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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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I heard a horrible rumor!!!

September 14th 2010 11:37 am
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So the other night I was sitting on the sofa with mom and dad and Chloe and I hear the most horrible rumor... I heard them tell Chloe she was getting a sister! I know it just has to be a rumor because I know they would NEVER bring another dog in the house... would they? Please, say it ain't so!! My Chloe is the only dog I want here and didn't we try this before? That last one, what was her name... Addison... she tried to eat me! Oh no, not again! I heard them say it is a puppy... great! She'll be thinking I'm her toy and chasing me all around the house. What is a cat suppose to do to be the dominator around here? Doesn't my mom know that I only tolerate Chloe because I don't have a choice? My being nice to Chloe isn't a green light to bring more of the canine species into the house. Oh my whiskers, what to do, what to do! I'm just hoping it is just a rumor and that maybe I was dreaming or something. I'll let you all know what happens cause rumor has it that the new pup arrives on Friday. But I thought mom said they were going to the mountains this weekend? They better not EVEN think about leaving that thing at home with me while they're gone... NO WAY, NO HOW! But I know mom and she takes Chloe everywhere so I'm sure if there is a pup coming, that pup is sure in the heck going with them and I say good riddens! Sorry pals, but I'm like a'freakin out right now! You know me, I'm the wussy pussy and something like this is just making me crazy. But then again, if it IS a pup, then I can whip it into shape from the beginning just like I did Chloe and make it my doggie slave... MOL:)


It's arrived!

September 21st 2010 9:26 am
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Well, the rumor came true and I was right... it's a pup and it's name is Echo. It's an aussie like my dog Chloe. She's 10 weeks old and I have to admit, she's a cute little thing and you know what? She really hasn't bothered me much. Mom is real careful to be sure she doesn't come in my room and she wasn't home much over the weekend since they went to the cabin. Echo really didn't discover me until last night. I was sitting on top of the sofa while the family was watching TV when Echo spotted me. She just looked at me and tried to jump up for a closer look. Mom wouldn't let her though. I was surprised that she didn't bark at me. That made me feel better cause I don't think she will try and eat me. Not like the last dog that was here. That one, she definitely wanted to eat me! But Echo, she seems kind of nice, A LOT of energy, but nice. I'm going to keep my distance until she gets some of that bounciness out of her. Heck, if she bounces on me, she'll crush me cause I'm just a frail thing now that I'm getting older. That only part that stinks is the mornings. Now that the pup is here, her and Chloe hang out in the bathroom with mom and that's what I use to do. Mom tries to get me to come in with her, but there is NO WAY I'm going in there with the pup. I understand that mom can't close the door and keep the pup out cause she needs to keep an eye on her and I also understand that she doesn't want to lock the pup in it's crate since she's in there at night and during the day while she's at work, but still, it stinks that I miss my morning time with mom. Hopefully she calms down soon so we all can share the bathroom with mom. I'm sure she'll just love that:)


Mom's worried

September 22nd 2010 8:11 am
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Can someone please help my mom from worrying? She is worried cause she can feel a little bit of boney in my back. You know how when kitties get older, we lose a little bit of that mass from when we are younger? Well, that's starting to happen to me. I had my thyroid test and all is well. And now she's use to carrying around an 18 lb. pup and when she picks up little old 6 lb me she thinks something is wrong cause I'm so light and cause of my little bit of mass loss. I'm fine! I'm eating normal. Drinking normal. Going potty normal. I'm normal! Mom even talked to the vet and he isn't concerned, but mom is driving me crazy worrying and she won't give me a moment of peace. Yes, I'm a little stressed right now with the new pup, but it's nothing to worry about. When the pup bothers me, I just hop on the bed and she can't get me. Mom still brings on me the sofa with them at night and she lets me sleep with her in bed as usual so nothing has changed. So please, tell my mom I'm okay!

A big shoutout THANK YOU to my fur pal Smudge's mom for the great Fall page she did for me:)


Me v. Pup

September 23rd 2010 6:30 am
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So last night I was sitting on my usual spot on top of the sofa with the family watching TV and mom and dad were doing a real good job at keeping the pup on the floor. However, the next thing I know, BAM! He's the pup, on the sofa, right in my face! Well, I might be a wussy pussy, but I left her know how I felt and I let out a big HISS and smacked her in the face! Mom was shocked and told dad she never heard me hiss before. Darn right I hissed. No pup is going to push me around! After that, the pup starred at me, but didn't try to come after me. I guess I showed her:)

On another note, mom called the vet, yet again, and he said as long as I don't lose a lot of weight (like 6-8 oz) she's not to worry. He really doesn't want her bringing me to the office right now cause I'm already stressed with the pup and I stress bad enough when I have to go to the vet he doesn't want me to have two stresses at once. Thank you Dr. Zimmerman:) I told mom I'm fine and now the doctor told her that again too.


Oh no, not the vet!

September 29th 2010 11:03 am
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I overheard mom talking to dad last night and she said I might have to go to the vet! She said I lost two ozs. since my last weight in (a week ago) and she's concerned cause I lost 5 ozs. in a month. She's waiting on the vet to call her back to see what he wants to do. I told her I'm okay, that my thyroid test is good, but she's still worried. I really hope the vet doesn't want me to come in cause I really, really don't like the vet. It's nothing personal, I just hate leaving the house... period! Keep your paws crossed that I don't have to go in. I'll let you know what happens.

On another note, this morning I was in the bathroom with mom cause I didn't see the pup anywhere. Next thing I know, hear comes the pup! We had a stare down for a few minutes, but mom told the pup not to chase me and guess what? She didn't. I walked right past her and into my crate and she didn't do anything. That really impressed me and I was happy to see that mom can control that little rascal and that the pup doesn't want to eat me!


