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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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Hi everyone!

May 11th 2012 12:47 pm
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I just wanted to drop a little note and see how everyone is doing out there? I'm doing okay. Not much happening in my boring kitty life and that's just the way I like it. We did have a little visitor last weekend. Ali's baby came and stayed with us overnight. She didn't both me cause she's so little now and can't walk, but I'm sure once she can walk she'll be chasing me all over. All she did was eat, sleep, cry and poop. And mom says my poop stinks... HA! I've been enjoying my mornings with mom while she gets ready for working and sleeping curled up next to her and her holding my paw. It's a habit now and mom says she can't fall asleep unless she's holding my paw. Most nights I don't mind, but sometimes I like to lay in a different position, but I have to wait until she falls asleep before I can change. My dogs have been good to me, not tormenting me too bad. The weather is getting nicer and although I hate going outside, I enjoy when mom opens the window and I get some fresh air while I'm laying in the sun on the bed. That's my favorite time of day:)

Well, that's about all that's been going on... like I said... boring. I want to wish all my kitty pals' moms a Happy Mother's Day!!


My Echo is sick

May 17th 2012 8:31 am
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I'm not sure if any of you read my dogs' blog, but if you do, you know my dog Echo is sick. She got sick Monday night and has gone to the vet everday since. She spends the days at the vet and comes home at night to sleep. Poor mom is exhausted and I'm all out of sorts. I'm use to my routine with mom. When she goes to bed, I curl up beside her. I go in the bathroom with her in the morning to get ready for work. I hang out with her when she watches TV in bed. But now, mom sleeps on the living room floor with Echo. Echo is in the bathroom with mom when she gets ready. Echo is in my spot on the bed when mom's watching TV. I know my doggie is sick and I want her better, but boy I sure don't like not having my routine. I did get to lay with mom a little last night cause Echo was crashed out in her crate. The vet gave her some medicine that made her really sleepy and she slept for a long time so I was enjoying the brief time I had with mom before she headed back out to the living room for bed. I hope my doggie feels better soon. I know what it's like to be sick and it's no fun. Please say some prayers for my doggie Echo so she gets better soon!


It's been awhile

July 12th 2012 7:47 am
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Hello all! I know it's been awhile, but you know I just lead this action-packed, exciting life and I just don't have the time to post... YEAH RIGHT! Anyway, not much has been happening with me. Mom and dad are back and forth at the cabin so different people come to check on me. I don't mind though because I'm use to it. Plus, right now it's just pretty short trips and I can deal with that. It's when mom is gone for like a week that I really get to missing her.

It has been hot around here, at least that's what mom says. I don't go outside at all so I'll take her word for it and just enjoy my AC:D Mom did have a sad thing happen since the last time I wrote though, the barn where the horses live burned down. Don't worry, all the horses are okay, but they lost everything else. Poor mom:(

Well, that's about it for me. Like I said, just days are spent sleeping on the bed or chilling in my crate. I still play with my twisties in the morning and hang with mom while she gets ready for work. Other than that, nothing new. Hope everyone out there is doing well and getting some relief from the heat.


My Birthday

August 20th 2012 11:10 am
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First of all, thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, I really appreciate it.

I really didn't do much on my birthday. I hung out on the bed and mom made sure the dogs didn't bother me at all. I did get a couple new mice and mom had a whole bag of twisties for me:) Nothing special to eat, but that's because I won't eat anything except my dry food. The best part of my day was just chilling on the bed with mom and watching TV later in the evening. I always love hanging with mom especially when she makes the dogs stay off the bed like she did yesterday. Sorry, but sometimes I like to have mom all to myself. Oh yeah, both mom and grandma sang Happy Birthday to me which was nice. Dad wished me a Happy Birthday too and even scratched me a little. Dad isn't much of a cat person so that was a big deal for him. All in all I had a nice day.

Okay, now back to my boring life. I'll be sure to let you know if anything exciting happens in my life, but don't hold your breath!!


Thank you!

August 27th 2012 10:10 am
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I just want to thank Catster for making me Diary Pick the other day. I am truly honored, especially since I lead such a boring life and don't get to write much. I also thank all my Catster pals who sent me congrats and gifts. You are all the best!


What's happening?

September 24th 2012 6:39 am
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What's happening? Not a doggone thing around here and that's the way I like it. Mom and dad are making their regular trips to the mountains and I just chill on the bed or my new favorite place, the window sill, while they're gone. People come to check on me and I really enjoy the company, especially when mom and dad are gone for more than the weekend. Yeah, I'm a cat and I like my independence, but I like to be around people sometime too.

