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Sofie's Squeaks

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A Cat Prayer

November 2nd 2004 12:42 am
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Dear Diary,

I have been in my forever home for almost a month now. I have a loving brother named Milo who grooms and hugs me all the time and a playful sister named Mercy who will always be a kitten at heart. Then there's my humans, mom and dad, who feed me, talk to me, give me rubbies, and make that red light dance around the house! There are two dogs here and that puppy named Quincy is the one who seems really interested in me. We stare at each other alot. If he would just quit chasing me I wouldn't even bother to run!

When mom first put this pink polka dot thing around my neck I didn't like it so I started scratching to make them think I had fleas, but they knew better. Then mom hung this metal heart thing on it with my name on the front and address on the back and it felt like it weighed more than I did! I guess it's so they won't forget what my name is. Oh, and that's the reason why my name is spelled Sofie instead of Sophie, so that it fit better on the tag. Silly humans.

I know I have food, toys, litter box, lots of warm places to sleep, other furry animals for company, and most of all, love. Yes, I love this place and I'm here to stay.

Mom says it's late and time for me to go to bed, but not before I say a prayer...........


Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray this cushy life to keep.
I pray for toys that look like mice,
And sofa cushions, soft and nice.
I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,
And someone nice to scratch my back.
For window sills all warm and bright,
For shadows to explore at night.
I pray I'll always stay real cool,
And keep the secret feline rule,
To never tell a human that,
The world is really ruled by cats.

--Author unknown



A New Year, a New Brother

January 2nd 2005 5:44 am
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Dear Diary,

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and noticed I've gotten a bit "rounder". I like to eat whenever any of my brothers or sister eat, especially Milo, who eats alot, so I'll just blame it on them for ruining my girlish figure!

My favorite game to play at home is to chase the light coming from the laser pen. Mom and dad think that I follow them around to be petted but it's really because I'm waiting for them to bring out the laser pen. I could chase that thing like a crazy kitty all day long!

Oh, they brought home a new little brother the day after Christmas. I had to bop him on the head a few times to let him know I'm the little baby princess in the house! But, now I see that he just wants to be my friend so I've cut him some slack. I'm really starting to like him because he's my size and mom even caught me rubbing up against him. I think we're going to be good friends!

Gotta go now!



Petite Power!

March 29th 2005 5:45 am
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Dear Diary,

Don't let my small size fool you! I may be petite for my age and have a tiny meow, but I can leap to the highest spots faster than any of my brothers and sisters, gobble up a whole chicken breast, and get away with doing alot of so-called naughty things because I am a bit shy, so I get extra TLC. Yeah, I have them wrapped around my little paws alright!

I like to chase my sister Mercy around because she thinks she's hot. I manage to get a rise out of her enough so that she turns around and nips me on my backside while I'm running away laughing, so I let out a big squeal and Mercy gets in trouble. Yeah, big trouble....she gets called away and gets a treat! But then, so do I, so it's all worth it!

Now I have a new baby sister they call Pebbles who is quite feisty! We chase each other around too but then I get bored after awhile because she stops and gets interested in toys! She'll probably grow up to be bigger than me but it won't matter, as I'll always be the one to exhibit the true meaning of Petite Power!




It's a Small World

October 2nd 2005 1:06 pm
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Dear Diary,

Here I am, six months since I wrote my last diary entry, and I haven't gained an ounce! Being a lightweight can have it's advantages, especially at our house. I'm still eating as much as I want and playing hard without running out of breath. Add a dose of shyness, some sensitive humans, and you know how you'll be treated.

Recently, I've discovered it's quite fun to jump up on the top shelf of the computer desk and do some redecorating once I get there. I'm no Martha Stewart but I find some interesting books, knick knacks, and artificial greenery that need the Sofie touch. None of the others can help with this task better than I can because they can't eyeball a spot to jump up on with confidence that they'll land safely, due to their larger sizes.

It's a beautiful Sunday, and also the day mom boils chicken for us. I've been sitting in front of the stove watching the steam from the pot, enjoying the aroma of what I know will end up in my little tummy, and with no worries about whether I'll still fit into last year's outfits or not.

Kitty hugs,



My Annual Check-up

January 3rd 2006 10:39 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad took me to see the lady in the white coat (vet) last Saturday for my annual check-up. I cried in the carrier because I hadn't been in it for awhile and didn't know what was going on. Good thing the car ride was short.

I was a little nervous in the exam room and didn't like having my temperature taken nor did I like being squeezed here and there, but I was much calmer as long as Mom was talking to me and I could lean against her. The good news is that I'm healthy and I still only weigh 6lbs!

