiful butterflies you send to me. I know you are busy helping so many other kitties in need.

I thank you too for showing me Tu Two that day on TV, she is so cute, funny and sweet. She has helped me to heal and has brought a smile to my face again, but know I am still sad that you are no longer here with me. You will be in my heart always our bond will never be broken, you left your glowing paw print in my heart & one day we will be reunited.

I feel sad that your Sweethearts Merry, Simba in UK and Scout don't get on catster much anymore or not at I miss them all.

I am still fighting the fight, I will never stop my wish is for no kitties will ever get Breast Cancer again. I am so proud of you, you fought a good fight and to me you are a survivor! Even now that you are gone you are still loved by so many...

I am finally able to watch the videos I have of you, I smile and I cry, but I can watch them. I have been going through pictures and I am now putting them on your page.

Today even a sad day my sweet precious Tallulah I honor you, remember you with love. I will look into the heavens and see your shining paws.

Always in my heart and always remembered with so much love. I miss you my sweet girl.




August 23rd 2012 5:15 pm
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I will always know you loved me. But it was time for me to go.
I was your soulmate, your companion, and your friend.

We meant more to one another than the world will ever know.
We were devoted to each other to the end.

So when you find that you are missing me,
Just listen to your heart, and you will know that I am never very far.

Each time you stand beneath the heavens, and look up to face the dark,
you will see my shining paw prints in the stars.

We loved each other from the start, I found a home inside your heart
because you opened it so wide to welcome me.
I hope you hold me there forever, even when we are apart. There's no place on earth where I would rather be.

We were wonderful together. Nothing else felt quite as right as lying quietly beneath your loving hand. Sharing cuddles in the night. Little rituals we grew to understand.

I have waited at the window, hoping you would be home soon, and I was glad when you would greet me at the door.

I loved sleeping in the sunshine of a winter afternoon, just a happy ball of fur upon the floor.

we have learned from one another. We have shared the precious lessons we would not have gotten if we were alone. And those lessons we have learned have each been turned into a blessing. and with each blessing, our two hearts have grown.

We've both learned patience, trust, and loyalty. We've both learned to forgive. We've learned that happiness can be a simple thing.
Little pleasures are the ones that have the greatest gift to give. A little mousie, catnip, a piece of string.

My water dish, my toys, my bed--the simple things I leave behind-they may remind you that you miss me every day.
So if you want to put them out of sight, I really wouldn't mind. It doesn't mean our love is being put away.

It's all right that you have spoiled me, fed me extra food. And yes, I slept with you every night. But then, it gave me joy to give you something in return even my last night with you.

I gave you comfort and companionship. You've never felt alone, because you knew that I was somewhere in the house. I gave you someone you could count on. When you needed me, you've known I'd be there, and there were never any doubts.

And now you know that I am somewhere else. A place of perfect peace. A happy home, where angels wait, above the blue. If you and I won't be together, this is where I want to be, with love forever, like the love I had with you.

I will always know you loved me. But it was time for me to say goodbye. I was your soulmate, your companion, and your friend. Now I am free to play forever in that place beyond the sky. A happy paradise, where life will never end. So when you find that you are missing me, just listen to your heart, and you will know that I am never very far.
Each time you stand beneath the heavens, look up to face the dark, you will see my shining paw prints in the stars.

Mom you are my hero and I am with you always. You honor me by continuing our fight and spreading the word about kitty breast cancer.

Thank you to all of my friends for always being here for me and Mom. Helping my Mom as time goes by with me not with her on earth to help her, we all know that Moms love us so much and this is truly that best place for others to help those that need the help.

I am with you all, watching over you and sending special remember me when you see that butterfly remember all of us angel kitties...and look into the sky for the glowing paw prints and you will know that it is your angel fur babies...

Angel hugs and love to my family and all of my friends. Thank you for remembering me today my 2nd Rainbow bridge day!



Thank you Letter from UC Davis

August 30th 2012 2:24 pm
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Hello my wonderpurr loving friends, we finally got a letter today from the University of California, Davis thanking Mom for the gift of $350 she sent in memory of me Tallulah. We wanted to share their letter with our friends who helped raise the money to help in their research for feline breast cancer.

We cannot thank those that bought my bracelet to help support breast cancer research,you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Mom had to type the letter!

Dear Ms. C

On behalf of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s Center for Companion Animal Health, we would like to thank you for the generous gift of $350.00 that arrived on July 12, 2012. We have noted that your donation is in recognition of your beloved Tallulah. As requested, your donation will be put into a fund that supports feline breast cancer research. You have my deepest sympathy on your loss.

Our work to discover, develop and deliver advances that will keep our feline companion animals happy and healthy is made possible because of supporters like you. Your donation will support critical studies aimed at finding better treatments and cures for autoimmune disease in feline companion animals.
All of us at the school and the Center for Companion Animal Health recognize that you have choices for your charitable giving, which makes us ever more grateful that you share in our vision and support our efforts to advance animal health and the standards of veterinary care.


