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Timo's Tall Tales

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The mechanical predator has an Owie

December 19th 2009 8:31 am
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Our mechanical predator has a big owie. His front right rubber boot is all twisted around. He is at the shop right now being looked over. We don’t know when he will be well enough to come home. Mom says they haven’t even started treating him yet. There are people called “Insurance Company” who are battling over who gets to fix him up. And they won’t make a decision until Monday. Oh, I should probably start at the beginning:

It was Thursday during her lunch break, says Mom, when she was driving in our predator thru an intersection and suddenly, BAM, she got hit by a Lady’s predator that came from the right. Mom says there are strict rules in place about when those predators can move. If it’s green they can go, if it’s red they need to stop. Mom says she had green, the other one had red. The Lady says she had green. We believe Mom of course. Mom doesn’t lie.

Now for the important thing: No hoomans were hurt during this. Mom saw the other Lady at the last second and hit the brakes and our predator had slowed down quit a bit when he got hit. The airbags on the other predator went off but ours never did. Mom was worried about the other Lady right after it happened but, what luck, an ambulance just happened to drive by. Mom flagged that down and they determined every hooman is fine.

Mom says she is “stuck” at home now until our predator feels well enough to carry her places again. I think that’s great. Mom can spend more time with us.

Thankful that Mom wasn’t hurt,


Update on the predator

December 28th 2009 2:43 pm
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Our mechanical predator (Mom calls him car) is still at the car vet. They said he could go home last Saturday but because of the bad weather a spindle didn’t come in. The spindle is here but now it’s the bear ring. Apparently the car’s bear doesn’t ring because he is cracked. I think the little bell that he rings must be cracked. They have already put a new bear in there, because they say without a good bear ringing, the car won’t be safe. The new spindle also has been installed. So the new bear can now spin and ring his bell. I tell you, cars are complicated.

Then the insurance man has to come back a second time to look at the car again. There is some cosmetic damage that the car vet would like to fix also. If it doesn’t get fixed the paint may chip later on. Sounds like our car is vain. He wants to get cosmetic surgery.

In the meantime Mom is stuck here with us. A friend drove her to church yesterday and also shopping because we had hit a major crisis. We were out of kitty litter!!! Don’t worry. We keep Mom entertained while she waits for the car to get all better. We’ve been asking her to play with us with our new Christmas toys. We need to test them out real good. They might need to be exchanged if they aren’t up to snuff. Also we’ve been asking a lot if it’s not time to eat yet. Usually we have set meal times. But everycat knows that when the humans are home, those times don’t apply (except breakfast always has to be at 6:00 a.m. latest!). So we’ve been asking a lot if it’s not time for 2nd breakfast? for lunch? coffee time? snacky time? supper time? snack before night night time?

Keeping Mom entertained,



June 6th 2010 5:52 pm
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I am saying NO to all the Nutro ads that are on the vetblog and on dogster too. Nutro (Max Cat and Natural Choice) is not a good food. They had many recalls. They had two recalls last year and cats and dogs are still getting sick and pet parents are still complaining about the food. This food is not safe to feed. I am very upset that the Nutro ads are plastered all over the vetblog. It looks like Nutro food is endorsed by the veterinarian.

We want all these ads removed. Cats and dogs here on this site have died from eating Nutro food. This advertiser doesn't fit with the Catster community at all. Many cats here prefer premium pet food. We tried to talk to HQ but they are not answering.

If you don't like Nutro Ads on Catster or Dogster ... help us unite by joining in this group Say No to Nutro

Another thing you can do is join the picket line and tag one of your photos with "no to nutro"


Are Snowshoes pretty?

June 13th 2010 6:26 pm
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So Mom went to our local Animal Rescue League today to drop off some food for the kitties. No, she didn't bring them Nutro. The Nutro brands are not good food (Max Cat and Natural Choice). A pet food should have three good protein sources in the first five ingredients. Max Cat food doesn't have that. They have alot of corn gluten, wheat flower, ground rice. Natural Choice has Wheat Gluten. I don't eat anything with Gluten any more. I had a urinary tract blockage twice and I think it came from all those grains in my food. That's why we want the Nutro ads removed from the vet blog and from Dogster. You can find more info about this here Say No to Nutro

Back to my story. Mom brought them kitties a bag of premium food. Something that Mietzi and I eat too. While she was there, she looked at the adoptable kitties. No, we are not getting one. She just can't resist looking. There were these two humans who asked the volunteer about a cute kitten. The volunteer said there is a waiting list for that one. Because she is a Snowshoe kitten. The humans said how pretty she is and "how long is that waiting list again?". I just don't think it's fair that humans always go for the pretty cats. And the color of your furr says nothing about your purrsonality. Mietzi and I are just plain tabby cats but we sure have alot of purrsonality. We are really nice and Mom is so happy to have us. So don't judge a book by it's cover.

