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Hershey's Hiding Place

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First Entry

March 5th 2008 12:55 pm
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Perhaps you've guessed from the title that I'm a shy kitty. Mommy doesn't know why, and I'm not tellin'. I came here almost four years ago from the Siamese Rescue Center in VA. I was found as a stray in NC and brought into rescue. Mommy saw my picture on their website and had to have me. Boy was I lucky because sometimes I take terrible pictures, and the one they posted of me was one of them. I didn't even spend two weeks there and found my furever home.

Mommy brought me home to MD along with my 'sister' Annadee. I didn't make a sound the whole way, and as soon as we got home, I tried to hide in the basement. Made a beeline right for it. Mommy doesn't understand how I knew exactly where it was without ever being in the house before. Little did she know, hiding places are my specialty. Since I couldn't get in the basement, I went into the hole for the organ's foot pedal. Mommy was so upset; she thought I'd be stuck, but I was fine. I was cozy and safe in there, and mommy could still stick her arm inside and pet me. The cavity in the back of the console television is another favorite spot along with the space under mommy's bed and underneath the recliner. Finally though, I got into that darn basement because I knew the best hidey-hole was there: underneath the furnace! It's dark, cold and dusty - who could resist?!


Greetings to Max!

March 9th 2008 3:29 pm
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Well, it's certainly taken a long enough time, but my friend Max finally has a page here at Catster. Everyone should check it out. His page is #749486. Don't let his cute face and petit size fool you either. He can raise a ruckous when he wants to.

Well, the weekend's over already. It was a good one too because Mommy didn't have to work Saturday, so she could spend lots of time with us. I was out and about yesterday, but today I quite enjoyed hiding under the recliner most of the day. I had to recuperate after Mommy ran me around this morning. I came out this evening to find Mommy cross-stitching. This is something new, and it looks like a lot of fun. She has a whole bag full of little bundles of string in all sorts of pretty colors. When she was sewing, I was watching that thread going up and down through the fabric. Annadee went over and attacked it, and Mommy did not like that. I decided on a more subtle approach. I approached slowly and sat near Mommy. Then, when she pulled out one of those bundles of floss, I slowly reached out a paw and touched it. A couple more times, and I'll be able to snag it right away from her, you wait and see!


Spring is here.

March 12th 2008 10:41 am
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Yes, Spring is here. You wouldn't necessarily know that by looking outside, however it is quite obvious when looking inside our house: there is fur everywhere. Mom was petting me yesterday, and her whole hand was covered in fur. Now, she says, we have to be brushed religiously every day until next winter rolls around. I love the brush. Whenever mommy picks up the brush, I go right over for my session. I make sure she gets both sides and then I roll over so she can do my chest and tummy too. She always includes lots of snuggles and kisses during brush time, and then I purr and purr and knead and even chew on mommy's hair! I have the most beautiful, silky coat in the whole house. Annadee doesn't like being brushed, and she's the one that needs it most. She's got thick, wooly fur and sheds like crazy all year. I don't know why she gives mommy such a hard time. She yelps and struggles and runs away, and mommy is so gentle. Annadee is just a fusspot.


Spring is here - again!

March 14th 2008 1:29 pm
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First the fur the started flying, and now we kitties are flying! Flying thru the house. Thundering, hissing, growling all through the house and all when mommy is trying to sleep. It's all Annadee's fault. She's so touchy. I just want to play, but she only wants to play when she's in the mood. So, I thought Annadee might want to play too, but she said no. I've been wanting to play all week, so I insisted the past few days. She hissed and growled. I chased her and grabbed her. She yowled, got away and ran upstairs toward mommy's room. I got her one last time before she dove under the bed. Mommy jumped up in the bed and yelled at us. That woke up Benjamin who started shaking his door wanting to come out. Annadee stayed under the bed growling. We've been doing this all week. Mommy said it's worse than living in a zoo. "Perhaps it's because spring is coming" she said. She's right. It's time to run around. I'm tired of spending all day and night curled up in a ball on the heated perch!


March 15th 2008 8:58 am
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I hate mom's work Saturdays. They happen every other week. It's not a full day, but it's still less time that she has for us. This morning I rolled around on the floor real cute like, flexing my paws and showing my belly hoping she'd pick me over work. Of course she can't resist that, so she came over and gave me lots of snuggles and pets and kisses, but she said she still had to go to work. So now Annadee and I are stuck in the basement all day while Benjamin has the rest of the house. He gets to do that every Saturday and Sunday.