There was a little bit going on a couple weeks ago. My dog Echo got sick again. Poor girl was really sick this time too. Mom spent many nights on the sofe or floor with her. I don't like that cause then I don't get to curl up next to mom at night to sleep, but I do understand why she did it. I know mom would do the same for me too. My dog is doing good now and back to her old self and mom is back in bed!

Last night mom watched the end of her Patriots game in bed and let me tell you, I was none too happy about that. She kept yelling at the tv and that made Echo jump on the bed and almost right on top of me! Not good. And all mom's yelling, well I don't like that at all so after awhile of that, I went back to my crate until the game was over. Can you imagine, all that yelling and mom's team still lost? Maybe next time mom won't yell cause it didn't help this time.

Anyway, that's about all that's going on around here. I see from the window that the seasons are changing and I like watching the leaves blow around. I know mom would let me out to chase them, but you know me, I'm the wussy pussy and never like being outside!


I'm going where?!?!?!?!

November 12th 2012 7:32 am
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I hope everyone survived Hurricane Sandy. Wasn't that crazy? I didn't mind it a whole lot cause I was curled up on the bed and since there was no thunder and lightening, it didn't bother me. Plus, mom was home from work the entire time so I knew she would protect me. I hope everyone made it through okay.

Okay, I heard mom and dad talking about something last night that is really making me nervous. I heard them talking about me going to the mountains with them. I'm going where? I don't think so! I hate being in the car and everyone knows I'm the wussy pussy so why on earth after all these years would mom take me? It seems that everyone who comes to check on me can't when mom and dad go for two weeks over Christmas. Mom said there is no choice but for me to go. I get freaked out just thinking about it. Yeah, it would be really lonely here by myself for two weeks and yeah, I would like to be with mom and dad, but a car ride to a strange place... NO! Mom said she was going to call the vet to find out how to make it as easy on me and without causing too much anxiety. Good luck with that mom! Just in case this happens and I do have to go, any of you out there have any tips for me so I don't stress as much? I can use all the help I can get. I have a little while to prepare for the trip since we won't be leaving until December, but that will be here before I know it.

Oh boy, I guess I will be having an adventure worth talking about after all!


Diary Pick

November 16th 2012 12:13 pm
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Thank you Catster for making me a Diary Pick today:) I guess talk of my upcoming adventure sparked a lot of attention. Let me tell you something, I am NOT looking forward to this trip. And I also know that I am definitely going. I heard mom telling dad that the vet is going to give me a "kitty downer" so I don't get as upset. Really, do they think that will help? Mom seems to think I will have a good time once I'm at the cabin, but we'll see. Good thing is that mom now has internet there so she can keep everyone up-to-date with my first ever trip away from home (other than the vet).

Thanks to all my pals who have been sending me congrats and gifts for my diary pick. I love them all! And thanks to Catster for putting me in the spotlight:)



November 21st 2012 6:36 am
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I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy the day with your families and get some yummy treats:)


I went for a ride

December 5th 2012 8:44 am
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Last night when mom got home, she stuffed a pill down my throat. I wasn't too happy about it, but didn't think much of it. That is until I saw her coming with the carrier she uses to take me to the vet. Well you know I was NOT happy about going to the vet, and it seemed odd cause I know it couldn't have been a year since my last visit so what was up? It didn't take long to figure it out. Mom loaded me up with the dogs and off we went. For sure to the vet. That's the only time we all get in the car. But then we picked up mom's friend Nancy. Humm????? By now I'm feeling pretty good and not too anxious and I'm just chilling and taking it all in. We stopped someplace and mom made us animals stay in the car. I don't really know where we were cause I didn't get out. It smelled funny though, like mom does sometimes when she comes home from the horses so I'm thinking we were at the barn. After we left there, we rode around a little, mom dropped of Nancy then back home we went. I was happy to get home, but I really wasn't too upset. I didn't even pee in my carrier like usual. Mom said the pill worked and kept me calm so now I was ready for the trip to the mountains. WHAT!?!?!?! I knew she was up to something. I thought that was just a rumor, but looks like it's true... I'm going to the mountains in a few weeks. I'm scared to death, thus why I'm the wussy pussy, but since there's no way around it, I guess I'll have to make the most of it. At least I'll finally have something exciting to tell you all about:)

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