I'm off to look for some pictures of Snowshoes to see why everyperson thinks they are pretty.


H-E-double toothpick's kitchen

August 4th 2010 7:50 pm
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Yesterday, after Mietzi made sure there weren't any dates coming in thru the windows (see her diary) , we watched that cooking show. It has a bad name that I'm not allowed to say, so I'm just calling it the H-E-doubletooth pick's kitchen show. It's on the TV channel with the Fox. It's about people competing to be the best cook and then they get to be head chef at a new restaurant. They cook all this yummy food, my mouth always waters. And there is this slightly crazy chef cook who yells at eveybody. I don't care for all the yelling but that's humans I guess.

Mom was watching to and we always hope that she gets a hint and cooks us a nice medium rare steak. Or a perfect monkfish. Or scallops - golden brown. I try to stare at her when they cook something really delicious and I tell her: See Mom, that doesn't look too difficult. You could cook that. But so far no luck. She hasn't re-created any of the pawsome recipies from the show. Yesterday in the middle of the show I tried a new strategy. I layed down on our stove (see above picture). Mom! See this here? Use it to cook me something marvelous like them people on the TV.

And then there was another cooking show on right after this one. Jackpot. The only bad thing was, I was very hungry at the end of our TV night.

Make mine rare please,


Take your Cat to the Diner week

August 16th 2010 7:28 pm
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Oh nooos. This week is "Take your Cat to the V-E-T week". Mom mumbled something about me being due for my rabies shot soon. Rats. I am declaring this week "Take your Cat to the Diner week". I think that will make us all much happier.

On another note: I was reading diaries and Mom clicked on Calvin's for me and in the time it took to load, Mom could have went and made coffee and watched it perculate and by the time the coffee was done, Calvin's diary MIGHT have been done loading. But she couldn't do that because Mietzi was sleeping in her lap. So she just grabbed an old issue of Cat Fancy and got some reading done. I know Calvin's diary is huge. It probably takes up a whole book shelf on the catster puter but this is ridiculous.

Going to the Diner,


I'm starting a Revolution and I have a Bum Tooth

August 18th 2010 6:40 pm
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So I declared this week "Take your Cat to the Diner" week and Mom comes home tonight and puts me in the car. I'm thinking, Yay! We are going to the Diner. Pawsome. Where did I end up? At the dredded VET. Because it's actually "Take your Cat to the VET week. I got a Rabies shot. That's not too bad. But the Doc, it was a nice Lady Doc, insisted of looking into my mouth and it turns out I have a bum tooth. I have to go back in tomorrow to get my teeth cleaned and maybe the bum tooth has to come out. Rats! The guy Doc will take care of my toothies tomorrow. The Lady said he LIKES working on cat's teeth. Weird. I would much rather have the Lady Doc again. She is nice.

Now get this: Mom wants me to start a Revolution! She asked the vet about Revolution and the vet said sure I can have a Revolution. It's gonna do me some good. I don't really want a Revolution. I wonder what gave Mom that idea? I'm a real gentle and nice guy. It looks like Mietzi is supposed to join me in the Revolution. Now what kind of Revolution should we start? Cats Rule and Dogs Drool? Well, that's kind of obvious. This requires some thought. You guys gotta help me think. I've never started a Revolution before. I'll think on it while I get my bum tooth fixed.

I wonder what the piece of paper means that Mom taped to the kitchen cabinet? It says: TIMO NO BREAKFAST!

Let's start a Revolution


Well, call me Grandpaw

August 19th 2010 6:38 pm
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Hi furrs,

Boy, what a day I’ve had. I went in for my Rabies shot yesterday and they made me come back today to mess with my teeth. Well, call me Grandpaw, I've lost three teeth. I took this long nap at the vet and when I woke up those three teeth were missing. My teeth had gotten too absorbed with themselves says Mom. I’m back home now. I’ve been hanging out in the kitchen ever since I came back home, I think that was three hours ago. I’m so hungry!

