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Life of a former foster kitten

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Days 1 & 2

August 24th 2008 6:56 pm
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My foster Daddy should have started this yesterday. But here goes. Yesterday I was taken from my old foster home and given to a nice man. I ran around his house for hours calling out to my siblings and friends, but they weren't there. The only cats around were two adults who weren't happy to see me at all. My new foster Daddy was the only one who was nice to me. The first night he put me in my own room with food, litter box, everything. But I was all alone and I hate being all alone. I cried and cried throughout the night and even tried to open the door. Foster Daddy wanted to give his furever kitties a little break and let them know I'm no threat.

This morning Foster Daddy was ready to give me back since I was making so much noise. But I was good. I stayed quiet (sort of) and realized this was a new home so he decided he was over-reacting and decided to give me another chance tonight. I still follow him around and beg to be held. He usually picks me up for a cuddle. I feel very safe with him. The other cats, not so much. The big male is slowly adjusting. He hisses and only took a swat at me when Foster Daddy carried me too close to him. The smaller female sees me as a threat. She has to show she's in charge. She took a surprise swat at me when my back was turned. I'll work on her too.

I'll have to make friends with them. Foster Daddy has to go to work tomorrow and he won't be here to play with me. Wish me luck!


Where am I going?

August 25th 2008 5:02 pm
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Foster Daddy came home about noon. He did some work and didn't have much time to pet me. Some people came over and did some work on the house. Then FD put me and Sarge in my room for an hour to keep us out of the way as more work got done. We're getting along better me and him. We're not playing but we can snooze near each other without much of a fuss. Then FD scooped me up and put me in my carrier. We drove and drove and he brought me to an animal hospital. I was scared and cried a little. FD petted me. A lady took me and put me in a kennel by myself. I'm going to get spayed tomorrow and the day after I can go back. Daddy says it has to be done so I can be more adoptable. I just want to go someplace where I know I'm safe.


I'm back in my foster home

August 27th 2008 8:29 pm
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My spay surgery went fine and I got my shots. Daddy picked me up today. I was pretty calm on the drive and when I got home. Actually I've been very calm when compared to before my surgery. I haven't been howling for attention or climbing all over the place. The permanent cats have been more accepting except Lena took some swats at me, but nothing serious. I'm settling in again. My foster Daddy is giving me lots of attention. I guess I'm still a little bit off from the surgery.


Adoption Fair

August 30th 2008 9:16 pm
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Today was my first adoption fair. Foster Daddy took me back to where I was given to him. I had to sit in my private cage for 4 hours while people looked at me. I even got a few pets too! Some people said I was very cute and FD was taking good care of me. The cage next to me had this scary cat someone returned because she was peeing on the furniture. I hope that never happens to me. That cat was mean! She scared me so bad that I tipped over my food dish. By the time Foster Daddy picked me up I was lounging in my hamoc. Someone donated some toys for me because I was so cute. It wasn't a good day for adoptions. Just one kitty got a furever home. Five people were "on the fence" which doesn't do me any good. I won't be attending next week because of FD's family obligations.

The adult cats are adjusting to me slowly. I play around all day and I think they're getting ready to join me. But FD is worried about my stitch popping out. It's been 4 days since my surgery The worst should be over now but why take changes?


Yeah my pics!

September 4th 2008 7:33 pm
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Foster Daddy got some pictures of us and put the ones of ME up on my site! I hope this helps me find a furever home. For my furry siblings, I'm getting along better with them. I chase Sarge and Lena around sometimes. What? It's fun! I bound along as they run up down and around our home. And they don't hiss much at me anymore.


I have a new friend!

September 7th 2008 10:43 am
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Foster Daddy left in the afternoon two days ago and he came back late last night. While he was gone some nice people came in to make sure I had food. They brought their dog who played with me! It was fun. Just a couple of kids running around! FD is happy because now he can honestly say I get along with dogs. He says it will help find me a furever home. But I like it here. My step-cats are accepting me. I get held often and feel loved. FD showed his family pictures of me while he was gone. They said I looked cute and happy. FD is doing a good job. He wants me to go to a good home and soon before he can't give me up.


