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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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My sister is sick:(

September 24th 2009 4:56 am
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My sister Jazz is sick. She used to live with mom's grandpa and then when he passed away in 2002 she went to live with mom's dad. After he passed away last month, Jazz went to live with mom's mom. Poor girl has been bounced all around. My mom said she isn't eating so they took her to the vet last night. The vet thinks all the stress triggered something in her liver. She has to stay in the hospital for a few days. My mom is very, very sad as am I. Please say some prayers for my sister so she gets better and that the treatment works. I don't want to lose my sister:(


My sister - sad news

September 25th 2009 4:54 am
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Last night the vet called mom and it was very sad news. He told her that Jazz is very sick and that after all the tests and the course of treatment, there is nothing he can do for her. He said that all the food they gave Jazz yesterday through the feeding tube, she threw up and that is a very bad sign. Mom cried so much because they have to put Jazz down today. I didn't know my sister real well, but she was at our house the other week for a couple days and I was happy to see her and it made me feel good to know I had a sister still around. But now she'll be gone and it makes me very sad. It also makes me sad to see mom crying all the time. A person can only handle so much and I'm afraid that this could be the breaking point for her. She came home sick from work yesterday and the doctor said it is either the "bug" going around or stress. I'd bet stress because poor mom has not had a bright moment since her dad passed. Yes, I'm sad but I know I'll make it through... mom, I'm not so sure.


New pix

October 5th 2009 6:50 am
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Well, this weekend mom tried to take a picture of me for the fall. I'm sure you can see on my page, that didn't quite happen. Mom wanted to take a picture of me outside by this tree, but the minute she put me down, I made a bee line for the door. I HATE THE OUTDOORS!!! She tried a couple times, but then I finally told her I had enough and bit her. Yeah, yeah, I know, that's not a good kitty, but I REALLY didn't want to be outside. Mom didn't yell at me though because she knows I don't like it outside. She said she'll just have to take my photo for Halloween and take it inside. So that is why my photo still didn't get changed.

Also, mom was cleaning stuff up in this one room and I decided to go in and explore. While I was exploring, I didn't realize mom left and she closed the door. I WAS TRAPPED!! I cried and cried, but mom didn't hear me. A little while later, mom finally came back in the room and I darted out and went straight to my crate. Boy, that will teach me from exploring to unknown territory.

So that was my exciting weekend. Yeah, I know, a lot of excitement for a cat that doesn't like any excitement, but I survived to tell the tale.



October 26th 2009 12:22 pm
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Just wanted to drop a line to say "HI" to everyone. I know it's been a while, but mom has been busy. She just got back from a trip to New York. I missed her and was glad she when she got home. She seems to be worried about me though. She said I look like I don't feel good. I don't know why she says that because I feel fine. I think mom is just worried because of all the bad stuff that's happened lately. I hope she doesn't continue to think I don't feel good or I know what that means... a trip to the vet... NO!!! I don't like the vet because it's scary, but I know mom only takes me to keep me healthy.

Oh yeah, sorry, but we won't have a Halloween picture this year. Mom said she won't have time this week and it doesn't make much sense to do one on Saturday when Saturday is Halloween. She promises to do a Thanksgiving picture though and maybe have a Thanksgiving page too my friend Smudge's mom is up for it. She's so nice to do my page and my dog Chloe's page cause our mom isn't good with that kind of computer stuff:)

Well, I gotta go. I'll meow at you all later!


Turkey day is coming!

November 23rd 2009 5:59 am
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Hello all! I know it's been a while, but nothing much has been happening. As you can see from my photo, mom still didn't get a chance to take a Thanksgiving picture and she said she probably won't before Thursday either. But she did promise to do a Christmas picture... oh joy! joy! We all know how much I love having my picture taken... NOT! But I guess that's just what I have to do to make mom happy. Mom did say that turkey day is coming and she'll give me some yummy turkey:)' That is about the only table food I'll eat, but even then, I have to be in the mood for it. Guess we'll see what kind of mood I'm in on Thursday. At any rate, I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving and try not to eat too much that you're stuffed like your turkey! MOL:D


Happy Thanksgiving

November 30th 2009 9:40 am
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Yes, I know I'm late in wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but it's the thought that counts, right? I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Me, I just chilled as usual. I didn't have turkey, but that's because I didn't want any. Mom tried to give me some, but I said "NO WAY"! You all know how I am, I don't like anything except my dry kitty food. There was some exciting stuff going on at my house this weekend. Mom put up all the decorations for Christmas. I like this because I lay under the tree and also try to eat the nativity set (as you saw in last year's photo). Even though I am a wussy pussy, I do like all the lights and stuff mom puts up (as long as it keeps its distant from me) MOL:D Mom did put up on new thing this year that I'm not to crazy about. She said it's a train, but all I know is that it makes noise and moves and I don't like that one bit! Although, I must say it didn't hurt me so I guess I can deal with it. Mom said she'll hopefully have my Christmas photo up within the next week or so. Let me tell you, I hate what she's doing with me this year!!! She tried this thing on me and I look ridiculous! But hey, it's Christmas so I guess doing this for mom will be my gift to her.


