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Nothing Rhymes with Orange

My first impression of Catster/my back story

July 4th 2008 8:59 pm
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Well....that's a good one. I've been officially on Catster for about 24 hours. I've received so many wonderful rosettes, gifts, friend requests and well wishes.
I feel like singing "Can you feel the love?" from the Lion King!
Although part of my story was known to some of the kitties already, for the most part, my family kept the details to a bare minimum because of the circumstances surrounding my arrival at the shelter and subsequent treatment, etc. The family who had me before named me Consuelo. They didn't take me for veterinary care, no shots, etc.
When they dropped me at the city pound, they told the clerk "she's pregnant, she's got a rash. You can kill her." They acted like they didn;t even notice the grapefruit size tumor on my chest.
I know there are not so good stories about shelters, but I was in a better place the minute I set paw in this one! Even though I was ill with the growths, the chief of staff didn't believe in giving up on me. He said my white blood count was so bad, he thought he was looking at lab work for a cat that had already passed on!! I had calicivirus as well, so when I did eat, I would open my mouth and SCOOP the food in and try and swallow it whole because it hurt so badly. The staff took notice and started giving me wet food more than dry. It was about this time that Mommy made me my own flannel pillow and blankie. I laid on them night and day. When I got REALLY sick, Mommy was hand feeding me with a tongue depressor, a little canned food at a time. When the time was REALLY< REALLY bad and I was my weakest and the meds weren't working, etc. Mom would syringe water and thin formula into me, tom help me keep some strength. One night, when things were looking bleak, she came in and spent about 30 mins with me , just talking. She told me she understood how hard it was to fight and that I had been brave and quite the scrapper up to that point. All I could do was lie there and blink slowly. Mommy cried alot that day. She kept kissing me on the head and telling me that no matter what, she loved me, was proud of me and if I made the decision to go, she wanted me to know that it was just let go.
As she closed the cage door, I reached through with my right paw, (almost bald from the sepsis) and I touched her left cheek, high up, near the eye. She cried ALOT then, kissed my paw and left. About an hour later, she was back. All she said was "Millie, I'm here, just to be with you" And she stayed with me for over an hour. She kept petting me, kissing me. When she kissed me on the head, she was crying and her tears wet my head. She said "Okay, Millie, if I see you in the morning, I know you are in it for the long fight."
Without going into all the details (sadly, you'll see them on Animal Planet), it was awful.
The pain, at times, was unbearable...the treatments, miserable. Looking back, I can't believe how much I endured. I can't that the staff didn't write me off and take the easy road, putting me down.
Some people asked Mommy why they didn;t just do that? Mommy always answers, "If you SAW how much this little girl fought, you wouldn't have given up on her either"
A number of people tried to credit Mommy with 'saving my life'. She says it was all me. But her favorite story about this is that one of the vets told her, "You know...she is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle. YOU did that for her"
Mommy said "Doc, this was HER fight. Millie made the decision whether or not to stay"
The doctor replied "Yes, but YOU gave her the reason to live"
"Can you feel the love tonight...?"


with much love and appreciation...

July 8th 2008 9:42 am
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I have to say that I am VERY overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and well wishes!!
I am almost embarrassed by the attention. ALMOST!!
But, I can't forget my manners, so to everykitty who has visited me on my page...THANK YOU!!
Your support is awesome (and I don't even LIKE to use that word!)


Please be patient with me

July 9th 2008 5:07 am
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So many of you lovely, lovely kitties have sent treats, rosettes, gifts and well wishes.
I beg forgiveness if it takes us awhile to get all out thank you's out there! Some kitties are harder to track down when they are listed as a group and Mommy needs to get better at being a detective.

But, again, THANK YOU, everykitty, for all the love and support.
All the best,


I'll let Mommy take a turn

September 4th 2008 6:45 pm
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Millie's Mommy here!
I just wanted to post saying how much joy and immeasurable happiness Millie has brought to this house. She is a constant sweetheart and never fails to bring a smile to my face. She is gentle and kind and a total lovebug. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body and loves everyone non-stop.
We love each and every one of our furbabies to bit, but there is something a little 'extra' with Millie.
I want to thank all of you who have expressed an interest in her, sent lovely rosettes and good wishes.
May each and every one of you know exactly the joy of which I write!


