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Formerly Feral

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I've been tagged!

November 15th 2008 11:27 pm
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Annabelle Joy tagged me :)

I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself and then tag seven other kitties/doggies (I think it's okay to tag doggies too.) So, here goes!

1. I'm formerly feral. My mom saved me from a life on the streets.

2. I have a little kink in my tail. It's hereditary, some of my other siblings have it too.

3. Mommy named me Marmelade because I'm orange and sweet! mol

4. My best friend is Pippin. I love playing with her.

5. I just got introduced to catnip, what a whacky weed!

6. My mommy is my favorite person in the whole world.

7. My tail is very very long and so are my legs.

I tag:

1. Laura Belle 793693
2. Shadow 379383
3. Gigi 502673
4. Abigail 367016
5. Jacob 434243
6. Bobbie 181827
7. Casey 543915


October 1st 2009 3:51 pm
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Have you voted in The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter Challenge? If you don't yet have a shelter to vote for, please choose the one my mommy volunteers at: Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund Inc

Agee Rescue is doing wonderful work in animal rescue in El Dorado Hills, California. Mom volunteers as their webmaster. We would so appreciate the vote.



I'm a BIG boy!

February 22nd 2010 9:25 pm
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Note the weight listed on my went from 12 to 16 pounds! Mom can't believe it! She realized that I had gotten bigger, but not that big. I told her I'm just big boned! mol (Mom bought a baby scale to weigh us and to keep track. It wasn't working well using the hooman scale and trying to hold us.)



Tagging Game

February 2nd 2011 4:36 pm
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I was tagged by the pawesome kitty Utu! I am supposed to reveal five things my pawrents do that annoy me. Here goes:

1. They use plastic bags to scoop out our cat boxes, and I'm deathly afraid of plastic bags. All I have to do is to see one and I run away!
2. They attempt to cut my nails. That's a no no. I squirm and wriggle all over the place when they try.
3. Sometimes my pawrents get off work an hour later and my dinner is late! I have an internal clock and the alarm is set for meals!
4. They try to pet my head. I don't care for it at all. Petting me elsewhere is fine. (I love my belly rubbed!)
5. It annoys me when they vacuum. I'm really scared of it!

I am tagging:

Tabby Little
Shelly Sue


Birthday Thanks!

April 15th 2011 8:52 pm
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Wow, my page looks so festive with all the pressie's you left on it, thank you my friends!



Cat of the Day?!

July 18th 2011 5:47 pm
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OMC!!! I can't believe I am Cat of the Day! Mom just opened her email and saw the email from HQ and all the emails from Catster friends. :) We haven't even opened the mail from our friends yet but I wanted to put up a diary entry to let you know that I am so excited and honored!



Heartfelt Thanks!

July 18th 2011 9:26 pm
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Thank you to my friends on Catster for making my COTD celebration so wonderful! I received many well-wishes, gifties and pictures to remember my day by. How totally pawsome! I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Here is my thank you list (I hope I don't forget anyfur):

Hazel Lucy
Buddie Always Loved
Smiley Cassanova
Zachery Kolohe' Rider
Alfie Forever Loved
Blizzard AKA Catfather and Family
Drifter and Family
Karma Kitty and Family
Luke and Family
Friskie and Family
Mia and Family
Miss Kaci Sunshine
Ruby and Family
Smiley Cassanova
Finney and Family
Wanda and Family
Da Tabbies O Trout Town
Midnight and Family
Rory and Family
Alley Cat Angel and Family

Love and purrs,


Lovebug Tag!

July 19th 2011 8:52 pm
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A New Game- Lovebug Tag! To play, copy the 6 questions below and paste/answer them in your diary! Then tag some friends to play, too!

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I don't make much noise except when I want into a room or want food.

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
I cover!

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
I like getting my meals on time. I also like it when Mommy is off the computer and I can flop onto her lap. I love flopping!

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?
Don't be late for my meals!