As soon as we got home and the door to the carrier was opened, I flew upstairs and ran under the bed. I didn't come out for two hours but when I did, I got to eat chicken in a room all by myself without having to share. That was the best part of the day!

I wish every kitty good health and few visits to the vet's office!

Until next time...

Little Sofie


Special Moments with my Dad

March 12th 2006 9:12 pm
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Dear Diary,

All the other cats and the dogs were sleeping while Mom and Dad were having dinner tonight. I jumped up on one of the chairs and sat nicely to watch them eat. Dad gave me bits of steak and it sure was good! I am one of the lucky ones who can eat alot (and I do) and not put on weight.

After dinner, I followed Dad to the couch to watch TV. I started rubbing up against him, purring, cooing, and flopping on my back. Dad was so thrilled he looked at my Mom in shock but kept petting me and talking to me. While that may not sound like a big deal to most people, it is a big deal. You see, I was very shy towards my Mom and Dad when I first came here. I was never mean but very skittish. They loved me just the same, always talking to me, and never forcing themselves on me. I went from running from them to running to them to rub against their legs. And, tonight, it was a rare moment for me to show Dad my affections in the way that I did.

Dad is still talking to my Mom about it, saying that he and I are the best of friends! Silly Dad, and being the ex-Marine that he is, he sure is a softie. Hey, softie, when you take away the "t", is Sofie! Maybe he and I really do have a special connection............



My Birthday - May 1st

May 1st 2006 10:38 pm
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Today is my birthday and I have been having fun celebrating it with my Catster friends since this past weekend! I've eaten so much food, played so many games, and received the nicest presents, such as a day at the Kitty Spa, a gift certificate at PetSmart, clothes, toys, and flowers.

I had a nice steak and chicken dinner with my family tonight, and it was delicious! There are advantages to being a small kitty who can eat alot and not put on weight, so that I can get extra servings. After dinner, we had a big chase game going on around the house and made lots of happy kitty noises. Then we all had treats for dessert.

Thanks again to all my kitty friends for all your messages, fish treats, and lovely rosettes! I look forward to partying with you more the rest of this week!



Life is Good When There's Chicken

May 20th 2006 7:58 pm
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Dear Diary,

While Mom, Dad, and the dogs were away for four days this week, our neighbor Kim came to check on us several times each day. Mom warned her that I would probably run under the bed when she came over, since I am especially shy with strangers. She was right!

Kim always knew where to find me but would always try to talk to me while I was under the bed. On the second day, she decided to boil chicken for us, which is my all-time favorite! There she was, looking at me under the bed, and I could smell the chicken in her hand with my little nose. I stuck my head out, gently took the chicken from her hand, and went back under the bed to eat it. After she did that a few times, I decided she was a pretty cool human. She started seeing me out and about more often after that.

I was glad when Mom and Dad came home though. As soon as I heard Mom calling my name, I went running to her and haven't been under the bed since. Then I heard Dad calling me "Sofie Little" and started rubbing against his legs. That's when he knew that it was time to open the fridge to get me some more of that good chicken that Kim made for us.

Life is always good when there's chicken.

Little Meows,


My Dad

June 17th 2006 8:54 pm
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Some of the reasons why I think Dad is special:

1. Mom had her eyes on me at the adoption fair inside the pet store they shop at. It was my first time there. After Mom carried me for awhile, she handed me over to my Dad. When Mom asked Dad what he thought about adopting me, he quickly responded by saying, "I don't have a problem with it", and they weren't even planning to adopt a kitty that day nor had they previously discussed adopting one in the future.
2. Dad never yells and is patient. He knows I'm a shy kitty, so he takes care not to spook me in any way. It's paid off cuz' I just love to rub against his legs and will jump on his lap, especially when there's chicken or steak involved. Then he gets so excited when I'm on his lap that he'll quietly call out to my Mom to look.
3. Dad knows how much I love to chase the laser light, so when the others are trying to take over, he pretends that he's put it away so that they leave and then finds me so we can continue playing.
4. I got my nickname "Sofie Little" from my Dad.

I love my Dad!



I Smell a Rat!

August 6th 2006 2:22 pm
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We have a lemon tree in the backyard and left some lemons unpicked. We've done that in the past, but this time I noticed something that I thought was odd. Every day, I'd look at the lemon tree through the window and would see one or two that were completely missing their skins but the remainder of the lemons would be hanging perfectly on the tree. This happened for a few days. At first I thought that maybe the squirrels were to blame until I actually caught a glimpse of a rat climbing the branches. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things until I saw it again through the leaves. Sooooo....I made a mad dash to tell Mom, who quickly went outside and picked all of the remaining lemons and disposed of them. We sure didn't think we had any rats in the neighborhood but we were glad to get rid of them from our yard, at least!

Back to my rat patrol duties....


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