Get this: Mom forgets to give me breakfast this morning and do you know what the vet offered me after my nice, long nap? Hills Science Diet. When Mom picked me up the vet tech told her that I ate nothing and maybe I don’t like their food. “You got that right, Lady” I thought. I don’t like that food. I want my Blue Buffaloes. They told Mom I could have a SMALL meal today. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Small meal? No way. I’m hungry! I got some oral pain meds squirted into my mouth, so I feel no pain, MOL. So far Mom only gave me ¾ of my normal meal.

Now the good thing is Miss Ginger Vitis did not visit me. I don’t like her. She is almost as bad as Miss Crystal. I was looking for a bird at the vet’s. Gleek’s vet had this neat talking bird. I asked the other cats there if they had seen a big bird. They thought I was tripping on the pain meds, MOL.

The vet tech called Mom on the way back home to tell her that they forgot to put my collar back on me. Why did they take it off in the first place? I didn’t give them purrmission to do that. So I had to borrow Mietzi’s collar because Mom wants me to wear one. It’s easier for her to hold me and give me my pain meds that way. I’m wearing a girly collar, oh the shame.

Mom tried to take my white Badge of Courage off but I always stand up, rub against her and beg for food. I need to go and talk to Mom about the food situation. You spend all day away from home and can’t even get a decent meal around here.

Hungry purrs,


My Badge of Courage earned me another trip to the vet

August 20th 2010 4:55 pm
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I was doing so good. I was eating and my teeth didn't hurt much at all. I had decided to keep my Badge of Courage on for a while longer because, well, because I'm courageous. I wouldn't let Mom take it off last night or this morning. So tonight when she came home from hunting she wanted to take it off for sure.

And, horror, my paw was all SWOLLEN. Mom hurried and got it off really fast. I meowed like crazy when she cut through the bandage because my paw hurt SO MUCH. Mom was making all these weired noises and kept saying she is so sorry. She grabbed the carrier and I walked in by myself because I knew she meant business. There was no point in argueing with her. To the vet I went in a hurry.

Mom had called while we were on the way. When we got there the receptionist was gonna make Mom wait. By this time Mom was close to losing it. I had seen water drip down her face while we were in the car. Thankfully the nice vet Lady came out just at that moment, and Mom said she doesn't know how long the circulation in my paw had been cut off and IS IT GOING TO BE MUCH LONGER? Well, say no more. My friend, the nice vet Lady, Doctor S. took me to a room right away. She felt my paw and it feels warm. That is good. You don't want it feeling cold or hot she said. She asked me if I can walk on it. So I showed her. Yes, I can walk on it. I can type with it too but kinda slow because I keep hitting two keys at once.

The vet thinks I will be just fine. The swelling should go down in 12 hours. Mom is supposed to leave it alone and call her tomorrow. Now Mom is watching me every five minutes to see if the swelling went down yet.

Kitties, listen to Grandpaw Timo: If you get a Badge of Courage you can't keep it. You'll have to part with it when you get back home, no matter how courageous you are. Mom just came back in and she smells like neighbor boy cat. The nerve of that woman. She let me sniff her hands but I walked away in protest. She said she had to help cut neighbor boy cat's claws.

I'll ask Mom to put some pictures of my huge paw up soon.
Bye furrs *Timo waves with his swollen paw*

Paw Script: If you could say a purr and a prayer for me to be OK please, I would apurreciate it so much. You don't have to give me any gifts. Safe those for the kitties that are much sicker, but Mom is still very worried. So some purrs might help to calm her down. Thank you.


No More Mr. Big Foot

August 21st 2010 6:03 am
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Oh thank goodness, the swelling in my paw has almost completely gone down. I think I'll be O.K. Thanks for your purrs. They helped. Yesterday at the vet, the nice Lady vet grabbed me and wanted to show my swollen paw to the other Doctor. But he was busy. Geez, I was being shown around like a freak.

I showed my paw to Mietzi and told her that I'm the Big Foot Monster. She didn't believe me. The vet looked at my mouth too yesterday and it's healing really good. I just got my pain meds squirted into my mouth. As Mom was doing that, I let her know that my mouth hurts a bit. But it will feel better in a minute now that I have my meds.

Mom apologized a hundred times to me about not taking my Badge of Courage off sooner. I tried to play on her sympathy and begged for kibble. But the vet said no hard food for at least two days after my surgery. So I didn't get any.

You all have a fun weekend. I've had enough excitement to last me for a long time.

I'm going to clean my normal sized paws now,

Paw Script: In all the excitement yesterday Mom forgot to ask the vet to give me my collar back. So I'm still wearing a girl collar.

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