Crazy week

December 21st 2009 10:48 am
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This past week has been one crazy week! We had a visitor for a few days at our house and her name was Addy. She looked like a smaller version of Chloe'. Mom said it was our new sister, but she didn't stay long. Apparently, she didn't like the crate (which mom didn't know about until after the fact) and she had issues with Chloe' and really did NOT like me!! I was totally freaked out! She chased me all over the place and I was afraid if she got a hold of me she was going to eat me... YIKES! I don't know if she would have or not because mom made sure she didn't get close enough to me, but I was scared and didn't want to come out of my crate. After a few days, Addy was gone. Mom said it just didn't work out because she didn't like the crate and she didn't really seem to like me or Chloe' either. Mom cried a lot and was really sad. Me, I'm not afraid anymore and can go back to my normal routine. Heck, I couldn't even go in the bathroom and hang with mom in the morning while she got ready for work because Addy would guard the door so I couldn't come in:( I would have tolerated her like I do Chloe' but Addy, she just really didn't like me. Anyway, I think mom feels a little better now because Addy found a new home with no other animals and two human brothers which mom said will be good for her because she can get 100% of the attention and she deserves that. I'm just glad mom isn't as sad and that I don't have to be afraid anymore.

On another note, with all that excitement, mom didn't have the chance to take a new Christmas picture for my page. That is just alright by me because I saw the getup she wanted me to wear and let me tell you, it was sooooooo embarrassing! Our friend Smudge's mom did get us a cool Christmas page though... THANK YOU!!!

We're trying to get out our Christmas gifts to all of our pals, but for some reason the gift page won't load the entire way on mom's computer. She keeps trying and hopefully it works before Christmas gets here!


Winter Blues

January 12th 2010 12:03 pm
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Well, let me tell you, even though I never leave the house, I can still get the Winter Blues. I can feel it all around our house. Chloe' is SOOOOOOOOO moody! She mopes around and is snippy with everyone, especially mom. She is not very nice to our mom even though mom tries to do things with her. Just the other day they were playing hide and seek. Mom tried to get me to play and hid me, but needless to say, I wanted no part of it and just hopped back up on the bed. That is about all I do normally, but when the rest of the house is in a "funk" that makes me "funky" too... MOW:) Anyway, I just wanted to check in and see how everyone's year was starting off. Check out my cool new page that my pal Smudge's mom did for me. Isn't it so cool??? Smudge's dog Wesley was entered into some photo contest and Smudge thinks he won. Go check out Chloe's page to find out more about this. Me, I'm just going to curl up between the pillows and take another snooze... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Tasty string

January 22nd 2010 5:02 am
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Last night mom forgot to close the bedroom door, so needless to say, I took advantage of that. I was romping around the living room and mom came up from downstairs. She said it sounded like a herd of elephants jumping around. She was upset though and started playing with me. Now remember, I'm not a kitty that likes to play much, but for some reason, I was in a playful mood last night. Mom found this little piece of string and she kept throwing it in the air for me. I would try to catch it or if it fell too far from me, I would stalk it then pounce on it! We played this game for a little while, but then I decided it was time to teach this string a lesson and I ate it! It tasted funny and mom laughed at the funny faces I was making. She tried to take it from me, but I ran from her. This morning, mom asked me if I pooped out my string yet... MOL:D Hey, what can I say, I'm a cat and I eat things. That's probably why she doesn't let me out unsupervised much. That and the fact that I pee on the floor... opps!


The nerve!

February 4th 2010 5:03 am
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So the other night I hoped in bed to sleep with mom and you won't believe what I saw... the dog was stretched out next to mom sound asleep in my spot! Can you believe the nerve of that dog? I just didn't know what to do? I paced around the bed, went over to dad who scratched me, but really didn't help. He told me to just make her move, but really, how am I, a little 9 lb cat going to move a 50 lb dog... come on dad! And how could mom let this happen? Not only was the dog laying with mom, but mom had her arm around her so she obviously was okay with this situation. Now I know mom loves Chloe', BUT, bedtime and me and mom's time. It's the time when I lay in the crock of mom's arm and we fall asleep together, it's OUR TIME! I was just so beside myself. I walked up over top of mom and stood on her shoulder and looked down over her. She stirred awake a little and I think this was enough to make her realize what was going on because within a few mintues, the dog was on the bed and I assumed my usual position. Happiness at least! Still, I just can't get over of the nerve of Chloe' to take advantage of our mom like that. She knew mom was upset and to sneak in and do that, well, she just needs to know that paybacks are a you know what and she'll get hers. This means was Miss Chloe'! But I got my mom back at bedtime and I aim to keep her!

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