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Kodee's Complaints...Mostly About the Other Cat...

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July 5th 2008 5:51 pm
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I'm Kodee!

That Princess is so mean! I know she spies on me, and tries to make the people not like me. I just know it! They don't see how mean she is! And she has them tricked into thinking that I chase her around and I chase her under the bed, and I don't let her play in my rooms... All I do is try to be nice to her, and she never wants to play with me! :(

But I have a plan...I'm going to spy on her, before she can spy on me! And I'll catch her doing something...then I'll be the favorite cat, not her!

I want to go play with Garfield...


I think her toy has a camera!

July 7th 2008 6:34 am
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I was watching Princess from under the door today, and I think I saw that one of her mousies had a camera! She's using it to spy on me! I'm telling you, Princess is not a nice cat! She's trying to turn everyone against me, I just know it! She gets everything and I don't get anything! She's all fuzzy and cute, so everyone thinks she's so great...but I know the truth...I will expose her! I just know she's trying to get me kicked out!

I'm going to play with Garfield.



July 9th 2008 9:47 am
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The other cat got a new toy, and I didn't get a new toy, and yesterday, the people went out and got food for the other cat, and they didn't get food for me, and that's not fair!

And I know they like the other cat better than me...I hate that. The girl said it was because the other cat needed food, and I have plent of food...but still...when someone buys something for the other cat, they should automatically buy something for me, and that isn't what happens!

I want a toy...I have a nice tunnel that the other cat doesn't have, and I will not share.

I know it's because that Princess tells them not to like's a conspiracy!

At least I have that girl...she's nice to me, and always cuddles me, but I don't like to be cuddled, so I usually bite her. She understands.

I'm going to go see what the other cat is doing...probably something suspicious!

I'm Kodee!


I think Princess has a robot squirrel watching me!

July 10th 2008 2:11 pm
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I'm Kodee!

I had such a rough day yesterday! The girl finally came home with something for me...was it a toy? NO! It was a dumb old comb. I can't play with a dumb old comb! The other cat gets toys...I get a comb.

So I was looking out my window today, and there was a squirrel right outside eating a nut, for what seemed like forever! I think it's a robot squirrel and that Princess is controlling it to spy on me when I sit in my window! It probably has a secret camera in it! I mean, really, how long does it take a squirrel to eat a nut!? And it just stares and stares...I just know it's a spy!



July 12th 2008 11:10 am
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I'm bored.

I hate when that girl turns on the air conditioner, because I don't like the noise it makes. And even though she knows I hate it, she turns it on anyway.

I bet that other cat makes her turn it on, just to make me mad.

I'm still watching for robo-squirrels.


I am MAD

July 16th 2008 1:10 pm
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Yesterday, they cut my rude!

I bet they didn't cut the other cat's claws. I cried and cried, and they still cut them anyway. How would they like it if I cut their claws!? They'd probably yell at me.

That girl fixed my Garfield was broken. That was nice of her.

My fur is getting nicer with my comb...I know I complained at first, but now I don't scratch as much, so I guess it was a nice thing. At least I have the comb, and not the other cat.

I'm Kodee!


My name is NOT Pumpernickel

July 22nd 2008 8:10 am
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That girl decided that she wanted to start calling me Pumpernickel. I don't know's a dumb name.

So she starts calling me that, and now the other lady is calling me that too! I hate it! My name is Kodee!

It's so hot, and they have the air conditioner on, but I don't like the air conditioner because it's so noisy. It scares me a lot. So I go and sleep in the hallway on my blankie.

What's a pumpernickel? I don't even know. I'm just mad about it! I bet they don't call the other cat something else!

I'm Kodee!


My tummy hurt yesterday

July 25th 2008 4:08 pm
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My tummy hurt yesterday, so I threw up a little. I bet it was the other cat, and she was trying to make me sick because she wants to get rid of me.

Yeah...that's it...I figured out her robo squirrel plan, so she needed to come up with something else, so she poisoned my kitty food! I wouldn't put it past her...she's tricky!

Either that, or I had kitty indigestion from eating too fast...

I was so glad my window was open yesterday! I got to look out the window and get fresh air. I love to watch the birds. I hope the birds weren't hired by the other cat to spy on me!

I'm Kodee!


Things I Noticed While I Was Spying on the Other Cat

August 2nd 2008 8:13 am
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I was spying on the other cat, and I noticed that she got a new mousie that has feathers for a tail! I didn't get a new mousie! How rude! That girl always tells me that I can't have feathers because I'll at what!? I saw Princess licking the feathers...I bet she eats them.

That girl got a new carpet for the dining room because I clawed up the old one. It wasn't my fault...I needed somewhere to sharpen my claws! I don't think she was that mad at me. I just give her a cute look, and she forgives me. But now I have a new carpet to sharpen claws on! I bet the other cat doesn't have that!

I was sitting in my window, and I noticed that squirrel again...I'm still convinced it's a robot sent by the other cat to spy on me, because she wants to get me kicked out! Why else would that squirrel always be out there eating nuts?

I'm Kodee!


I Got a Toy, and the Other Cat Didn't!

August 6th 2008 5:31 pm
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I got a toy, and the other cat didn't! I got 2 new mousies, and one is brown and one is white, so I named them Chocolate and Vanilla, and I love them!

I got toys because I was sad that so many cats were giving presents to the other cat, and not to me. So that girl bought me mousies to cheer me up! :) Now I feel better.

I mean, the other cat gets a lot of attention, because she's all pretty and stuff, but that's just because people don't see how mean she is...she never wants to play with me, and she's out to get me I swear! I know she spies on me, and I know she wants to get me kicked out. I just know it!

I was thinking that maybe I would share one of my mousies with the other cat...

NAH! :)

I'm Kodee!

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