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
I run initially, then a little while later my curiosity gets the better of me and I peek around the corner. Then I usually come out to meet the company.

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
Yes, I love all my kitty siblings!

Here are some friends that I am tagging! Please, no one feel left out- if you are reading this and you want to play, consider yourself tagged! Be sure to let your friends know they've been tagged by sending them a message or rosette! Angels can play, too! Tell us about your life at the bridge or your life at home before the bridge!

I'm tagging:

Teddy Bearz


DDP Today!

July 28th 2011 10:39 pm
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I was a DDP today and I didn't even know it until later in the day when Mom got home from work! :D Unfortunately, for some reason I had problems posting on Catster so this diary entry is late. Thank you to everyone who sent p-mails and pressies for my page! Check out the picture that Tabitha made for's my main pic. :)



10 - Cool Cat

August 9th 2011 8:38 pm
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Let’s find out how feisty you are! Copy and Paste the following diary, answer the questions below, add your score, and find out just how you rank on the Charlie Chocolate Paws Scales of Feistiness!

Charlie Chocolate Paws Scales of Feistiness

1. Do you make demands of your human? (If you answered Yes, give yourself 1 point.) 1 point

2. If you make demands by doing any of the following, give yourself 1 point for each:
Persistent meowing 1
Biting 1
Smacky Paws 1
Relentless staring 1
Inappropriate behaviors (i.e., chewing on furniture, electrical cords, the oven) 1

3. If you make demands by doing any of the following, subtract 1 point:
Headbonking -1
Rubbing and purring on your human -1

4. If you let your humans rub your belly, subtract 2 points. -2

5. If you let anyone kiss your belly, subtract 5 points. -5

6. Are you Head of your Household (HOH)? (1 point if you consider yourself HOH) 0 point

7. If you have kitty (or other animal) siblings, do you:
(Give yourself 1 point for each Yes)
Eat their food? 1
Demand that they groom you? 0
Chase them? 1
Stare at them relentlessly? 1
Stalk them? 1
Pounce on them? 1
Make them meow? 1
Steal their (well, *your*) toys? 1
Make them growl? 1
Make their ears go backwards? 1
Pretend to be grooming (or staring at the wall, ceiling, etc.) while actually stalking them? 0

8. Have you ever destroyed household items?
(1 point for each yes)
Furniture? 1
Clothing or shoes? 0
Kitty Toys? 1

9. Please list any other crazy things you do that are ridiculously feisty (1 point per).
1 point- Tried to mount my sistercat (and I'm fixed!)
1 point- Extra point for the way I make my sistercat squeak!

Total Score (Place your score/name in your Diary Title):

My Score is 10 of Feisty Points!

0-5 LAIDBACK LOVEBUG: You are a lovebug. You are sweet (and probably floofy) and you go with the flow. Nothing *really* bothers you and you like everybody. You don’t even mind having a feisty sibling! You are a laidback lovebug!

6-15 COOL CAT: You are one cool cat. Smooth with a touch of mischief. You’ve got a bit of feisty in you and a bit of lovebug. Balance is good; you know how to have a good time by chasing and pouncing AND you know how to have a good time by being a mellow kitty and just hanging out. You are a cool cat!

16+ CRAZY FEISTY: You are a nut. A cheeky little monkey! Crazy, feisty, the talk of the town! Chasing kitty sisters, demanding your human feed you NOW, eating your mom’s favorite pair of shoes, turning on the oven with your freakishly strong teeth just because you can! The world is your playground and you’ll try anything once (or twice). If your human can handle the shenanigans of a CRAZY FEISTY kitty cat, all is good! If your human cannot handle the shenanigans, wait until she leaves for work to get crazy and then blame it on your sistercat when your human comes home! You are crazy feisty (and a whole lot of mischievous fun!)!

Any kitty that wants to play is invited! Feel free to tag friends to find out just how feisty your friends are! I’m tagging:






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