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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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Back to the mountains again:)

February 18th 2013 10:50 am
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Yep, the title tells it all, I got to go back to the mountains! Of course I wasn't happy when mom put me in the carrier cause I wasn't sure where I was going, but once it was longer than the ride to the vet, I had an idea. I wish I could say it was a good ride, but it took longer cause of the traffic and Echo got sick once so we had to stop to get that cleaned up. Anyway, I knew the minute we walked in and mom opened the carrier... I was in the mountains! I was really happy cause I love the mountains:) I hung out on the bed while mom set up all my stuff. Of course she made me go right in the crate to use the litter box. She wasn't even unpacked til I did my business and she let me back out. I was feeling a little loopy from the pill mom gave me, but I still wanted to walk around. I found the dog's water bowl and helped myself to it. They didn't seem to mind. I hung out on the sofa with mom and dad while they watched TV. I wasn't happy just sitting on the regular part of the sofa, I wanted on the top so I hopped on up there. I wanted to clean myself and when I lifted one paw, crash! Yep, I fell off the back of the sofa. Don't worry I was okay, but it scared mom and dad. I guess I was still a little unbalanced from my pill. Echo thought it was funny and came over and nudged me and gave me a little smile. Yes, she actually smiled at me, she tends to do that a lot. But all was okay and I stayed away from the top of the sofa for a while. Later in the evening, some of dads buddies stopped by. They don't bother with me so I didn't mind.

Saturday I didn't do much at all. I was so cozy in the bed where I was with mom during the night that I stayed there until mom finally made me go to the crate to potty. I was a bit hungry too so I chowed down. That was my big excitement for the day.

Sunday we had to head back early cause mom and dad were moving the horses back to their original barn. I knew what was coming when mom got a hold of me and made me open my mouth. In went the pill and shortly after I was back in the carrier. Mom said she's hoping that soon I'll get use to the ride and won't need the pill. I don't know, I kind of like the way it makes me feel :) Anyway, we got home without incident and I just hung out on the bed the rest of the day.

It wasn't an exciting trip cause I just hung out inside, but I was happy to go and hope mom takes me next time too!


Another weekend in the mountains!

February 25th 2013 6:10 am
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I love the mountains! We went up again this past weekend and I just loved it! No, I didn't do much, but I was in the mountains, had the run of the cabin and was so relaxed:) I don't enjoy the ride up and back and the pill makes me feel funny, but once that wears off I can enjoy the fact of being there. I'm so glad mom and dad had to take me over the holidays or else mom never would have known how much I enjoyed it and I wouldn't be going. Now mom said I can go everytime! I will say though that our trip home wasn't as much fun. Mom didn't give me a pill to see how I would do and I didn't like it much. I only cried a little, but I did potty in my carrier:( Mom said she hopes that I will eventually get use to it so I don't have to keep getting pills cause I can't take them furever.

Today I was back in the car, but not to the cabin this time. Mom took all of us to the vet for our yearly teeth cleaning. This is the only time I go to the vet cause mom has them give me my shots then too. Fortunately I only get one this year. Dad will pick us up and I'll do my best not to cry much cause I know that upsets him when I do.

That's abotu all that's been happening around here. Mom said we won't be going to the cabin again for a while and that makes me sad, but I know we can't go every weekend.


Chronic Kidney Disease

February 27th 2013 11:52 am
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I had to go to the vet on Monday to get my teeth cleaned and for my annual shots. I also had blood drawn for my senior profile (since I'm 15) and the results are not too good. Mom told me that I have chronic kidney disease:( I lost almost a pound since last year and that's a lot considering I only weigh 5 lbs! Plus, my eyes don't do what they're suppose to when it's bright and then dark and the vet said that's from some retinal thing going on because of my kidney disease. Right now it's not life threatening, but the vet wanted to let mom know. I don't need any other meds, but they are changing my diet to a lower protein that mom is getting from them. This all sounds so scary to me so please say a prayer that nothing happens and I live for a long time. Mom said not to worry that whether I have a year or 10 years, she'll make sure that I am happy:) I guess that's all a kitty can ask. I know I'm glad that mom is taking me to the cabin all the time cause those are the bestest times of my life now! And the vet said that the medicine mom gives me to make me calm won't make my disease worse, but it would be good if I can eventually not take them so I think mom is going to slowly cut the dose back and hopefully get to where I don't need any at all. I think we'll get the eventually. So, that's the latest with me. I wish it was something good to tell, but I guess it could be worse too.


Finally, back to the mountains

March 18th 2013 6:29 am
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Yep, I got to go to the mountains this past weekend. I just love the mountains so much and I'm SO glad mom takes me all the time now. I'm not crazy about the pill she gives me, but I also know I don't like it when I don't get it cause I get all worked up.

