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My New Family

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My First Week

November 27th 2008 11:56 am
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Well it has been 1 week since I moved in with my new family, and I have settled in so well, except for a thing that lives in their dining room is scaring me (Anna the house Bunny). At the moment we are daring each other who can get closer without the other running off.

My new mummy has spent a lot of time, loving, kissing and grooming me. She always keeps my food bowl topped up and when I need a love, I only have to meow and she comes running to see if I am ok. My Mummy and I play loads of games together and she even lets me sneak on the bed when my new Daddy is not looking.

In the last week, my mummy took me to the vet and was very proud when I passed with flying colours, I have been given a new name as I was known as Timmy, but Mummy says a little girl should have a girls name so now my name is Tilly.

I have my own room and a big bed but on a night time I have taken to sleeping on the floor near my Mummy's bed, the other morning I scared her as she touched me instead of getting a blanket off the floor. She has taken loads of photos on me and I have my own page on Catster.

My mummy tells me everyday that she loves me and gives me a big hug I think I like it here, she tells me that this is forever.

Thanks mummy for taking me xx


3 Weeks since I moved in

December 7th 2008 1:27 pm
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Well this weekend has been very eventful, I think my new mummy and daddy are doing their house up, I helped them strip the lounge and then this man came and covered all the walls as well as splashing the floor and my mummy leather settee.

I even tried to help put the wallpaper in black bags, and my mummy had to keep removing me from the bags. With the room being done, Anna the house bunny has been kept in the kitchen/dinning room as my mummy says she can not be left with the settee. So I am the top cat this week having the full run of the lounge :o)

Next week mummy is putting up the christmas tree, she keeps saying she hopes I am not like Rhea who spent last year mostly up the tree. Mummy says I have got some presents and a special christmas meal, I am sooooo looking forward to christmas day.

I am also settling in well, I have now been on the settee and love the cushions, and when I can I sneak on my mummy's bed and lay fully stretched on my daddy's side and he has to squeeze on the edge of the bed ;o)

Tilly x


Christmas Day

December 26th 2008 10:47 am
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I woke my mummy and daddy up this morning early, not just because Santa had been but also I felt it was time for breakfast.

I got fresh cat food and some of my favourite biscuits with a felix cat treat too. Then I got presents from my new mummy and daddy, i got a wiggly thing on a stick, not too keen on it at the moment, three little mice with catnip and 4 different cat toys from my Grandma.

Anna (arch enemy) also got presents, tried to pinch the ball but mummy told me it was Anna's.

Mummy told me that I had got a special dinner, duck and christmas vegetables was not too keen so mummy gave me beef Felix and I was so happy.

I have really settled into my new home now, I have complete run of their home, on a night time I sneak on their bed and snuggle down with my mummy and I feel loved. I purrr and purrr more and more each day and every morning before my mummy goes to work we have 10 minutes cuddle time and I get all the attention. When my mummy gets home we have Tilly time all over again until I get fed up with the cuddles :o)

Thank you mummy for taking me on and I love you very much, I am now going to curl up on your bed and snuggle into your blanket. Don't tell Daddy as I know he is not a big fan of me being on the bed, but if you don't tell I won't

Love Tilly Woo xx


Busy Mummy

January 5th 2009 12:53 pm
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For the last few weeks, my mummy has been very busy with work stuff, when she is on the computer, I snuggle onto her knee and go to sleep. The other morning it was early and still a bit chilly so Mummy wrapped us both in a blanket whilst she worked away.

Anna and I are getting on more better these days, not to sure when she make a sneaky move on me, Mummy says I must be nice to Anna as she is smaller than me and she does not have sharp nails as I do.

I have found a great place to snuggle, under my mummy's bed she has a basket with additional clothes in and snuggle right in, my mummy got very worried the other day as I was busy snuggling and she couldn't find me. She was running round the house shouting 'Tilly, Tilly where are you?' I did venture out when I realised that my mummy was really worried and thought that I had got out and without my collar and name tag. I must do it again as my mummy scooped me up and covered me in kisses and cuddles.

Going now to find my daddy, I think it is time for catch the fish on a piece of string, my favourite toy and daddy is better at playing it with me, no offence mummy, daddy is more rough and tumble and me like :o)



January 21st 2009 1:41 pm
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Since coming to live at my new home, I have been kept as a indoor kitty only going out on a lead due to my mummy losing her last two cats in car accidents.

Well today, my daddy was left in charge and I escaped twice out of the back door, but me being so lazy and not really interested in running just wandered out, so this made me easy to catch.

Before I came to live here I was always placed outside so in this cold weather I am very happy to snuggle up in the house and away from the windy weather. I get to watch the birds out of the window and my mummy does let me wander the garden when she is with me.

Sometime I do get stroppy when I want to go out but I am not allowed, also I try to attack the lead when I think my mummy is not looking. I am hoping to go out in the summer, but remain around the garden, as in my last home I was too fluffy and lazy to wander far or get dirty and just pottered around the near area.

Well as I write this I am now lovely and snug on my mummy's bed, watching the tv, in a bit I am going to go and get my supper and turn in for the night, if I am lucky I might even get in the bed, not if my daddy has anything to do with it.