Word from the Producers

March 11th 2009 8:01 am
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Well, Mommy spoke with the field producer from "Animal Cops: Philadelphia" and learned that my segment was imbedded into an upcoming episode and should be airing in the next group of shows.
We haven't gotten a date yet, but the producer said she was 'floored' by my story/segment. She wasn't the original producer so she didn't see me at my worst. She said she was glad to have missed it.
As soon as Mommy gets word on a date, she will let EVERYONE know what's what.
Jeez..I can see it now. Mommy will be crying like crazy and then she'll want to snuggle me lots after it airs!


The episode with my story

April 8th 2009 7:42 pm
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Well, the episode of "Animal Cops:Philadelphia" that features my awful story will air on May 11th on Animal Planet. Not sure of the time yet, either 9 or 10pm. I don't know how I feel about it, actually. I don't know if it will change me....MOL!


My last week as an ordinary cat!

May 5th 2009 4:11 pm
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Well, with my debut on the small screen happening next Monday night (Animal Cops: Philadelphia) , I suppose this is my last week as a 'normal' kitty! I feel like Hannah Montana, feeling stuck in both worlds! MOL! Nah, just kidding! Nothing will change after my story is aired.
I will still be the lovely and sweet Millie to all who know me.
BUT....I cannot promise that I won't have a short list of demands, er...requests for thise living in the same house.
I would imagine once I am featured on TV, I can assume that I will have a new food and water dish (in my own room) as well as have certain services provided on a somehwat regular kitty massages bi-weekly, canned food WHENEVER I want and Mommy all to myself if I so much as meow in her direction.
I suppose I should stop being the sweet, friendly and loving girl that everykitty has gotten used to. I won't be cleaning Flurry's face and ears from now on. I won't be teaching Jake how to behave like a cat. And I won't be sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter, right at the door way when Mommy comes throuhg the door, waiting to nuzzle her. I will make Mommy come to me!
WAIT A MINUTE!!! What am I thinking? I can't act like that! I love my family too much. I like wrestling with Jake and cleaning Flurry. I like snuggling on one of the sofas or a bed with my siblings. I like headbonking Mommy and nose kissing her when she comes home!
Look, the fact story will be on TV next week. Big whoop, right?
I will still be Millie, in love with life, having all the wonderful things I have, like snuggles and treats and lovely windows in which to slumber, especially when the sun is streaming through.
If you happen to watch my story, please nuzzle or cuddle with your human a little more afterwards.
Celebrate the fact that love between 2 living creatures is enough to conquer anything the world can dish out. The bond between 2 hearts is far mightier than even the worst sickness or horrific deed.
When someone believes in you, has such love for you that there isn't a heart big enough to hold it...anything is possible. When someone loves you just for you, it means everything in the world.
If you see my story, you will see what unconditional love can achieve.


Will wonders never cease?

May 7th 2009 6:53 am
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Here I was, feeling sad and upset because Mommy left the house EXTREMELY early this morning for work. We didn't get to snuggle as much this morning. THEN...Mommy logs on to her email and finds a notice stating that I am cat of the day!!!
All I can say is "Oh my goodness"

Thank you, Catster for choosing me, just Millie.
Thank you, fellow catsters for the well wishes.

I am truly honored.

I would never forgive myself if I didn't mention all the buds in "Navin and Buds" and all the beautiful orangies in our "Brilliant, United Group!"
My heart belongs to Striker and my paws of friendship to Hazel Lucy, Most Admired Kitty.
Last, but not least, BIG PAWS UP for my brother, Flurry, who is a Daily Diary Pick. Gotta love that black and white boy! He may have CH, but that just makes him all the more lovable! I'll clean your face and ears when you get home tonight, Flur!


Mommy, a box of tissues and TiVo

May 12th 2009 1:54 pm
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Okay, so last night, Mommy was on the loveseat, with Tocca in her lap and I walked down the hall. Mom called me in and of course, I jumped right onto the arm of the sofa and nuzzled her head and face.
Then I saw myself on the TV and I was crying. Mommy started crying so I nuzzled her a little more.
She told me I was the most beautiful orangie and how proud she was of me.
I'd just like to say to everykitty who sent lovely pressies, pawmails or notes...thank you. Not just for watching me, but for watching what wonderful work they do at the PSPCA.
I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.

They are good people.



I'm Speechless

May 19th 2009 8:25 pm
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I don't know what to say to all the wonderful kitties and their lovely families for all the well wishes, beautiful sentiments and unexpected pressies.
I certainly wasn't full of myself prior to my Skeezix feature, but this and the television feature has truly humbled me.
I have always been impressed with my fellow Catsters but your love and support has been overwhelmingly wonderful.

That being said...the only thing I can do is say, again, "THANK YOU"
I mean it with all my heart.


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