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Morris' Meowing's

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My Day's

October 21st 2008 11:16 am
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Today is very sunny and it feel's good coming through the window's. I 've been watching the leaves fall and blow around. I have also been watching the bird's at the feeder and squirel's burying their nut's. That's a waste of time for the squirel's because our Molly alway's dig's them up out back then mom get's it from the dog and throw's it over the fence. I wonder how many times she throw's the same nut?
Last Saturday our big dog Walker brought us kitties some treat's. He's good to us. The treat's were good also. That's all for now.


I've Been Tagged

November 5th 2008 6:59 pm
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I've been tagged by my sisfur Nelly Bell May. I have to list 5 interesting or amazing thing's about me.
1. I love to headbonk people on their leg's.
2.I like to leave a ball in the food dish when and after I eat.
3. I have the most handsomest face(mom say's so).
4. I have a very loud purr.
5.I can cheer you up when you're feeling down.
Now I have to Tag 5 kitties an they are
2. Tom Tom
3. Goldie
4. Jason Cash
5. Miss Sable Kitty


My Big Big Surprise

December 5th 2008 6:12 am
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Today I got a big big surprise. HQ picked me as Cat Of The Day ! Wow!
Thank you HQ. This is so great. Thank's to everyfur. I'll write again tomorrow and tell you how today goes. How about that Reba and I have you to share this with. Loud and happy purr's. Morris


My Special Day

December 6th 2008 5:55 am
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Hi all you kitties, Well this is the day after I was Cat of the Day. Wow! I had a really great and fun day. Mom called me King Morris. We had some kitty treat's.
I want to thank HQ for the honor of being chosen. What a surprise. Thank you to all the many who sent me congrat's on my day. Also thank you for the gift's. Everyone of my pal's are so very thoughtful. We also made a few new pal's. A special thank you to Sir Alfie Knead's-A-Lot for my plaque. It is great. Well I gotta go .Thank's again fur's. Morris



April 1st 2009 3:41 pm
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Hi Kitties, Today there were some changes on some kitties pages. The top picture's. At Orange And White And We Look Alike some of us switched pictures with each other. April Fool's ! I think mine is pretty good. The picture is really Molly, she's in our group. Also on my page are two pictures of me as Morrister (hamster). I won at Dog Park USA in the Guess How Many Game . So I'm featured in the next game. I think I make a very cute hamster. Hope Reba my Princess think's so. Have a Happy Easter all ! Morris



April 2nd 2009 11:21 am
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Hi kitties, Today I am Cat Member of the Day at Princess Divas & Prince Charming's. Yeserday I became a Morrister(hamster) , fooled cats with a picture switch and now I'm Royalty. WOW! Catster Rock's !



April 6th 2009 2:40 pm
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Hi Kitties, Today I got tagged by my pal Hambone. I got to list 7 fact's about myself, tag some pal's and write a diary entry about it. Well here goes.
1. I was just featured at Dog Park USA as a Morris-ster (hamster). It was so much fun !
2. I have the most lovely girlfriend. She's a beautiful long Red haired Maine Coon.
3. I call my girlfriend Princess Reba and she call's me Prince Morris.
4. Reba's sister's Oreo and Reece are my brother-cousin's , Itsumo and Nekko's girlfriend's.
5. I love eating cat grass.
6. I love to bat a little ball all over the kitchen.
7. I love to sleep under cover's.
Now I have to tag 7 pal's . Hope they want to play but if they don't that's ok, they are still great pal's.



August 14th 2009 7:05 am
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Hi Kitties ! Tomorrow the 15th will be one year we've been on Catster ! Wow, that year has gone by fast. It has been fun, interesting, happy and sad at times. We've made so many wonderful friend's and had to let some pass on. I met the love of my kitty life here. Reba, a beautiful red Maine Coon. Her family is very sweet. Everyone here is. We have fun meeting new kitties and of course playing in the group's. That's what I'm going to do now. Have a great day friend's ! Morris


Dog Park USA!

September 6th 2009 10:24 am
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Hi Kitties ! I just added a new picture from Willey Tucker. I'm Member of the Week at Dog Park USA! That is great ! My whole family play's there. They have many good games and a bunch of happy member's. Come on over and join us ! Morris



September 29th 2009 5:27 am
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This morning I got a big red heart. It is from anonymous. I wonder who that is ? At The Cat's Meow we had secert pal's but we all found out who our secret pal's were on Friday. Whoever you are, thank's. That was very nice. Have a great day furiend's ! Morris

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