Niels C. Pederson, DVM,PhD
Director, Center for Companion Animal Health

Your friend and angel

QT and Mom


No place like Catster

September 17th 2012 5:20 pm
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Hello my friends coming to earth for a brief time to tell all of our friends that there is no place like catster when our Moms are in need of support and love.

We have been so busy at the Rainbow Bridge with so many of our friends making their journey, now I am not going to make everyone sad today, no that is not why I am here.

With so many going to the RB it brings up how much Catster helps our Moms, it sure did help me & Mom when I was sick and then when me & Mom made the decision to let me go. I was ready and Mom knew it....sometimes Moms hearts are hurting so much that they don't realize that we are giving them signs, then they question as even my Mom did if they made the right choice.

No one will ever know if it was, but we do not hate we only know love and the saying is if you love me let me go! well when your Moms make that decision to let us go it is because you love questions asked.

The best part is that Moms help those in need, they comfort our Moms and we all know what they are going through. Us kitty angels watch from above, open your hearts you will feel us there helping Moms. We hear the tears, the sadness and the emptiness. We are here to help as our Moms are here. One way we help is we send new kitties to our families to help heal their hearts. Some will get the message sooner than others, but look at all of our friends, my family included that have opened their hearts to another kitty, sometimes 2...

Our Moms hearts are so full of love and lets face it our Moms & Dads are crazy cat people and how could they not open their hearts to kitties. I sent Mom Tu Two and one of her first kitties to come to RB sent Mom Moms that have just lost your precious furbaby soon you will open your heart, you will hear the message and soon you will have a new kitty to help heal your heart and put a smile on your face.

This kitty will never replace your beloved furbaby, but us kitty angels know that we will send you that special kitty that we want you to have and you will open your heart. Life on earth goes on, even if our Moms still cry, Mine does, she misses me everyday, but so many kitties need our crazy cat Mom and Dads love...cause kitties have special powers and you all know what I mean...yes powers beyond anything else.

This is the best place to be when Moms and Dads need the support & love...we know cause this is where Mom came, Mom knows she would never have got through that horrible time when she lost me...THANKS FRIENDS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP when my Mom needed it....Now we are here for our friends in need...

Well my friends time for me to go back to heaven, so much to do, always busy sending butterflies to families from heaven...


Angel hugs and love



October 3rd 2012 12:53 pm
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WOW what a surprised to see all of the earthly balloons go up up and up into the sky so many to see and they arrive at the rainbow bridge with my name on the tags from my special friends from earth....What a pleasure and a sight to be seen, I was catching them, then hugging them because they were from my friends who remember me...I loved reading the tags to see who they were from you my special friends.

There was much happiness here at the rainbow bridge because off all the special balloons sent to us your special angels...we had a balloon party and then we sent angel heaven balloons back to you....we sent them with angel love.

Thank you to all my special wonderpurr friends who thought of me and sent me balloons with your special messages and pretty little pictures..



My Hero and Kitty Breast Cancer Awareness

October 8th 2012 8:57 pm
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October as all of you know is Breast Cancer awareness for humans, but we like to say it is also Kitty Breast Cancer Awareness...please remember to check your kitties for any lumps and if you do find any get them to the Vet never knows what that lump will could save their life. Remember too to let others know that kitties especially girls get breast cancer and most do not survive. We are purring and praying for the kitties fighting this horrible awful cancer that claims way too many kitties.

Also we still have some bracelets let us know if you would like one and we will send you one so you can help us to continue our fight and to spread the word.

Tallulah My Hero

So tender and so gentle, as only she could be
For all that she believed in, as far as we could see
Was living life and having fun and don’t forget her love
For “angel” does describe her best along with her white butterfly.

She said to laugh and cry with joy, and don’t forget to sing
All the songs she’d taught me, like the wind beneath my wings.
That was her favorite song you know, so sing it out my friends
But don’t regret that she is gone, she hears you loud and clear!

Two years ago we learned what hero means, she’d be so very proud
To see her name so brightly lit from atop her great pink cloud.
She watches closely over us and guides us through each day
So please remember my Tallulah, each and every time you see a butterfly!

Not one of us would disagree, she left us way to soon
The only time we see her now is through the big bright moon.
Her legacy lives on today and those who knew her boast
That life and love and laughter too, are what she loved the most.

Thank you to all of our friends who have helped spread the word about Kitty Breast Cancer Awareness...those who helped us raise money for research, those who have walked in the breast cancer walks carry Tallulah's name honoring her, and for HQ asking me to tell her story that will soon be here on Catster!

Tallulah is always with me, she sends you all her love, butterflies from heaven with lots of angel hugs.

QT and Mom

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