Good night everyone

Tilly xx


Not Friends

January 27th 2009 12:10 pm
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i have been to the vets today and had my annual jab and I am not a happy kitty. Mummy tried to brib me into the cat basket and I knew I was in trouble. We went in the car and it was either the vets or holiday at Angies cat lodge and it wasn't the latter.

I have put on weight since I came to live at my new home, and mummy says that she will have to watch what I am fed, I have no problem with what I eat so why is she watching what I eat??

I get special care when I go to Angie's cat Lodge as my mummy works there on a Wednesday night each week, this is where I met my new mummy, she fell in love with me and I moved in on the 17th November 2008. I get a special treat of tuna or prawns in the morning and in an evening chicken or beef along with my normal meal too. Auntie Angie, makes sure i am groomed everyday and loved, whilst my mummy is on holiday. Also my mummy is happy knowing I am safely at Angies too.

I meowed all the way to the vets and my mummy sang to me whilst she was driving, she was murdering the song but it was funny when she tried to change the words to fit in with me. i wondered what the person in the other car was thinking if he had looked into the mirror whilst at the traffic lights to see mummy singing and dancing in what looked like an empty car, as he couldn't see me in my cat box on the front seat ;o) I bet he thought she had lost it, it made me laugh and the journey seemed quicker.

Mummy promised me that the vets trip would be quick, and it was, in I went ..... jabbed ..... and out. Mummy told me that my daddy would love the £27 bill for my booster. Mummy says that daddy has his car and she has me so what is £27 when it comes to me.

I am slowly forgiving my mummy, she keeps making sure I am ok, i might milk it for a couple of more hours as I know she is feeling guilty over the jab, Going to go and get on her lap on the bed loads of cuddles is what I need right now.

Tilly xx


Poorly Me ....

January 28th 2009 11:56 am
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I have been poorly for the last 24 hours since my annual booster, my mummy went to bed, and I woke her up making wimpering noise and then I was sick all over my mummy's room carpet, she run downstairs and made sure I was ok, cleaned up and then picked me up and took me to her bedroom so she could keep a closer eye on me.

All night she kept checking on me, but I was too poorly to get up and remained curled up at the side of the bed.

This morning she made sure I was well wrapped up, and left me on the bed whilst she went to work. She phoned the vet as soon as they were open to be told that this was sometimes the case, and it would last for 24 hours. She has driven home in her morning, and lunch break to see if I was ok, she could not come home as she had an important training course today that she couldn't miss.

Tonight my mummy has made me scrambled eggs which I have just licked, but I have been very needy tonight and I am snuggled on my mummy's knee purring away. I am feeling a bit better now, and have had a bit to eat, my nose is wet and cold, not like last night when it was dry and I just could not get comfortable.

My mummy does not know if I have reacted this way to a booster before as she has only had me 2 months and neither Rhea or Pebbles had any reaction, so she was really scared last night that something would happen to me whilst she was sleeping.

Thank you mummy for taking care of me, love you loads Tilly xx


Thank you

January 31st 2009 9:12 am
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To everyone who sent me get well wishes, thank you.

It took me 36 hours to recover from my booster injection, mummy was so worried about me as I did not want to get up and when I ate something I kept being sick.

Mummy knew I was better when I asked for food 36 hours later (5am) at the side of her bed, and yes she did get out and feed me as she had been so worried about me not eating.

Again thanks for the wishes,

Tilly x



February 1st 2009 11:00 am
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Today has been very different, as I was sat in the window watching for birds, white things started falling out of the sky. Mummy kept saying to me 'Tilly look it's snowing', mummy seemed really excited like a small child. She told me she had not seen this amount of snow fall since she was a small child. She picked me up and into the garden we went. The snow was falling really fast and very soon we were covered.

Mummy placed me on the floor, and no way it was too cold and I quickly wanted picking back up again. I curled into my mummy and she realised that I did not like being out and took me back into the warm kitchen.

We then carried on watching it snow from the window sill, I am so glad that I did not have to go out in this, and do prefer the warm house instead.

A bit later on though mummy was cursing that it was terrible to drive in and now she remembers why she dreads it when the weather forecaster predict snow. Now she is hoping that for work tomorrow morning the snow will be all gone. I do not care, I am inside where it is snug :o)



February 12th 2009 2:26 pm
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Both Anna (the house bunny) and I have been in the bad books today. Mummy is trying to paint her front room, Anna and I are covered in paint from the walls. Anna looks really funny as she is now covered in red paint, and I am covered in white paint from the door frames.

My mummy only has to turn her back for one minute and we are in the room causing a riot :o), Anna started it and it looked like fun so we started chasing each other around the furniture. Then mummy started chasing us round the furniture too, shouting 'Anna, Tilly, NO NO NO!!!

We thought she was playing too and started going faster. Eventually we were both caught, separated and given a small telling off. I was sent to the bedrooms and Anna was caught and put in my cat basket until it was safe enough for her to hop around.

I think my mummy is just a bit stressed, as later my daddy got a telling off as well.

I am back in her good books, as she has been cuddling me on the bed, and I was told that I must be a good girl tomorrow as she is painting again. Yes right mum, Anna same time tomorrow :o)

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