Anyway, we went up Friday and stayed til Sunday. I lounged around on the sofa, one the bed, explored all over. I even hung out in the bathroom while mom got a shower, something I don't get to do at home. I guess one of the reasons I like the mountains so much is cause I get to go anywhere I want in the cabin. I know it's my fault for going potty where I shouldn't at home and that's why I don't have the run of the house there. I'm just really happy mom takes me now. Although, I wasn't too happy with all the noise on Saturday and to tell you the truth, I don't think mom was either. A bunch of dad's Ridge Runner buddies were at the cabin all day. And when I say all day, I mean all day. They showed up around 11am and never left until like 5 or something like that. I do know mom wasn't happy and her and dad were arguing cause of it. Hey sorry dad, but I have to side with mom on this one. They are way too loud and even I can't get any rest and that's saying something since I can sleep through just about anything. Poor mom comes up to relax and all she has is a bunch of guys talking louder than a thunderstorm. For some reason I don't think that will happen again anytime too soon.

Our trip home wasn't that good. The vet told mom to try and cut my pill back to 1/8. Going up I was okay with that, but coming home was another story. I got myself really worked up and was panting a lot. Mom made dad pull over and gave me another pill and I did finally calm down after a little while. I know mom wants me off the pills and I should be use to going in the car by now as much as we go, but it still bothers me. Hopefully it soon doesn't.

I did get to hang out downstairs with everyone when we got home. I sit on the top of mom's recliner for a long time. When I got tired of sitting there, I jumped down and laid behind it for a while then I finally went back upstairs to the bedroom. Mom said she likes when I hang out with them. I'll have to do that more often.

Well, that's about all I have for you. I don't know when our next trip to the mountains will be, but I'll be sure to tell you about it when we go. Have a good one!


Happy Belated Easter!

April 1st 2013 1:18 pm
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Sorry, I'm not a very good pal... I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Well, I didn't really forget, it's just nothing has been happening so I haven't posted in a while and then with all that's been happening with dad and his surgery, I didn't get a chance. So, Happy Belated Easter to everyone and thanks to all my pals who sent me those wonderful Easter gifts:)

The only thing happening around here is that dad had surgery last week. He went in the morning and came home around dinner time and he's doing well. I like him being home for a while cause that means I'm out of my crate more:)


Finally a weekend away!

April 23rd 2013 11:52 am
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Mom, dad and the dogs all went someplace twice and I had to stay home, but mom promised it wasn't the mountains and she promised that I will always be able to go to the mountains with them. Mom kept her promise and after a month, I finally got to go back to the mountains again.

We went Friday after work, but it was a rough ride though cause of the storms. We got hit really bad when we got close to the cabin and the rain was so loud on the windshield that I got scared and cried a little. Mom petted me though to calm me down and by the time we reached the cabin, it stopped raining.

I was really happy to be there and made my rounds through the cabin. The pill mom gives me to stay calm for the ride always make me feel funny when it's wearing off so sometimes I cry when I'm walking. It doesn't hurt or anything, just feels weird. Well I cried more than usual so mom held me for a while and I took a nap. When I woke up I felt like my old self.

It was pretty cold this past weekend so mom wouldn't let me go outside. I tried to sneak out a couple times when they would let the dogs in or out, but mom caught me everytime. She said I can't be out without being held or with a harness on. She said if I got lost in the mountains she'd never find me and I might get eaten by some coyote. YIKES! I'll be sure I don't stray too far. But mom said she will buy me a little harness and leash so I can be outside when it's nice.

We had to come home Sunday and I was none too happy about that. Mom gave me my pill and waited a little while before we left. She calls me the "drunk kitty" when I'm on that pill cause I fall all over the place. Anyway, it started to wear off on the way home so I did cry a little and dad said I gave him a headache. Sorry dad:( When we got home I went upstairs and was suppose to go in my crate to potty, but I just laid under the living room chair. I try to pretend that I have the run of the house like I do the cabin, but that is usually short-lived when dad finds me.

All in all I had a nice weekend. Mom said we are going back up this weekend with her friend Nancy. I like Nancy,she would always come check on me when mom and dad would go somewhere that I couldn't go. Dad isn't going cause he has to work. It will be nice to have a "girls" weekend for a change:)


I met a horse!

April 29th 2013 9:04 am
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Yes, I had quite the interesting weekend and it all started Friday afternoon.

Mom, her friend Nancy, Chloe, Echo and I were all going to the cabin this weekend. But first mom had to go to the barn for some lady to do something to the horses. I have no idea what she was doing. She was like massaging them and pulling on their tails and all kind of weird stuff. It was my first time ever at the barn. Mom made me wear a harness and leash just in case I decided I wanted to jump from her arms and make a run for it. Yeah, right mom! When mom first got out of the car with me a big dog came running at us. Mom called it Jada and it scared me. I clung to mom with my death grip. Fortunately for mom I don't have claws! I will say though that Jada didn't try to hurt me so I pretty much just ignored her like I do my dogs. So next we went into the barn and mom put me in my carrier while she brought in the horses. I wasn't too thrilled, but at least I knew nothing would eat me in my carrier. I saw mom bring these huge things that she calls horses into the barn and I almost peed my crate they were so big! Once mom put them all in their stalls, she got me out of the carrier and held me for a while. She took me to one horse she called Tequilla. She was HUGE! She put her nose right on my and when she breathed, my hair got blown all around. I thought for sure she was going to take a bite out of me, but she didn't, thank goodness! Once I got use to Tequilla, mom put me on her back. Ah, I guess mom didn't get the memo that cats don't ride horses, but I let her know really quick when I tried to jump off. Don't worry, mom never took her hands off of me so I didn't make it far. After my little encounter, mom put me on a bale of hay and I settled in and watched all the activity. Jada would come visit me from time to time, but I would just turn my head and ignore her and she would go away. When the lady came to work on the horses, that's when mom gave me my happy pill for our ride to the cabin. Well, I'm sure you can guess that shortly after that I was in La La land and nothing bothered me, so when mom put me back in my carrier a little while later and we headed to the cabin, I didn't mind a thing.