One Month

September 28th 2008 7:21 pm
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I've been here with my FD for about a month now. It's been good. I get play time, petting time. There's lots of places to explore and I get love. FD has been trying to teach me there are some things I shouldn't do. He shouts "NO" when I jump on the counters where he makes food and puts me on the floor. When I get on the stove, he gets mad. He won't hurt me of course. I need to learn this for my own safety, but I'm curious. I'm a kitten, it's what I do! I like to explore high places. When I'm done eating in the foster room I like to get on top of this tall steel bookshelf. Then I can't get down and FD has to save me. I also like to get on the top shelf of his computer desk and he has to remind me not to go there. Like I listen.

I've been to a few more adoption shows. I hate them. I get shoved in my carrier, ride in the car for a while, then spend hours in this cage with people walking by and I don't get to play with anyone. I just sit and wait. One day someone will take me home and I won't have to go to these shows anymore. But I'd miss my Foster Daddy. If we can find a food that won't give me runny poo that the other kitties can eat I can live here. FD says I can stay until I get adopted no matter how long it takes. He says I'll be happier with younger kitties I can play with and a bigger family that can give me attention.


Still nothing

October 17th 2008 6:42 pm
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I've been to a few more adoption shows and no one wanted to take me to a new home. I hate going to those shows. I get put next to other kittens and they reach into my cage and try to get my food or water or even to touch me. I'm so grumpy when I'm kept in a little cage all by myself. The lady who watches over us cats said I was hissing at people. Like I said, I get grumpy there. She also said I've clearly bonded with my Foster Daddy. When he came to save me from the show I jumped up on his shoulders and then jumped into my carrier. If I can stay with him forever, I would. But the lady also said that if I'm adopted then I'd bond with them too. I hope so. They say a foster home should be temporary. I don't think anyone would mind an exception for little me.

While I was at a show, FD bought me a scratching post. I've been pretty good about using it. It's tall. I'm the only one who can sit on the top because I have all my claws. FD also got a second scratching area. It's smaller and made of cardboard. It's at an angle like a slide with a dangling toy underneath. I love the toy! Thank you Foster Daddy!


Still here

November 9th 2008 8:03 pm
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Foster Daddy took me to another stupid adoption show again yesterday. I got my claws trimmed before I went in The Cage. Then someone suggested I get my own little private cage in the back where there's steel walls between me and the other kittens. I was much calmer and better behaved this time. (But I still growled and hissed when Daddy came back.) I destroyed my toy again last week so Daddy got me another one. What is this the 4th? Yeah the 4th one of the same toy!

All us furry ones got kicked out of our room this weekend too. Daddy brought in his plants and put them in OUR room. Then he moved the litter pan to the bathroom (under the sink) and closed the door to OUR room. It's not so bad but I like having the extra space to run and play. Daddy says the plants stay there to keep them out of the cold until the weather is nice again. I wonder if I'll be adopted by then. I'm very attached to my Daddy. Lena still doesn't like me to get near her and Sarge doesn't play much. I hope either they'll accept me or I get adopted soon. (Actually I want the former more.)


Hey my Doggie friend!!

November 28th 2008 8:50 pm
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My Foster Daddy packed up some stuff and left Wednesday and he didn't come back until today. I wondered where he went. Sarge and Lena knew he'd be gone for a while when the nice people with my doggie friend came over. I got to play with someone who likes playing! Oh it was so much fun! But nothing beats my Foster Daddy. Sarge says FD will go again in a month. I don't know how I feel about that. But FD told me I won't have to go to that yucky adoption show again tomorrow. Something about "frenzied shoppers" at the mall that's across from the PetSmart. I wonder if there will be many kitties adopted. I hope so. I'd rather stay here. FD says his family wants him to adopt me. With the economy being what it is, by the time it recovers, I will be too old to adopt easily. I'm trying to convince FD that he shouldn't put off the inevitable and just adopt me. But he made a promise to only adopt adult cats. So all you lucky people still have a chance to take me home. I won't turn one year old for another 3 months! I hope I find a new home, but this one is pretty good too.

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