Now, don't think the basement is bad. It's not. It's finished and all. I have a nice comfy recliner to sleep on although a lot of times, I like to sleep under it. It's a good hiding place you know. Then there's a nice big window with a perch, and there's a French door to look out of too. It faces out to woods, so we can watch all the birds and little animals and sometimes deer too. There's a heater too because the regular heat just doesn't make the basement warm enough, and mom puts on the stereo for us too. Public radio. We like the talk shows and NPR. There are plenty of toys, and it's pretty open, so I can run and jump without anything getting in my way. But there's no mom. On regular Saturdays, she comes down and hangs out and plays with us, but today we have to wait. Guess I'll go back under the recliner and snooze till later ...


Found out

March 17th 2008 10:16 am
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Mommy woke up at 4:30 this morning and found me sleeping next to her. She was so surprised because I never let her catch me doing it; only once or twice she's found me at the bottom of the bed. But she surprised me too when she sat up, so I jumped off the bed. I was found out! I didn't know what to do, but then I realized Annadee and Rafiki were not around. That meant I could have mommy all to myself. I meowed quietly and scratched at the bed. Mom told me to come up so I did. Even at 4:30, she gave me lots of lovin' and finally fell back asleep to the sound of my purrs.


Tormenting Ben

March 19th 2008 9:28 am
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I was up early tormenting Benjamin this morning. See, Benjamin has his own room, the master bedroom because he doesn't get along with us Meezers. And he has a French door, so he can look out and see us and we can see him. He attacked me viciously a few times, so this is how I get back at him. I sit outside the door, not too close, and stare at him. Mommy put one of those carpet protectors upside down outside the door to keep us from doing that - you know those little picker things stick up instead of down into the carpet. It hurts our little feet. But I can get close enough anyway. Then Ben sticks his paw under the door thinking he can get me, but he can't. Ha ha! Mom says to leave him alone, that he is scared of other kitties. Scared?! He's the bully! Mom had to take me to the vet after the last encounter! Anyway, mom heard us and chased me away and told us all to go back to sleep which we did because we are good kitties.


weekend update

March 24th 2008 11:35 am
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Not much has been going on lately. It was a good weekend though - mommy did not have to work on Saturday. That means she had more time for us. We got extra play time and lovin', and we get brushed every day now that Spring is here.

Benjamin wasn't feeling good Friday night. Mommy put him to bed and then she went to bed and about fifteen minutes later, he scared us all by crying out really loudly. Mom knew what was the matter. When Benny came to live with us, he had intestinal issues. It got cleared up after he started eating high protein food, but every once in a long while, he'll have an episode of the runs for seemingly no particular reason. When this happens, he hollers when he's in the litter box. It scares Mom, and she feels bad. She went into his room, and sure enough, something had upset his equilibrium. She cleaned up his box and gave him some lovin', and we all went back to bed. He's been fine since.

Yesterday though, he found one of my hiding places! He found the cubby hole in the organ! That's where I first went to hide when I came here. You go through the foot pedal hole. Mom saw Ben's backside sticking out and was afraid he'd get stuck. He's fat. She grabbed his tail to startle him, but he kept going. All the way in he went. Luckily he didn't get stuck and got back out.

Miss Annadee is feisty as ever, and Rafiki is noisy as ever. Nothing new there.

I think I will finally get to play brusselball, traveling brusselball that is. We'll see how it goes, and I'll report back.


Play time

March 26th 2008 11:07 am
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Last night was a lot of fun. Mommy played with me a lot. I had been lounging all evening when Mommy asked me if I wanted to play. Well, of course I wanted to play! If you saw a contented, sleepy looking, lounging cat, wouldn't you think he wanted to play? So play we did! I chased the crocheted, snakey, wand toy. I leapt; I twisted in the air; I somersaulted. I scared myself, ran away and came back for more. Then Annadee joined in, she scared herself and ran to hide inside the cardboard box.

I'm patiently waiting to play the travelling brusselball game. I hope Mommy doesn't screw up; she could never figure out how to play the regular game. Then she told me that Benjamin was playing shallotball. He found a big shallot on the kitchen counter, knocked it to the floor and started chasing it all around. I don't think it will be as popular as brusselball. It is a lovely red-violet color, but it's too stinky, and it'll make your eyes burn.


Daily Diary Pick!!!!

March 29th 2008 8:47 am
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Hello Kitties! Hershey's Mom here. Hershey's letting me make this entry for him. He is so overwhelmed to be a DDP, that he went to hide under the recliner and let the whole thing soak in. He was purring and kneading and chewing my hair. When he comes out of his hiding place, he'll be making his own entry, but he wants to thank every kitty for reading his diary and making it a Daily Diary Pick!!! Thanks Catster!

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