Mom has a couple of pix of me at the barn so check them out if you get a chance.


Girls weekend in the mountains

April 29th 2013 9:30 am
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After my little adventure at the barn, I was ready to get to the cabin and relax and that's exactly what I did! The ride wasn't bad cause I was zoned out most of the way and I was still a little groggy when we got there so I napped for a while. Mom cut the grass and her friend Nancy kept me company on the sofa. She's mom's friend who would come and check on me when I have to stay home while mom and dad are gone. She loves cats and I really like her a lot:) Anyway, Friday and part of Saturday was just nice and relaxing with me enjoying being at the cabin. Saturday evening brought something new. Friday night and Saturday morning every time mom would let the dogs out I would run to the door and try to go out with them. Well, mom took this to mean that I wanted to go outside and I guess I could see where she might get that impression, so she took me outside on the patio when her and Nancy were sitting my the fire pit. It was nice outside and mom and Nancy were making smores so that's why they had the fire, but even though it was nice, that didn't mean I wanted to be outside. I looked around for about a nano second then I started crying for mom to let me in. I tried the door, but no luck. Then I looked at the window, but no good there either. Echo came to see if she could help, but she can't open the door or window so she was of no use to me. Mom kept telling me that I was fine and to enjoy the fresh air. Ah mom, I can do that from inside sitting on the window sill. I guess she started to feel bad for me cause I would cry from time to time and kept reaching for the door so she finally let me in. Maybe one day I'll let to hang with everyone on the patio, but it wasn't Saturday!

The rest of my weekend was relaxing. I did my usual of sitting and watching TV with everyone and looking out the big window and watching the birds. We actually have a bird nest right by the front door and I can see them flying in and out. I love it!

Sunday on the way home we made a stop at some place called Red Rabbit. Everyone got some burgers and fries and I just chilled in my carrier. Mom as a pix for me. I was pretty out of it from my pill and I look like it. Mom did offer me a piece of burger, but I don't like any food except my dry catfood. I know, I'm weird.

After we got home I'm suppose to go to my crate or the bedroom, but I've been sneaking under the chair in the living room. I love being able to go in other rooms and I kind of get spoiled at the cabin. When dad came upstairs he saw me, but he didn't make me leave. I did hear him tell mom that I was under the chair and that if I potty anywhere other than my litterbox it's back to solitary for me. It looks like dad may be giving me another chance so I better not blow it! Once I knew I wasn't going to get in trouble, I jumped up on the chair for my nap. Mom found me there and she took a picture. I'm sure she'll post that one too.

So, as you can see from my two posts, I had some excitement this past weekend. Mom says we're going back in a couple weeks and I'll be looking forward to it and I'm going to be on my best behavior at home and prove to dad that I'm a good cat:)


I can't blow it!

May 2nd 2013 6:49 am
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Mom is giving me a chance and I can't blow it! She's been leaving me out of the crate in the evening and letting me go wherever I want. My new favorite spot is on the living room chair. She noticed that when I'm in my crate all day, I won't use the potty. However, when she lets me roam around, I use the potty just like I'm suppose to, just like in the mountains. So today mom decided to let me out of the crate all day, even though dad will be home before her. She told me not to mess this up and I won't... or at least I'll try not to. I want to show mom and dad that I don't need to be kept in my crate anymore when no one is home and that I will use the potty just like all cats should. If I blow this, it will be back to solitary for me... YIKES! Wish me luck!!


Another trip to the mountains

May 17th 2013 6:34 am
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Last weekend we went for 4 days to the mountains for mom's birthday. As usual, I really enjoyed myself. I just love being in the mountains and having the run of the cabin. I even went outside this time! Mom was sitting on the front porch and she took me out with her. However, I didn't like being out there, but when mom put me back in, I would cry to go out. She finally figured out what I wanted. I wanted the door cracked just enough for me to go in and out at MY convenience. That way I didn't feel like I was trapped outside with no way back in. When mom did this, I went out and hung on the porch with her and Echo. I loved rolling around on the porch and I even ate a little bit of grass... YUMMY! I watched the birds that have a nest right next to the door too. I wanted that bird sooooooo bad! But I'm not a mighty hunter cause I'm always in the house so I just had to be happy with watching it.

I can't wait til we live at the mountains all the time and mom said hopefully it won't be too far in the future. But until then, I will be happy to go whenever I can!

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