It happened!

September 30th 2010 8:00 am
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So that talk I told you about, you know, about me going to the vet... it happened! Mom took me and Echo to the vet last night and of course, I was terrified! Mom's friend Nancy went along to help since mom had to take Echo for her puppy shots. As usual, I cried the whole way down. When we got in the room and mom took me out of the carrier, I sat on the table like a statue. She said I looked like a spinx. The vet checked me out and said physically I looked great. He didn't feel any tumors or anything irregular on me. Next came the worse part, they took me in another room and stuck me with a nasty needle to take my blood! I cried really loud and mom said she could hear me the whole way in her room. I was so upset I just clung to the tech lady for a while then I finally went back to mom. I was kind of mad at mom for making me go to the vet in the first place, but I know she was only doing it for my own good. I did lose 7 ounces since March. The only thing the vet couldn't test was my urine cause I went to the bathroom in my carrier on the way down. The vet said I could have stayed there overnight for them to get it but mom knew better than that. They also said that she can bring me back down, but problem is, I always pee in my carrier on the way to the vet. So that only leaves one choice, mom has to try and get it at home. Good luck with that mom! Anyway, after mom calmed me a little, she gave me to Nancy who held me while the doctor examined Echo and gave her the shots she needed. We finally got to leave and I was quite the whole ride home. Nancy couldn't believe how quite I was. Mom told her that I knew I was going home and I am always quite on the way home. I just hope I don't have to go back there anytime soon. The vet is suppose to call mom with the results of my blood tests so I'll let you all know how I make out. If she ever catches my urine then they'll check that too, but like I said, good luck with that!


Good News!

October 1st 2010 8:53 am
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The vet called mom last night and we got good news! He said my bloodwork was pawsome! He didn't see anything abnormal at all. Unfortunately that doesn't explain why I'm losing weight though. He told mom that sometimes older cats develope a form of lympthomia and it can't always be detected until a tumor or lump forms. He said he could do radiographs or ultrasounds, but even then, unless it's large enough he might not see it. He also said that it might just be because I'm getting older and my body is changing that I'm losing the weight. He did say he would still like a urine sample so she still thinks she's going to get that from me... MOL:D He told mom just too keep a close eye on my weight and eating habits and he'll recheck me in February when I go in for my shots. See, I tried to tell her I was okay!

So, last night I hung out on the sofa with mom, dad and the pooches. Echo was funny. She was laying on the sofa beside dad, but she was facing me. She would creep closer and closer to where I was (I was at my usual spot on the top of the sofa). Mom kept telling her "no" and she would crawl back a little. Then when she thought mom wasn't looking, she'd creep forward again. It was hilarious! I knew she wasn't going to hurt me so I wasn't freaking out. After a while she got bored cause I didn't do anything then she went off to play with Chloe. Dogs!

Mom is going to the mountains again, but she said they'll be home tomorrow. That's good cause I do miss them when they're gone. At least I do get some peace and quiet from the mutts!


That darn pup!

October 4th 2010 12:30 pm
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So last night I was laying on the bed and I decided to go into my room for a bite to eat. I jumped down off the bed and BAM! That darn pup pounced right on top of me. I didn't even realize she was in the room cause mom doesn't usually let her in there (acutally, I don't know that mom knew she was in there). Well, I let that pup knew I didn't appreciate being pounced on and I gave out a hiss and I smacked her in the face with my paw. She can be glad I don't have claws or I would have done some damage that's for sure. I shocked her enough though that I was able to make my get away and I jumped back on the bed. Mom finally saw what was going on then carried me to my room and put me in so I could eat. Thank goodness! That pup better watch her step cause there's more where that came from. I might be old, but I'm still mighty:)



November 1st 2010 8:14 am
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Hi All! Mom entered me in the World's Coolest Cat photo contest. Below is the link to my photos. Please vote for me if you like my photos. So far I only have 1 vote and that's from my mom :( Hopefully I get more votes. Thanks!

Vote for Gizmo in the World's Coolestcat pictures & breed info


Hi All!

November 3rd 2010 5:45 am
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I just wanted to say Hi to everyone! Not much has been going on here. The pup has been terrorizing me, but that's to be expected. Mom has been really good in making her keep her distance. The three of us can actually lay on the bed together with mom and the puppy doesn't pounce on me:) I've been maintaining my weight, so that is making mom happy, although she still thinks I'm too thin. She still monitors my pee and poop like a mad person... for real! I cuddle with mom every night when she goes to bed. I wait for her to get in her sleeping position, then I get in mine, curled up right against her side and I purr both of us to sleep. She tells me that she just can't fall asleep that easlily if I'm on there. My family is going to the mountains this weekend so I guess she won't be sleeping to well and neither will I. I'm always a bit nervous when my family is gone. Yes, they always have someone checking on me and it's only like a day that I don't see them, but still, I don't like being alone, even if it's only for a day. Mom said she'd take me along, but she knows that would be even worse for me and she's definitely right about that! I never like to leave the house! Oh yeah, mom said she's going to try to take a picture of me with fall type decorations for my page. Good luck with that mom! Thanks to Smudge's mom for my pawsome Thanksgiving page!!

So, as you can see, not a whole lot happening around here. Just tolerating the pup and chilling with mom. Oh yeah, mom entered a couple pictures of me in the World's Coolest Cat & Dog Show so if you don't mind, please vote for me. I doubt I'll get many votes, but mom thinks I'm cute so I guess that's all that matters:)

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